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  1. Hot glueing netting.




    Please kill me.


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    2. Skara


      Yes, your assumption is correct.

      I could have used shoe glue, but I didn't have any around.

      I found hot glue to be quite fast too compared to my old method of attaching netting (tons and tons of zip ties).


      For my next project I'll make sure to have some shoe glue around, so I can experiment with that as well :)

    3. clumpyedge


      I love the stuff, I also use it as a crude waterproofing material for certain projects along seems that need extra strength! Dude you need amazon prime ;)

    4. Skara


      Heh. I had a prime subscription, then cancelled it because of two reasons:

      Don't like how Amazon treats workers (especially here in Italy, there have been reports of almost slavery conditions) and I don't use it enough to justify the fee, even if it's small, I order maybe once or twice a year from there. 2019 has been an exception as some of the products I got from Amazon I couldn't find elsewhere..

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