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  1. I have a few of those and you're right they rock in every weapon I bang them into, and do it with a very nice sound as well, but just wanted to try something a bit different.
  2. Couldn't find any info on these mags, any body had any experience with them? They look pretty nice, but do they perform well?
  3. The Silencer is which brand? That would look the dogs on my centurion...
  4. Any where near Bucharest? If you give me a shout, and fancy a Sunday game, I'll lend you a rifle, rig and BBs, sounds like a plan?
  5. I guess on one level I wanted to dress up, heft a gun around and feel like a soldier again, above all else just to have some fun. I knew nothing about this world before I dived in, but I'm glad I did. Next year I'll attend Border War, that should be classic...
  6. Bit tongue in cheek to be honest, and I have grown to love multicam...
  7. As I’ve done both, maybe I can chip in? When I first started Airsoft, my real-world skills actually hampered me, I spent more time in re-spawn that anywhere else, went out with seven full mags came back with six, other side of the coin, I was a veritable BB magnet. First words out of my mouth? Where the F*** is everyone running too, and why is nobody talking, I hear contact, but where? The guy in the track suit, vendetta mask and one mag, what is that all about. I was one confused ex-squaddie. I was in complete denial, my M4 was just not doing what it was supposed to do, and hop -up, what was that evil magic… Don’t even get me started on multicam, my rig though, that was okay, didn’t let me down. Still waiting for the chopper to take us out of that hell hole though. A year down the road and I still don’t really understand the hop-up, I come back with two full mags, and don’t miss recoil, most of my deaths are now from my own ricochets and I actually hit stuff, leaves mainly but still… Thank god this isn’t like the real thing; everyone comes back alive.
  8. Is that the PTS front grip that can hold a lipo?
  9. Do Airsoft they said, you'll love it. I do, Bank Manager doesn't... A seasonal look at whats 'in' for the fashion conscious Romanian Airsofter - The picture in snow was around -11, I don't think I've been that cold since I was a wee laddie in Scone... Warrior RICAS plate carrier, in a rather fetching shade of coyote. FMA Fast Helmet, with a Russian helmet cover. Cheap as chips no name multicam pants. Mechanix gloves, the ones that are bit like nomex no battle belt cause me no like But there is a holster somewhere in there with a glock 19 in it.
  10. Very nice, my 416 is kinda like the bastard son of these two....
  11. Sicomed is huge, but a former Communist pharmaceutical factory complex, therefore its a bit sketchy about what went on there. It has a large central area composed of two and tree story buildings a hill on one side some and some dense undergrowth on the outside. I've had some epic games here, with around 150/200 participants, its by far my favourite site. I'll find more pics. Cheers John
  12. Expat currently stuck in the wild wonderland that is Bucharest, we have very few official sites, we mostly play in run down abandoned Communist era buildings, which gives everything a very Chernobyl feel. Me, been into this for about a year, ex military so I guess that was the main reason, plus I love guns and wearing lots of gear and swearing a lot (and eating beans out of tins).
  13. Pair of Glocks, or another Glock pic... Sig MCX...
  14. My ever evolving 416...
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