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    Used a total of 6-7 times, this is pretty much brand new. Includes all the bits that came w it, including manuals, morale patch, adapter. Shipping the primers will probably be very expensive as it can't be shipped on royal mail, but you are looking at £50 including paypal fees and postage. If you want the primers we can calculate the shipping cost. Also, collection is fine! Arnos Grove/Wood Green/Finsbury Park/Old Street/Moorgate (London) Cheers Joao


    Spokane, Washington


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    Used 3 times, selling due to the fact I don't play anymore. Great condition!!! - Osprey MK4 Vest, Belt, Pouches!!!! - £150 all in + shipping - - The vest itself (£50 used) - - Battle Belt (£70 new) - - CamelBack British Issue MTP + fittings (£40 new) - - Admin/commanders panel (£12 used) - - Ops panel and T-Bar fittings (£12 used) - - Grenade pouch (£6 used) - - Smoke Grenade pouch (£4 used) - - 4x rifle magazine open pouch (£9 used) - - 2x Pistol magazine pouch (£6 used) - - Viper dump bag (MTP) (£12 new) - - First Aid pouch (£12 used) - - Manual, literature, fittings, etc Rather not split, please Offers OK! Price does not include shipping!


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    As new/excellent condition. Used for about 5-10 games. It can take a large rifle like SA80 and a pistol and all the accessories you can think off, or 2 smaller rifles (G36 and a smg) and a pistol and still have 2 large pouches for accessories Well built. these have good reviews all around. Price does not include shipping!


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    £70 + shipping Used twice on 3 hour games. Includes a bunch of mounting accessories, headband, roll-bar, cap mount, sticky/dashboard mounts, etc. Includes a 32GB card and a (I think) 4GB card Performs really well, but I don't play anymore, so it's going Price does not include shipping!


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    Never used, still boxed! These can whit-stand some shotgun blasts so Price does not include shipping!


  6. jplebre

    PTS 140 Round Mid Caps

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    - 4x PTS EPM 150 Rnd M4 M16 Mid Cap !NEVER USED! These are the standard ones, not the recoil ones! (It's the black ones on the picture, the hi caps are on another classified) Price does not include shipping!


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    These never skipped a beat. But I don't have M4/M16 rifles anymore. These are so good, they worked so well with my ICS's Price does not include shipping! It's the light gray ones on the picture, there's an add for the PTS


  8. Fixed most of my issues: Leaky mags: Open the mags and spray PTFD lubricant on every o-ring, screw and joint. Spray on valves and exercise them. You might have to repeat this once or twice on the valves. Bolt system releasing air, not shooting properly/ Bolt system leaking Bolt system valve getting stuck when shooting and emptying out all the mag: - You guessed it: PTFD lube on screws etc. Only thing I haven't fixed is the retainer valve (ie. where air flows from mag and then stays inside the actual bolt section (usually enough for 1-2 shots). So air escapes everytime I take mag out
  9. jplebre

    WE P90

    It started behaving really oddly. Leaking, single mode stopped working, started misfiring, etc. started a thread here: http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/30982-the-we-p90-ta2015-thread/?p=240185
  10. Ok, absolutely loved it. Took it to my first game and it behaved incredibly well, except: ... GroundZero has a "free for all" type of scenario at the end of the day. I went through about 4 mags full auto. Weird stuff started happening then: - The internals looked completely frozen; - The gun fires fine in single, but started misfeeding; - In single shot, sometimes the gun goes into full auto; - In full auto, it misfeeds like hell and sometimes keeps firing even after I let go of the trigger; - Inserting a mag, cocking the P90, and removing the mag causes the gas stored in the gun to blast out. - One of my 3 mags started leaking; Any ideas on how to start diagnosing this? I have done no modifications on the gun. I've fired about 3 magazines mixed single/full auto to bed in the weapon, then 4 mags during the afternoon in-game, then 4 mags on the crazy section of the game. Cheers J EDIT: all the RA-TECH parts arrived, although I'm confident the problem is in the gas routing part. Will give it a go tho.
  11. Hi Folks. Hope to start a thread that could become a source of knowledge for the TA2015. Will reserve this post to put bookmarks of posts in case people start sharing their experiences here. How to reduce the trigger pressure (untested): RA Release steel parts for upgrade (untested): More RA Tech stell parts Leaky Mags? The guys at airsoftzone.com were kind enough to look into my leaky mags for the TA2015. The parts with o-rings/seals needed good PTFE lubrication and for the screws to be retightened. They suggested this: http://www.wd40specialist.co.uk/the-specialist-range/high-performance-ptfe-lubricant/
  12. jplebre

    WE P90

    Is there a discussion post for these? Mods and issues? Can't search for we, p90, we p90 because of string parsing settings on the search box. I'm having a lot of issues w mine, if there isn't a forum i'd like to start a discussion about this (owners/techs/etc.)
  13. You can't go wrong, mate. They've been really really good. Best airsoft shop I know and probably one of the best shops of any type I've been in.
  14. Thanks for this, I'll add it to my list of retailers I might go with your suggestion or the asg short as they are really cheap. Or at least try them on in a game before lashing out £250 ish on a gas one. Some really nice info about CQB'ing with shotguns on this thread!
  15. Damn it, thank you for this!!! I wrongfully assumed all ASG would be trishot because of some earlier posts here and was looking at that. I'm "almost" tempted to go maruzen and get a shell catcher just because of the really small M1100 revision. I might instead save a bit more for a few months and go TM breacher
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