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  1. Hermesh

    Best Ak

    I've ran out of things to say - cept - картофельный If it's any consolation I draw the line at drum magazines... 105 - comes with a variety of stocks - none surprisingly made from trees....
  2. Hermesh

    Best Ak

    already on my way, I'll be feeding the flames when I get there with those AK wooden stocks and hand-guards Luddite (or whatever the Russian version is)
  3. Hermesh

    Best Ak

    Think this will be the model I'll choose -thanks for the help gents...
  4. Hermesh

    Best Ak

    Gentlemen, thank you all very much, looks like LCT to be honest, any info on Arctutus?
  5. Hermesh

    Best Ak

    This has probably been done/asked a million times, but, help wanted... Best AK out of the box, something tactical not that old school wooden nonsense, Budget between 250/450 Cheers me dears John
  6. some updates and new stuff since my last post many moons ago.
  7. It was a joke... But with some truth in it..
  8. Good movie, l understand it's making a bit of a comeback in certain circles, guess they're all sick of wearing multicam and looking the same.
  9. I'm having a bit of a US Woodland revival at the moment, or is it just as new fetish? Anyway, classic, works well and isn't multi-cam...22d2c2_f342b97fefe14d22a4eb54b97ba65259_mv2_d_2667_4000_s_4_2.webp
  10. Hi Guys thanks to all for the advice and info, had a look at all the suggestions in the end went for a warrior rig, love their stuff, even opted for multicam, but there you go.
  11. Anyone got one? It combines two of my favourites VFC Avalon with a centurion rail, question is, how is it. Having just sold my SIG MCX l'm looking for something new, is this it? If you have one please share. Cheers peeps
  12. Cheers Lads, Both the Warrior & Haley are great choices, looking at both now. The Bigfoot looks quite cool, and the price is really nice. Bulle mle, is new to me will check it out, NICE ONE! atb John
  13. Hi Guys, l'm looking for a plate carrier or chest rig, something light weight that can take three mags, radio and water bladder, budget is around 200 quid. Colour everything cept multicam. Help please....
  14. Well the good news is that the RIF is performing really well. The issue looks like that one the mags selector switch (30 to 120 rounds) had got stuck in the middle causing it to misfeed. So happy days....
  15. Hi Chaps, Anyone know which silencer will fit this flash hider?
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