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  1. Carried on today: My chest rig is hopefully complete now - Mechanix M-pact Gloves Coyote Tan (I have black ones but tan will blend in better, the MOT ones look tacky) - Grimloc carabiners for gloves/mask/goggles and to attach slimline pouch to belt rings as I don't wear a belt - Warrior Assault Systems 2 x 9mm ammo pouch MTP
  2. Just bought: - Tokyo Marui Glock 18c GBB Pistol - 2 x 25rds Tokyo Marui Magazines - Warrior Assault Systems Multicam Universal Holster - Warrior Assault Systems Slimeline Drop Pouch When these have arrived I will decide whether I want to get 2 x single or 1 x double 9mm Pistol Magazine Pounches by Warrior Assault Systems once I figure out my Warrior Assault Systems 901 chest rig real estate out.
  3. I just bought a pair of these too - had good reviews and supposedly really good t not fogging up
  4. Update - As I am new to Airsoft I have been making a lot of purchases with some left to make Purchased: Jing Gong G36KV 5 x MAG G36 Mid Cap Magazines Blaster 0.25g BB's BB Speed Loader Bolle X1000 Goggles Mechanix M-Pact Black Gloves British Military MTP UBACS Shirt (New) British Military MTP Trousers (New) MTP Belt Warrior 901 Elite 4 with G36 Mag pouches Magnum Scorpion Boots + Socks All I have left really is Half Face Mask and Helmet/Hat Most of my load out:
  5. Not got it yet but it will be a Jing Gong G608KV
  6. Hey guys, Doing some research and I am looking to get about 4/5 mid cap mags for my G36 - what brands would you recommend? I have done research and I am either going to go with MAG or UFC - I hear the King Arms have feed issues.
  7. I just started too so I have started buying stuff I went with the: Bolle X1000 Goggles Mechanix M-Pact Gloves Warrior 901 Chest Rig British Military Surplus MTP UBACS Top and Trousers Helmet wise I am trying to het a British Military MK6 or MK7 helmet I will be buying a Half Face Mesh Mask once I receive my clothing to see what matches Will end up getting a scarf/Band at some point Knee and Elbow pads Good Hiking shows and good Hiking Socks
  8. Ok thanks - The would you suggest that the Warrior 901 Elite 4 will be suitable with a Magwell conversion and to just use good quality M4 mags?
  9. Supposedly the JG G608 does not support the M4 Maxwell conversions - do you know if this is true? What would be the best Warrior Chest rig to buy then for an G36 now with expansion possibly to M4 and other ARs? ***edit*** I have seen a Battle-axe converter that has had good reviews and seems to work with JG - https://www.airsoftworld.net/battleaxe-g36-to-m4-m16-mag-well-convertor.html There is a G36 version which I am sure may be better off to get as it will fit the M4 Mags in after? The Spec of the Elite 4 version say it has these style pouches - Will those fit a G36 Mag? The Warrior Elite Ops 901 Elite 4, comes with the following as standard; 4 x Warriors 5.56mm Open Mag Pouches ( Each Pouch holds 1 x PMag 5.56mm Mags ) ***editV2*** Just read that the newer JG G608 have a different set up and the conversion kits don't work unless you modify them: i'm pretty sure almost all of them are actually from the same factory so the brand shouldn't really matter. If you have a one-piece G36 hop unit (no extended feed tube on the magwell), you'll have to cut the tube off the magwell conversion. SOOOO MUCH TO CONSIDER!!!!!! *Brain turns to mush*
  10. Currently nowhere - I have a few different groups of friends who play. I have looked up and my local seems to be AWA Herts in Sawbridgeworth (Next to Harlow) which is 10 mins from me but open to travel - Want to get a UKARA licenses ASAP
  11. I live in Ware, Hertfordshire - I spoke to them as they were out of stock of the Warrior 901 and getting a shipment today. To be fair for the additional pouches I would need anyways the Warrior 901 is probably more cost effective when you look at pouches £10-£20 each
  12. Thanks I am now looking at the gladiator - This any decent? I men if you had to choose between the two? Gladiator (£99 - 20% = £79.20) or Warrior 901?(£129 - 20% = £103.20) I understand the Gladiator is not customisable as much and not sure if you can use it standalone? sorry for all the questions - I am now and want to make sure I make smart purchases that will last
  13. Would you say this is best bang for your buck over other brands chest rigs?
  14. Thanks for the advise - What type of Chestrig/Belt are decent? I have seen some stuff but I am just getting used to the differences between the kit and what brands are better than others This is the chest rig I was looking at: http://www.uktactical.com/p-11338-warrior-901-g36-multicam.aspx In terms of boots - are we looking at hiking boots or proper military style boots? what brands of socks are worth looking at?
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