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  1. I have an FG nozzle on both my ak105 and m4. They have both worked extremely well and are actually relatively consistent in output (compared to an NPAS etc)
  2. Sure will do thanks, it goes runaway on any of the 3 selections
  3. Well I assumed all the springs were still good as they came in the new trigger assembly, also I had bought one of these but it didn't help (despite being far stiffer).
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. The magazines nor gas make any difference to this problem. The thing is upon inspection the trigger assembly parts have no wear whatsoever (it was new) so it's hard to see what is at fault. I also purchased this but the part it replaced was not worn or damaged. As for the Z-parts kit, I was aware of this but the price and the fact that I already had new WE parts put me off. What specific photos would you want? it's relatively straightforward to take apart. Thanks
  5. The whole assembly was new, as for the disconnector I'm not sure what part that is (I'm guessing the small lever on the front right)
  6. I suspected the bolt was worn somewhere but I couldn't figure how that would affect the cycling. I can upload an image if you want but it seems it pretty good shape but for the odd mark.
  7. I have had a problem with my WE mp5 for a while now, essentially when it is set to semi / burst it will go straight into uncontrollable full-auto (firing without trigger pull). I bought a new trigger assembly from kyairsoft but this has the same issue, I then bought a new selector (part 20 I believe) and that helped for a while but the problem quickly returned. I was recommended by kyairsoft to buy part #33 which is a sear I believe but again the problem remains. Finally I bought a real firearm elbow spring for the sear and yet still the same issue. Ive completely
  8. Yeah I think the ares, jg, g&p and Marui ones should fit just fine. Just be aware that the barrel is essentially free floating though unless you get the mock gas tube attached (can wobble). I think FG airsoft make a better barrel nut to help with that but it's quite pricey for what it is.
  9. Unfortunately this individual can barely tie his own shoelaces.
  10. Changing owner is a good upgrade
  11. I wasn't, I thought it was a knockoff that you got free with a happymeal.
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