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    For Sale is my Silverback SRS, bought during lockdown and used for two game days. Selling as sniping just isn’t for me an I prefer Russian loadouts. The SRS has the full EDGI kit from Longbow which was over £350 on its own, it makes the rifle so much better than stock and lightens the bolt pull considerably over the stock piston. Hops .48’s like a dream with the hop set about half way. I’m looking for £620 including PayPal fee’s and shipping in the UK. Included: -Silverback SRS A1 -Silverback 16″ handguard -Silverback 22″ Handguard -Silverback 12″ fluted outer barrel -Silverback double mag pouches (x2) -Silverback steel magazines with upgraded followers x5 -EDGI Full Upgrade kit: -EDGI dual bore barrel -EDGI piston -EDGI Cylinder & 90 Degree Handle -EDGI Spring guide -MAXX SRE hop up & SBA bucking -Rapax easy pull spring


    Wallsend, Newcastle, -- - GB

  2. I'm looking for someone to make a custom hi cap for my VFC G28 and not having much luck. Does anyone know a company/person that can make HPA hi cap conversion? I've seen some for different builds but as the G28 is a niche there's no solution readily available. I really want something with a bit more capacity than 20 rounds on longer skirmish days and something more consistent to use during the colder months, thanks guys! I'm looking for something similar to these:
  3. how long did he take to reply to emails?
  4. I've had this before with EMS and parcelforce but from Russia. Parcelforce lost my parcel when it was transferred from customs and I never received it. Contact the seller in China or request a refund
  5. Delivery with Taiwangun has always been 7-10 days in my experience and other I know that have ordered from them. Sounds like your eta fits in with that. It also worth noting UPS changed my delivery day on my last order the day it was due to arrive so that probably says its a UPS issue, not Taiwangun.
  6. There's been some really good deals the last couple of years to be fair. I picked up an E&L AK74 from Gunfire for £180, they retail at my local shop for £325
  7. I visited their shop before as I wanted to try on some plate carriers before purchasing. The experience was awful. The staff really don't give a shit about customers and are quite abrupt and even rude when answering queries. I asked about a particular plate carrier in multicam as there was one in olive in the store. The guy behind the counter told me that all same items are kept on the same peg and if it's not there they don't have them in and it's too late (4pm) to check the warehouse. He was not impressed when I pointed out that the same vest was dotted around the shop in tan, black, olive and cam. He cut off the conversation and walked to the other end of the counter. In contrast I visited Urban Airsoft the same day, the young lad on the counter dug through 3 rows of plate carriers, check online and asked his manager about stock of the specific vest in melticam. Much bigger, better store but with a terrible website. The complete opposite of patrol base. Safe to say I'll never shop at patrol base again and have advised friends to do the same.
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