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  1. I got a tippmann co2 rifle with 80 round co2 mags ive set it to semi auto to use it as a dmr . Its light and has a good range , mag is as light as an aeg , reload is as simple as pump in 80 bbs and drop in a 12g co2 slap in the mag and you are good to go. Most players with aegs dont use semi so end up firing 30 rounds to hit anything . If you are able to pick one up go for it mags are cheap and co2 works ok even up here in scotland
  2. Sapperlowe

    Ghk g5

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    Selling this due to ill health , cant play anymore , the tan mag is new and unused and its the new style holds more gas and bbs


  3. I have a kz75 which fires like a cracker but when the gas is ready to run out it fires the last 3 or 4 shots full auto .i have tried to get info about this but nobody can let me know why .can anybody shed any light on this?
  4. I'm a section8 long time member when you come to the site most of the guys will be happy to let you try out their weapons before you buy anything , it gives you a chance to try out lots of makes and get advice from people who use them . Remember the people in shops while giving good advice are still trying to sell you something
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