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  1. afternoon all does anyone own the above? looking for one for cqb and planning a few uogrades. mosfet and etc but not sure if people are going to feel their hits at 240 fps and what not? any opinions or user info? thanks
  2. Elts7

    New Player in the East Midlands

    welcome. if you get a chance. try the gaol out for cqb. its awsome!
  3. Elts7

    Secutor Velites..... any good?

    hoows the qc on these now? looking at getting the g2 when prices are released
  4. Elts7

    TM Kel-tec KSG 12

    with my old ksg i could get about 7 shells out of my tank
  5. my membership at the gaol is 40 a year which gives you the following: 5 off each visit to the gaol making it 30 walk on fee 2 free games to use whenever (worth it alone) 10% off at hueys i believe free tea and coffee at skirmish lutterworth and some off the deptartment cqb in leicester. believe there are some other benefits that i cannot remember
  6. Elts7

    full face masks!

    just dont like them do like the empire and ascend
  7. Elts7

    clothing retailers?

    yeah just curipus what other retailers there are in the uk for genral camo. not sure what route i wamna go yet
  8. are there a list of retailers on here? not sure where to look to decide what style of kit i want to run. thinking possibly a gorka but not sure where to look and what else there is thanks
  9. Elts7

    full face masks!

    evening all been on thr lookout for a new mask as not keen on thr dye ones. anyone know if thr virtue vio ascend are okay for airsoft? front gril looks rather large and not sure if bbs will pass through. other than that is there any other that are proven okay?
  10. Elts7

    Gun picture thread

    finally got myself an ak! https://imgur.com/a/vYLgi
  11. Elts7

    Aug & p90 advice

    thanks guys. gonna look sround for s tm aug then. just ordered a tm ak74 recoil also so the pair should work well
  12. Elts7

    Tokyo Marui Recoil

    hoping i dont lose too much range though
  13. Elts7

    Tokyo Marui Recoil

    really? ive just ordered a tm ak74 recoik with the lonex gear and spring uograde. was hoping to use .28s but sounds like ill have to use .25s
  14. Elts7

    Good pump action shotguns £40-£100

    thw cyma 870 are supposed to be decent for the price
  15. Elts7

    Carrying spare gas.

    they do small nuprol cans of green gas which fit an m4 pouch i believe