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  1. Spent a few hours on the air rifle range this evening with the G3. Scope is set, Was happily plinking logs and the bigger targets on that range... All the PCP airgunners looking at me like an idiot for having a gun that made them have kittens. I may have walked past them all with the gun in a bag, dropped the mags on the table, thrown in a mid cap quick, and slapped the cocking lever. Before leaving it on the table for a minute or two.... Mostly people were just looking down the table expecting all hell to break loose any second.

    I then shot it, and they realised it was airsoft lol.

    Gun is shooing past the 65 meter mark and well into the 70's. Just needs a few K's bb's passing through it to get the rubber where I want it. Not a single misfeed.

    And I may of put a deposit on a PCP air rifle.

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