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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Condor slim molle belt with brand new unused velcro inner. Outer belt has been well used but still in great condition. Brilliant budget molle belt setup. I'm a 34 waist and it fits perfect, can be extended quite a bit though. Probably good for up to 40" as a rough guess £35 including postage and PayPal fees.


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    Used for a few games so obviously fairly scratched, functions as new though. Includes the multishot base which holds three primers and all original packaging/documentation. Engraved my initials into the top in case someone picked it up, so added benefit if yours are also TP 🤣 £60 shipped + PayPal fees


  3. https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/internal-parts/gearbox-shells/zci-v2-gearbox-shell-qd This should be what you're looking for
  4. ahhh okay, doesn't sound good.... well thanks for the info anyway 👍
  5. Wondering if anyone knows of a way to get in contact with Ohshiboom? Ordered an impact bfg from them last year and I'm trying to get a part repaired/replaced. The email on their site just bounces straight back, phone line goes dead and facebook messages seem to be ignored looking at the numerous comments under their last post (July). Hoping someone on here might have some better ideas than me as I'm out of them. *edit* if anyone sees this thread I found out you need to contact Airsoft Direct, they sent the replacement part out to me no hassle
  6. £4.99 new on bullseye mate
  7. Should be asking £200+ for this I'd have thought
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Amazing build quality spring shotgun with real wood and chrome finish. Unfielded, only used to shoot down garden so no accurate chrono reading, however if I had to guess I'd say it looks in the high 200s on a 0.2g comparing with my other rifs. Internals have not been messed with. A small rail section has been firmly screwed into the body for mounting optics (if that's your sort of thing) - pretty hard to aim otherwise as, like the real gun, there are no iron sights. There are a few very small marks around the body but nothing major - I've tried to make everything clearly visible in the pics. Message if you have any questions, collection only please



  9. where'd you get that patch from out of interest?
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    Great condition, should fit to any plate carrier with molle on the back. £12.50 posted


    Bath - GB

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    Please let me know if you happen to have one lying around as they're out of stock everywhere I look


  12. Hi everyone, my specna arms edge E-07 has hairline cracks around the front of the gearbox, so it's clearly gonna fail soon. Will it fit a standard 3rd party V2 gearbox shell without modification? I'd rather not buy another stock specna one as it's clearly a structual weak-point in the design. Any advice much appreciated
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    Let me know what you've got


  14. Compatible with CYMA M14?
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