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  1. I also had a cracking day yesterday at black ops Portishead , just me and my best bud , not particularly kit heavy just my Arthurian 416 and a TM recoil 74su , lots of good kills ,no real problem with ‘shouty’ players or non takers . Even shared a table with a guy never met before and we were all best mates by the end of the day ! So for me ? Just what I wanted (AND needed!) 👍

    1. StayOnTarget


      One of the best things about the sport good crack with perfect strangers even better if you team up and work together 🖖

    2. Hermesh


      Sounds cool, l play with an asortment of various gunslingers. All good lads and lots of fun, but some of my best games have been with total strangers, we've just jelled and worked together like we've been at it for years...

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