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    Various M4/16 MP5 & MP5K AKM G36 C/K SVD 1911 P229 USP C VSR10
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    US & UK Spec Ops, Mercenary, East Block, Blacked out SWAT/Spec ops
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    Elite Action: Dorking & Epsom, Grange / Bravo One CQB - Birmingham
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    Airsoft and RS equipment, Airsoft teching and custom building, Current affairs & Journalism, Cycling, Tennis, Gym, Military History, Natural History & Paleontology, Herpetology, Cinema, Gaming (CS, BF)

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  1. The company I've been interviewing with for the past month or so offered me the job today - I replied with a counter offer and they accepted.
    Possibly my second thought on the matter was.. 'I may well now be able to afford an LCT G3A3'...  at least without wincing that is.

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    2. SeniorSpaz87


      Nice. Share those sexy kit posts once you spend all your hard-earned cash on the sport haha

    3. Impulse


      Hey congrats! Not enough people negotiate wages and such these days, but sounds like you nailed every part of the application process. Buy that G3 with your hard earned victory money! :P

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