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  1. Dear UK Mail,
    Where the fuck is my stuff??
    Vanished on Friday. Not delivered Saturday. Allegedly delivered today.
    It's mods for my mk23, which I'd quite like to add in while I can still use both hands. So I need em before tomorrow!
    Hurry up ya buggers!

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    2. Lozart


      Good luck with that then. They mostly do bulk spam mailing. Fingers crossed though bud!

    3. sonofsammo


      I'm guessing that they received a second parcel for me at depot on Friday and then thought - fuck him, we'll deliver em both on Monday.
      It's very annoying.
      However, I'm excited cos if they do show up it means I'll have my mk23 ready for post op sniping fun!

    4. sonofsammo


      It's all HERE!!!!!!!! 

      Now to cock up putting it all together!