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  1. Chris_B

    For sale or swap (Mini Cooper S)

    Something fishy about this... Joined 16 hours ago and spent £12k on all your kit... Pffffft. If serious money is being asked for something such as that, you'd make the effort to describe exactly what's been done on them.
  2. Chris_B

    KSC/KWA M93R, what breaks?

    Currently replacing worn/ broken parts on my KSC M93RII... Here's the list; -Broken locking block & pin -Hop bucking, Cylinder & main piston seal (replacing due to servcing) -Mag fill valve & mag base seal (leaking) -Inner barrel guide pin (mashed up getting out) Total including shipping is about £40 to give the pistol a new lease of life. I think with any full auto pistol is just to keep it well cleaned & lubricated. Parts do fail with use. But I must say that the KSC/ KWA pistols are better made than WE as I've repaired alot if WE pistols.
  3. Chris_B

    Motor height screw disc

    Hi all, Having trouble locating a new motor height screw adjustment disc, can't find them anywhere. It's for a V3 AK & G36 motor frame. Disc size is about 9mm dia. and 1-2mm thick. The disc location sits between the bottom of the motor and the height adjustment screw for those who don't know. If anyone has any spare in their box of AEG bits, I'd kindly offer some money for it. Need 2 of. Thanks!
  4. Bevel gears have a look on AK2M4. He has the ZCI ones for £5.50 each.



    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    As per the title, in desperate need of 2 AEG bevel gears, ideally with hardened teeth.


  6. Chris_B

    SRC SR 92 A1 trigger link help needed

    The only thing to return the trigger & bar back to it's normal position is the trigger spring located on the trigger pivot pin itself. Where the trigger bar slots into the trigger, is the straight end of the spring slotted into the end of the trigger bar? This also stops the trigger bar coming out of the trigger.
  7. Chris_B

    SRC SR 92 A1 trigger link help needed

    The trigger bar spring sits on the top grip screw hole and the flat part of the spring goes into the underside of the trigger bar where there's a slot
  8. Chris_B

    JG G36 Hop Up

    I've had brand new RIF's with torn buckings straight out of the box. Worth disassembling it and checking/ replacing if necessary.
  9. Chris_B

    SRC SR 92 A1 trigger link help needed

    You have to screw the right hand side of the grip back on, take the left side off and slip the mag release button back in (longest part towards front of pistol) then put left side grip back on. Just noticed you don't have a trigger bar spring, are you missing one?
  10. Chris_B

    Tech work mat

    Hi all, Where can I get a rubber/ silicone tech work mat? All the ones I see on Amazon or eBay are more for phone repairs etc. Similar to the picture attached. Thanks for reading. Chris
  11. Chris_B

    New AEG not firing

    If you've bought it new from patrol base, send it back.
  12. Chris_B

    RIF Brands

    It's all down to reputation of the brand's. For instance, the Ares guns I have I think look aesthetically detailed and well designed & put together... There are some issues/ foreseeable problems with them from the factory which I have experienced, i.e. the gears are poorly shimmed, the micro switch burns out without a mosfet. But these are things that I've rectified & improved. By the by, the players on site can't see the work I've put into them, only when I surprised one of them when I was sighting it in and they were staggered by the range I got out of it.... Should be as I put a +£100 PDI barrel in her 😁
  13. Chris_B

    RIF Brands

    Ok so my Ares RIF's aren't bog standard... The L85 is cosmetically standard, but with some minor upgrades using Ares parts... full teeth piston, stainless cylinder head, wired for LiPo etc, nothing over the top. But compared to the ICS, I think the Ares L85 is solidly built... Ok it's more of a faf to get the gearbox out etc, but through my experience of working on it, it's actually quite well built. The point of this thread is to find out why sheeple have a stigma attached to some brands that they immediately condemn as a P.O.S.
  14. Chris_B

    RIF Brands

    So in the last few times I've been to a Sunday skirmish, I always get one or two people interested in my RIF's, asking what make/brand it is and how much it was... When I reply 'oh it's an Ares' they tend to give me a blank stare and go 'oh....' So the RIF's in particular I get questioned about are my H&K MG36 & L85A2, both by Ares... Some of the guys at the skirmish even ask 'is that a TM' and still get the same response when I tell them it's an Ares Is Ares a really bad brand or something? I get dirty looks for not owning a TM or ICS... Thoughts?
  15. Chris_B

    SA80 rail wobble

    On the real steel, the A3 upgraded top receiver is welded along the rail. It's a rubbish design even on the real deal...