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  1. Make/brand: Tokyo Mauri Any accessories included: some custom work by AP customs. 6 mags and a scope no case as my tm 416 and vsr currently live in it! last checked 280 FPS. Had it 4 years never used it! Owned this for 4 years now and I have not used it apart from back yard plinking! 4 mid cap 2 high cap without the base plates. some custom work acp? Good? I think was an established company, barrel spacers and lengthened barrel. looks like someone spent some coin on this and I know what it cost me! Needs a loving home! 100% working if you want to come test it please do. Pictures: Scope has a battery, came with it! So period correct! Just don’t want to run it in the field as it is something I am not interested in! M4 bade is what I love, and RC cars
  2. Has anyone got any information on the receiver spacers for tm vsr? My mancraft kit is hitting my action army hop unit and damaging it.
  3. Yeah I used to buy bulk gear, from people who wanted out the sport so maybe 7-20 guns and kit at a time, I spent a few years building custom guns and painting guns too, it’s just one of the old lot I forgot about
  4. I understand the thought behind that but I have had the gun 3/4 years and it’s been in the well used state. this must be 7/8 years old. Was the gun available then
  5. Make/brand: Barry burton?? Any accessories included: 2 x 50 rnd mags Pictures:
  6. ThisKillaDT

    M9 postol

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    Don’t know what this is other than old Skooo cool. Works in semi and safety! Whats it worth have two we 50rnd mags


  7. It’s got to be any of the John wick pistols, the last movie had it upgraded and I think all upgrades are available via sai
  8. 470mm I got last night, I have the one with the silencer 50 & 60 bucking. Will have a look look at the spacers. is there a link to the nub please. Is there anything else you would recommend? It has a silencer on it already, the pdi sticks out into the silencer
  9. I think the barrel has a window. A concaved nub? It says a 470mm It is less than 5fps. i noticed in the action army hop unit has been getting caught by the mancraft nozzle
  10. To be honest I am not sure what nub it is. It’s just a standard black cylinder one. Hasnt been rhopped or flat nubbed. I understand that they are a poor choice now. But for a hpa gun it just seems very lacking
  11. Ok, so I have had my vsr for a bit, never been happy with it, as I was with my springer vsr. it always shoots inconsistently, like 2 out of 20 I am aiming at. In perfect conditions I can get 6 out of 10 in a 250 mm target at 70 yards in doors. .43 asg precision bbs tried Geoff’s .45 and even worse following mods. action army hoop up unit mancraft kit. purple rubber changed to a tan auto bot so I was told. (No improvement) pdi raven 6.01 barrel Barrel spacers. honestly it’s a p.i.t.a my Tm 416 with 6.04 with Prometheus hope and flat nub shoots at full auto more consistently and further. it goes from 3 to 2 on the bar dial within 100 shots, is this correct usage? i shoot 488fps at 80 psi. i use action army mags. i am looking to upgrade to cnc receiver from rainbow 8 and new barrel. 6.o3 crazy jet barrel, 50,60 & 70 rubber. am I missing something?
  12. ThisKillaDT

    FNX 45


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    I am selling these, the tan one is the vfc version, the black one is Cyber gun. the tan slide is now on the black lower and vice versa. comes with a mini red dot attachment. one works brilliant. Shoots .3’s like a laser. the other seems to not be hitting the gas nozzle hard enough to cycle the gun. comes with 3 mags 2 tan and 1 black. no leaks.



  13. Ahhh, worth the ask, am in Lincolnshire, never get that far away. you heard of camp Sparta in kirton
  14. Where are you located I have two I need programming. just looking into buying one, would prefer not too.
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