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  1. SilentMelon

    Real Sword Type 97B

    Time Left: 5 days and 18 hours

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    Real Sword Type 97B Comes in original box with all accessories. Also includes Type 97 Picatinny rail, 2 Ni-MH batteries and 1 Li-Po battery Price includes postage and Paypal Collection from Leeds, West Yorkshire

    350.00 GBP

  2. SilentMelon


    Time Left: 5 days and 17 hours

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    Brand new in box LCT RPD. Bought as a collectors piece, never had a BB through it. Comes in original box with all the manuals etc. Collection from Leeds, West Yorkshire Can post at buyer's expense.

    750.00 GBP

  3. SilentMelon


    Bump £180
  4. SilentMelon

    What would be a good DMR?

    As it's been said before, any gun can be a DMR if you throw enough money at it. Personally I have a Real Sword SVD as my DMR; 400 fps out of the box and super accurate too. It's also built like a tank so there's very little chance of breaking it. Yes they are rather expensive and hard to come by, but totally worth considering as a DMR option that doesn't need a lot of work if any.
  5. SilentMelon


    Bump £190
  6. SilentMelon


  7. I had an LCT AK as my first gun. Absolutely loved it. The externals are top notch and I never had any problems with the internals. I ended up getting a second LCT once I got my UKARA before moving on to E&L. Magazine compatibility would be the main issue I'd raise about LCT, have had a few occasions where I've been unable to remove a magazine without taking the trigger guard off (CYMA RPK mags spring to mind).
  8. SilentMelon


    Make: LCT Gun/Model: AIMS Accessories: Romanian AK sling Condition: Barely used FPS: 290 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £200 Pictures: LCT AIMS with a nice weathered finish. Has been skirmished a few times but has mainly been used as a wall hanger. Comes with a high cap weathered like the rest of the gun and a Romanian AK sling. Collection from Leeds, West Yorkshire or I can deliver within a reasonable distance.
  9. SilentMelon

    How much is enough?

    I've somewhat changed my stance since I last posted on here. I've now gone for having a gun in each class, with some being outdoor guns and some indoor. Assault rifle: E&L AK74UN with KA GP30 grenade launcher Carbine: E&L AKS74UN LMG: A&K PKM Sniper: Real Sword SVD Shotgun: Tokyo Marui KSG (currently for sale) Secondary: Gunslinger AK SMG Next on the list is a nagant revolver and a stechkin pistol. Seeing as I currently don't have any handguns. Although it's more guns than I can use at any one time. It gives me the flexibility to change loadouts for different situations. Or if I'm getting tired lugging it around (Looking at you PKM!) I can switch to something lighter.
  10. SilentMelon

    Russian loadouts thread

    I currently run a 6sh92-3 vest in VSR camo while using my E&L AK74N. The vest came with VOG pouches which a lot of them don't seem to do. As for the rest of my loadout I wear Belgian Jigsaw camo when with my group otherwise I wear a Gorka suit.
  11. SilentMelon

    Gun picture thread

    My pride and joy: LCT AIMS
  12. SilentMelon

    Zeroin, Dead & Gone?

    I can't access it on Chrome with Avast. Only used it for the classifieds but having a better experience on here selling so will stick around
  13. SilentMelon

    Gun picture thread

    Yes, but it's a very snug fit!
  14. SilentMelon

    Gun picture thread

    My most recent purchase: Real Sword SVD with POSP scope and bipod
  15. SilentMelon

    Airsoft LMGs - Any good?

    The best LMG I have used is an LCT RPK. Lightweight compared to other LMG's, nice long inner barrel, steel bipod and can take any magazine that fits an AK. I ran mine with a 2500 round CYMA electric drum magazine and had an absolute blast. I had an A&K MK43 before it and found it too cumbersome, even with a sling attached.