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  1. SilentMelon

    It's been a real struggle getting to know my AKs.

    AK's can be a joy and a pain to own and use (I've been through a fair few) LCT are pretty good as far as AK's go though. For fitting the top cover, pushing back the release tab as you're trying to place it back on makes things a lot easier. And if it won't come back out pull the charging handle to push it into place. Magazines wise go with E&L for midcaps. I've used the 47 and 74 styles and they feed perfectly once you've broken them in. They definitely fit LCT AK's as well. Due to the rocking motion for putting the mags in, foregrips tend to make reloading more difficult. If you want to run one try either an angled one like Magul or a folding one. That way you'll have an easier time reloading. One thing I can recommend is the LCT PK-170 Magwell Spacer. It stops you putting the magazine too far into the magwell when reloading. Hope that helps!
  2. SilentMelon



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    Brand new in box LCT RPD. Bought as a collectors piece, never had a BB through it. Comes in original box with all the manuals etc. Collection from Leeds, West Yorkshire Can post at buyer's expense.


  3. SilentMelon

    Real Sword Type 97B


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    Real Sword Type 97B Comes in original box with all accessories. Also includes Type 97 Picatinny rail, 2 Ni-MH batteries and 1 Li-Po battery Price includes postage and Paypal Collection from Leeds, West Yorkshire


  4. SilentMelon

    What would be a good DMR?

    As it's been said before, any gun can be a DMR if you throw enough money at it. Personally I have a Real Sword SVD as my DMR; 400 fps out of the box and super accurate too. It's also built like a tank so there's very little chance of breaking it. Yes they are rather expensive and hard to come by, but totally worth considering as a DMR option that doesn't need a lot of work if any.
  5. I had an LCT AK as my first gun. Absolutely loved it. The externals are top notch and I never had any problems with the internals. I ended up getting a second LCT once I got my UKARA before moving on to E&L. Magazine compatibility would be the main issue I'd raise about LCT, have had a few occasions where I've been unable to remove a magazine without taking the trigger guard off (CYMA RPK mags spring to mind).
  6. SilentMelon

    How much is enough?

    I've somewhat changed my stance since I last posted on here. I've now gone for having a gun in each class, with some being outdoor guns and some indoor. Assault rifle: E&L AK74UN with KA GP30 grenade launcher Carbine: E&L AKS74UN LMG: A&K PKM Sniper: Real Sword SVD Shotgun: Tokyo Marui KSG (currently for sale) Secondary: Gunslinger AK SMG Next on the list is a nagant revolver and a stechkin pistol. Seeing as I currently don't have any handguns. Although it's more guns than I can use at any one time. It gives me the flexibility to change loadouts for different situations. Or if I'm getting tired lugging it around (Looking at you PKM!) I can switch to something lighter.
  7. SilentMelon

    Russian loadouts thread

    I currently run a 6sh92-3 vest in VSR camo while using my E&L AK74N. The vest came with VOG pouches which a lot of them don't seem to do. As for the rest of my loadout I wear Belgian Jigsaw camo when with my group otherwise I wear a Gorka suit.
  8. SilentMelon

    Gun picture thread

    My pride and joy: LCT AIMS
  9. SilentMelon

    Zeroin, Dead & Gone?

    I can't access it on Chrome with Avast. Only used it for the classifieds but having a better experience on here selling so will stick around
  10. SilentMelon

    Gun picture thread

    Yes, but it's a very snug fit!
  11. SilentMelon

    Gun picture thread

    My most recent purchase: Real Sword SVD with POSP scope and bipod
  12. SilentMelon

    Airsoft LMGs - Any good?

    The best LMG I have used is an LCT RPK. Lightweight compared to other LMG's, nice long inner barrel, steel bipod and can take any magazine that fits an AK. I ran mine with a 2500 round CYMA electric drum magazine and had an absolute blast. I had an A&K MK43 before it and found it too cumbersome, even with a sling attached.
  13. SilentMelon

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Real Sword SVD with POSP scope and bipod. Can't wait to try it out at the next outdoor game!
  14. SilentMelon

    How much is enough?

    I try stick to the limit of 2 outdoor primaries, 2 indoor primaries, 2 secondaries, one or two fun things that aren't the most practical. There is always that temptation to get more though, especially if it's a good deal. I've basically bought and sold second hand to get to loadouts that I would use, rather than go "Ooo pretty must buy" then leave it gathering dust. Current list: Outdoor: E&L AK74N Real Sword SVD Indoor: E&L AKS74UN TM KSG Secondaries: WE Makarov Gunslinger AK SMG Fun things: Dan Wesson 6" python revolver Other: LCT AIMS
  15. SilentMelon

    KRYTAC Trident LMG Enhanced - Two Tone

    Hi, is this still available?