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  1. Going to a night game soon. any suggestions on what to do/bring (obviously a torch but what type)

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    2. djben9


      ok, cool, similar to what ive played at Tuddenham. I had a gun mounted light only, but tbh hardly used it as it gave away position. A small torch is worth taking for walking back anywhere so you dont lose you footing, but if to repawn...you may get shot again!....headlight as well, but id only put on when needed

      Are you spending all 6 hours out in the game zone?
      Is it all woodland?

    3. jcheeseright


      Having a torch on your gun is always handy, if you light someone up and then shoot them they're about 400x more likely to take the hit.  


      A small coloured light is useful to indicate that you're dead too; "dead man with the blue light", really helps with not getting shot because people can't see your arm up! 

    4. AshOnSnow


      I love night games. I'd suggest good knee pads, preferably integrated into your trousers since in the dark you have a much higher risk of falling. As a weapon, a high powered >500 lumen strobe can be really useful to blind your enemies. I have a Synderay G02 which has a solid/strobe and puts out a lot of light for a small torch.


      Also, if you have the option, Tritium sights are a great investment of you go to night games fairly often.

  2. looking for a sniper:

    -450-500 fps out the box


    -good internals

    is the ares striker the one for me?

    1. CaptainDumbass


      You wont get a powerful and accurate sniper out of the box im afraid mate. Anyone will tell you proper snipers are built through alot of upgrades and trail & error.

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