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  1. thinking of getting a Chrono, the XCORTECH X3200 (MK3 apparently), are there any others out there worth looking at for similar price approx £60

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    2. Marc.RG1


      i have the mk1 xcortech x3200, and even that does a good job for me, for all my guns..


      the mk2 is better though, as it has shot count memory..


      check out the xcortech x3500 though, thats the best one they have made.. :)


    3. djben9


      cheers guys, i have the 3300w, but involves removing it from the barrel each time i need to chrono something

      i'll probably forget about it as i still have the spring in the loft ive not fitted yet!....kids get in the way at times....love em though :)

    4. Marc.RG1


      Lol I know that feeling mate..

      Happy shooting.. :)