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  1. Hey guys, So I've been planning to go to this site after seeing the amazing pictures and videos that people have posted about it. I can't fault how the site looks, but I have personally never been. I plan to go on the 2nd of Feb, and have been looking around for site reviews. I saw quite a few Facebook reviews complaining about the marshaling/organisation/etc. I cannot confirm this as I have never been to the site, but the last thing I would want is to make the 3 hour drive from Kent only to have a terrible day due to what has been said in those reviews. I also realised that these complaints were generally occuring before July-ish 2018, and since then, the site has been getting good reviews commenting on how the marshaling has improved. I'd like to ask anyone who has attended the site to tell me their opinions on the recent games? Is the marshaling up to standard now? I plan to go with a few mates from Kent so before we make the long drive, I'd just like to have some opinions from the site regulars. Ultimately, is it worth the journey? Thanks!
  2. NoobyNico

    Gun picture thread

    Ok good to know. I have been running WE platforms since 2010 and had over 15 WE GBBRs in the past. Since then, I've only ever owned WE GBBRs and I now have 2 WE M4s with 4 uppers (one with a real steel mil-spec trigger), a Scar and the mp7 but have never tried them in a DMR config. I love the WE platform as I enjoy taking them apart and upgrading/replacing parts. I do like the realism of the WA, WE, GHK, and VFC platforms, so the MWS just isn't for me personally. I'm curious about the VFC so let me know how it goes.
  3. NoobyNico

    Gun picture thread

    I've been tempted to start a dmr build on the WE GBB platform. How's the range/accuracy on it? Any problems with inconsistency?
  4. NoobyNico

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Wow so refreshing to see a CASV these days! Awesome setup man
  5. NoobyNico

    Gun picture thread

    I can relate to that!
  6. NoobyNico

    Gun picture thread

    Angry Gun makes a clone of the MK16 rail used on the URGI system. It's a very good clone of the real Geissele and the only clone on the market at the moment I believe. It isn't the same one as CKinnerley's as that was the MK14. The MK16 is pretty hard to find outside the military. Unless you buy a full upper for over $900! The Angry Gun clone is only about £120-140 considering the real one is almost impossible to find and the MK14 is over £250 in the UK.
  7. Where did you get the mounts for your NVG? saw you had one in a picture you posted.


    Many thanks

  8. NoobyNico

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    My Ranger Green GBBR loadout I used this Sunday at Battle Lakes. LBX Shirt Viper Bottoms (forgot to put my LBX in the wash haha) T3 Geronimo 2 Plate Carrier with Trident Gear training plates T3 Hans Pack FMA Maritime and a TNVC Mohawk MK2 Weapons: WE Scar L GBBR WE Glock 17
  9. NoobyNico

    Gun picture thread

    Pew pew and pew. G&P based, top is for a WE GBBR.
  10. NoobyNico

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    My GBBR loadout coming back to the sport after 6 years!

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    Hey guys, For sale is a brand new pair of 511 raid glasses. They were only taken out of the packaging to check the contents. I already have another pair that I use, and purchased these as a spare from Heinnie Haynes last month, but ended up not using them at all. I would have returned them, but I've already passed the return date. I will include all that is in the listing picture. These are as follows: Glasses frame 3 sets of interchangeable lenses (Clear + Smoked + Orange) Spare nose piece (for RX Insert) 2 Neoprene pouches Head strap Hard shell Molle/belt case Original packaging (box, manual, etc) I am able to post within the UK and I will cover the PayPal fees for no additional cost. I am also available if collection is preferred and can knock the cost of postage off accordingly (and the PayPal fees if paying by cash) Let me know if there are any questions you may have. Cheers


  12. NoobyNico

    Rainbow Six Seige

    Siege is the main game I play on PC and I'm up for games. My uPlay is noobynico.
  13. NoobyNico

    New player👋Which gun out of these?

    Firstly, sorry for the long post. In my opinion, you should look at what makes airsoft appeal to you. To me, "looking cool" plays a big part of my fun in airsoft, so I would shorthand a list of sidearms you think "look cool" and then look up which manufacturers make it for airsoft. Assuming you are looking for pistols, good brands to look out for are any brands that base their systems on the Tokyo Marui gas blowback system (the majority of gas blowback pistols are based on the TM GBB), or even the KSC System, although these are getting a bit less popular now. Compared to 10+ years ago, there are so many choices for sidearms it doesn't really matter which you choose. But one thing you have to be sure of is the availability of aftermarket parts for when you need replacements. TLDR; Pick a pistol that either runs on a reliable GBB system, eg. Tokyo Marui, KWA, System 7 etc. KJ (TM, WE are based on the TM system, although there are other brands use it too. Maybe Umarex, but not 100% sure), The KWA System is also reputable and widely used especially in the US. Both TM, KWA, KJ and Umarex systems have great aftermarket support for spare parts. Remember that in airsoft, manufacturing tolerances are much looser than the real steel world and you should expect things to break after use. Some brands/systems offer more longevity than others, but any system you choose will eventually fail to some extent (some earlier than others). The most popular systems will be the Glock and 1911 platforms and those will have a plethora of aftermarket parts and support available. However, this is not to say other systems won't have any at all, you will just have less choice for parts for eg. the USP or M9. Look up the Novritsch SSP1 and see how it's system operates. (Novritsch has a second YouTube channel explaining it in detail.) Edit: Keep in mind, that even if a system is based on the TM GBB system, it may not be 100% compatible with it. For example, the WE Glock 18c is based on the TM system, and shares certain parts with it, but the slide would not be compatible with TM slides. I personally own a WE glock and use TM upgrade parts in it. The slide would be the last thing I would expect to break, so the incompatibility with TM slides doesn't matter much to me.
  14. NoobyNico

    Gun picture thread

    First picture is my current work-in-progress WE M4 GBBR with a real steel Centurion Arms CMR 13". Second picture is my previous AR setup back in 2011: King arms M4 base DMR, G&P Sentry base MK18 and a KSC G17