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    E&L Gen2 AKS-74U, Specna C-02, Pink Ares 013, Striker AS02, G&G ARP 9, TM G17, AAP01, SSX23.
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    Various, mostly wear God's Plaid and A-Tacs FG/iX
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    Private Team Site (Italy)
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    La Spezia, Italy
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    Scuba Diving, Ski, MTB, Bushcraft, Mechanical stuff, Architecture.

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    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Low profile, kinda like it actually like a tactical laptop bag

    2. SgtTalbert


      I wish Helikon would follow suit and make one in their 'adaptive green' so it would match my chest rig from them

    3. Skara


      or an A-Tacs iX one so I can match my TMR ☹️


      Sent Emperion a message, asked if they could show me the pack rigged to a tmr to check if the buckles are compatible.

      I tried strapping my Condor hydration bag to it but for some reason the buckles aren't compatible.

      Condor male buckles fit too tight while the helikon ones don't lock.


      If they are kind enough to answer and they actually fit, i'll order one in either grey or OD and give it a paintjob to match the iX palette

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