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    WE M4 GBBR Builds, WE Scar-L GBBR, CYMA Zenitco AK105, WE G17
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    MTEK, UF Pro, T3 Gear, Ferro Concepts, Spiritus Systems, T-Rex Arms, First Spear, Ronin Tactics, LBX
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  1. NoobyNico

    WE G18C Gen 4

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    Pistol bought brand new 1 year ago and still in perfect working order. Magazine is 1 month old and leak free. 2 grip modifiers included + mounting pins Well maintained with silicon oil for metal on plastic and plastic on plastic surfaces. Lithium grease used for metal on metal surfaces.


    , Kent

  2. ahhhh yeah that makes sense now haha, and you were the guy in all black and the fluffy hair right?
  3. It was an awesome day. Unfortunately got a load of games lined up for the next month so I'll have to find some time off to get down again. Who were you on the day? I was the guy in full ranger green kit
  4. yup, would not recommend, but do at your own risk haha
  5. The site was a disused ww2 fort and it had loads of pitch black tunnels and rooms around But yeah, #daynoodles Fucking hell, precisely all of these! I've built up a habit of shielding my teeth with my lips and when in stressful situations/cqb I tense my lips. Shooting real steel also makes you tense up youre entire upper boddy including your facial muscles, so I think all of that combined makes me confident enough not to wear facial protection (just a balaclava at most to keep debris away). Been playing for 11 years and still not a single tooth shot yet!
  6. Civvi loadout for a game a couple of weeks ago at Reaper Ops' Fort.
  7. I'm free then! See you then (assuming they don't sell out)
  8. Yes!! Surrey/Kent needs more CQB sites like this. As a player who started in Hong Kong, CQB is definitely in my blood. Excited for what the future holds. Only an hour away, so if you need any players, hit me up 😏
  9. https://www.marinescene.co.uk/product/2100/nauticalia-brass-harbour-master-telescope

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Postage and fees vary per item Listed prices do not include postage or fees. I will offer discounted/free postage/fees on multi-buys. Pm for questions! 1. B5 Sopmod Stock - £10 2. G&P Eotech 553 sight (arm does not lock shut; dabble of superglue is used to keep it shut) - £60 3. Metal M4 Carry Handles- £10 each 4. B5 Sopmod Stock (painted over 2 tone) - £7 5. Chinese Eotech XPS 3-2 - £25 6. Chinese Magnifier (functional zero) - £15 SOLD 7. Chinese Magnifier (no zero capability) - £10 SOLD 8. Rubberised Ergo Grip for M4 GBBRs - £7 9. Magpul PTS MOE handguard - £15 10. Black RVG (repro) - £5 10. Tan RVG (Magpul PTS) - £10 11. High torque motor (unknown spec, good for backup) - £10 12. Revision Sawfly Ballistic glasses, black lens - £10 13. 11.5" Remington R4 handguard for M4 GBBRS - £15 14. Element WML (slight cosmetic damage) - £20 15. 13.5" Angry Gun LVOA handguard for M4 GBBRs - £40 16. Harris style bipod (painted) - £7 SOLD 17. E&L upper set (Fits most M4 AEGs including, TM-not recoil, VFC, Specna Arms-an E&C OEM) 17. Split prices: > E&L upper receiver and 10.5" outer barrel - £20 > Nuprol Bocca Series 2 9.5" - £35 18. Repro MBUS rear sight - £5 SOLD 19. Real Magpul MBUS rear sight (painted black) - £12 SOLD 20. Magpul PTS MBUS rear sight - £8 SOLD 21. G&G ak high cap mag - £7 SOLD 22. 3x metal 140rd Nuprol mid caps w/ ranger plates - £7 each 23. 3x TM Recoil High caps - £15 each SOLD


    , Kent


    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    All fully functional and gas tight. Bolt locks and feeds flawlessly. Moderate usage but very well maintained with regular lubrication of seals. Asking for £15 each + postage and fees OR £60 for all 4 mags / postage and fees included


    , Medway

  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    For sale is a lightly used but fully functional KWA MP9 GBB.Only used a couple of times in CQB and performs very well.Comes with the gun itself (low power bolt fitted shooting at around 330-340fps), 3 gas tight mags and an MP9 suppressor.Asking for 160 + postage and feesCollection also available around the Medway area of Kent.


    , Kent

  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    For sale: UF Pro Striker XT Gen. 2 Combat Pants in Brown Grey (Ranger Green) - Worn 4 times Very good condition Includes UF Pro Flex knee pads Used by German SEK, GSG9, some SWAT units just to name a few Asking for £100 fees and postage included. Can also trade for Crye Precision RG Pants in 34R or 32R or UF Pro size swap for a 34-32ish


    , Kent

  14. Patrolbase has a bulk buy section, and have items on sale that have a bulk buy option. Unfortunately the tracers seem to sell pretty quickly, so probably wont be available for bulk buy, but it's worth keeping an eye out. Platoon Stores also have them for relatively cheap https://www.platoonstores.co.uk/airsoft/asg-blaster-tracer-0-20g-bbs-3000-bottle-246-detail 0.25s ^ Also, what is up with the posts saying to "go google it yourself". It's a forum where people can ask for opinions on their personal buying experiences. @bully78 has obviously done his/her research and wanted to ask if we (airsoft forums) know of anything that he/she was not able to find. If everyone just gets told to "google it", whats the point in forums? Sharing opinions and experiences with like minded people with similar interests? Nope, just google it yourself. Sigh...
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