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  1. Shall I turn my arp into something like this?


    (Longer barrel, longer stock for a better length of pull)





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    2. Albiscuit


      Each to their own!! 

      Personally I think it’s on par with turning an MP5 into a DMR, but if your toy and money at the end of the day :)  

    3. Skara


      Speaking of DMR'd mp5s, someone actually did it on this forum.

    4. Skara




      Here's a part list:

      9" M-Lok Ares handguard €33 (40% off at a local shop).

      12cm barrel extension (not sure about the actual length) €12.

      M4 buffer tube €10.

      Zci or Madbull black python v2 240mm €25.


      That's the externals.


      Internally I'm only fixing the air seal, swapping the hop chamber with a retro arms I have in a drawer and swapping the crap ETU mosfet with a Perun ETU upgrades kit. Maybe a new piston if the teeth are worn.


      The front end should be a copy of my honey badger, if not a bit shorter (can't remember if my HB has a 9 or 10 inch handguard), which is still workable in tight spaces.


      Would it work?

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