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  1. Therealryanbolt

    Good GBB pistols under £110

    Any recommendations? Nothing large like a desert eagle
  2. Therealryanbolt

    How do comms work?

    I want to start using coms to make communication easier. My local field use them and i thought i could buy a similar radio off Amazon to talk to them but i think i am wrong. Please help??!!
  3. Therealryanbolt

    CYMA M14 or ASG M14

    Struggling to decide. Please leave me your opinions thanks
  4. Therealryanbolt

    AEG's with long inner barrels

    @Jedi_Master not really. I was looking for an AEG to turn It into a DMR but I never knew how expensive it was. Now I'm just looking for a good rifle with a long inner barrel length.
  5. Therealryanbolt

    AEG's with long inner barrels

    Looking for a reliable rifle with a decent inner barrel length. Something between £150 and £220 and an inner barrel length between 10 inches and 18 inches Thanks
  6. Therealryanbolt

    Is KJWorks m92 good

    interented in buying one soon for a started GBB sidearm, is it worth the £50
  7. Therealryanbolt

    Anti fog advice

    Any advice to help prevent goggles fogging up
  8. Therealryanbolt

    Shotgun shell storage

    Buying a shotgun soon and looking for a way to store ammo. I have narrowed my choices down to a pannel or a pouch. Which would (or do) you prefer? Thanks
  9. Therealryanbolt

    CYMA CM 350L thoughts

    Any advice on buying this shotgun (using outdoors)
  10. Just drop any suggestion below thanks
  11. Therealryanbolt

    Show me your action camera setup

    Want to start recording gameplay for YouTube and have no idea what mount to get. Can anyone help? Thanks
  12. Therealryanbolt

    Long AEG under £200

    Looking for a long AEG to turn into an extremely accurate weapon. Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. Looking for a game day in bucks this weekend. Any suggestions?
  14. Therealryanbolt

    Galaxy m82 Barrett info

    I have had the galaxy m82 barrett for a year and have not used it because of its poor performance. I would like to get it to work better but parts are scarce. Does anyone have and knowledge about this gun? Thanks
  15. Therealryanbolt

    Best sniper sidearm

    Thinking about setting up a sniper loadout and looking for a gas blowback pistol under £100. A ng suggestions?