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  1. Urgh, sites run solely from a Facebook page that don't tell you exactly where they are, how to get there, the availability of parking, game days, hours, prices, site rules, or pretty much anything that you'd want to know before deciding to make the journey there.


    I know, "Just message us, mate", but why not document it once rather than dozens of times?



    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Aengus


      It got emptied last year don't complain!

    3. Mad Rag

      Mad Rag

      it looks like they dont even have a website at all. 


      @Aengus thats alright then!!!! ;) 


    4. Druid799


      The ones you think “do they want my money or not ? “

      Put some bloody details up FFS ! Not asking for the ins’n’outs of a ducks arse just the basics that’s all !😡

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