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  1. Time Left: 1 day and 21 hours

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    For sale I have an L85A2 upper receiver to fit the Ares brand AEG's I bought this upper receiver from WarGameGear HK brand new this year & had the 'HK A2' custom CNC engraving done locally. Includes: Stamped metal upper receiver shell, rubber cheek rest, dust cover, 19mm rail, bolt cover + return spring & charging handle. Asking for £85 all in, but that reflects the cost of the time & effort to source the upper receiver & engrave it. Upper receiver is brand spanking new, I have only fitted it to my Ares L85 to check fitment. It has not been skirmished. A nice little realism to add to your AEG! Note: This is an Ares brand part, I cannot guarantee if this fits the ICS L85's as I do not own one.

    70.00 GBP

  2. Chris_B

    WE P228/229 Green Gas magazines x2

    Time Left: 1 day and 19 hours

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    WE P228/229 green gas magazines x2 Just replaced the base O-ring on one and fill valve on the other, both are now like new and gas tight. Cosmetically both are decent condition with just a few loading/ unloading marks. Gas route rubbers are in really good condition, as so are the feed lips. Plastic base in really good condition too.

    28.00 GBP

  3. Time Left: 1 day and 19 hours

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    Brand new unopened Maple Leaf Macaron 60degree harness AEG bucking. Currently have X2 of these for sale.

    9.50 GBP

  4. Time Left: 1 day and 19 hours

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    Bought by mistake. Brand new For older wider hop arms

    5.00 GBP

  5. Time Left: 1 day and 19 hours

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    Bought by mistake, brand new To fit TM M9A1, 114.4mm length, 6.00mm bore diameter.

    20.00 GBP

  6. Time Left: 1 day and 19 hours

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    Bought by mistake, brand new To fit TM air nozzles/ cylinders of 13mm diameter. Contents include; aluminium piston head, O-ring & tapered screw.

    15.00 GBP

  7. Chris_B

    Transporting Pyros

    Wanted to ask some of the grenade guru's out there about carrying pyrotechnics in the boot of yer car to games.... Am I right in assuming that this law comes under ADR legislation of carrying 'dangerous goods' in ones vehicle. I have some knowledge on this matter as I work on a UK firing range, and all hazardous goods transported must be clearly labeled with the conventional orange hazard division diamond, so one would assume that flashbangs, impact grenades, fused grenades are labelled as 1.4 (hazard type 1 = explosives, hazard division 4 = no significant hazard). Would I have to display clearly on my vehicle the appropriate hazard label? I know the quantity of these low order explosives are tiny, and I think anything under a certain weight (NEQ) exempts these from ADR rules, but if I was driving next to someone on the motorway or whatever, I'd like to know what type of hazard they are carrying. This post is probably over the top a bit, and I'm not talking like carrying pallet loads of Pyros, probably more like under 10 items of various Pyros. Please share your thoughts or expertise with me as I want to do the right thing when carrying these to games. Thanks in advance, Chris
  8. Chris_B

    WE M9A1 for WE G17 or G18c

    Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

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    As per title, I have a WE M9A1 with a KJW & WE magazines. Both mags are definitely leak free, I can guarantee that. The M9 itself has almost been completely rebuilt using original WE parts. Bought the pistol last year broken. Wouldn't fire in semi or auto. The parts replaced to make like new again are; Pistol: Hammer frame Valve knocker Sear & spring Hammer spring Fire selector Piston lid Grips Hop rubber Hop arm Magazines: Gas route rubbers Base O-rings Fill valves And an exhaust valve It's a full auto version (fires semi too) and it fires at a nice velocity of 345fps last checked (Jan 18') but it's been sitting in its carry case I made for it ever since. I haven't skirmished it myself since I've fixed it and I keep the mags gassed up inside a warm house. Looking to swap for the Glocks as mentioned above with a few mags at least. Contact me on PM for further details Chris

    100.00 GBP

  9. Chris_B

    Still waiting for my UKARA number

    It literally takes 5 mins to enter your details onto the database and generate your UKARA ID number. As Newsh said, it can take a while when left for them to do it, I took my documents to RoE in Hadleigh and they did it there and then. Could pop into the shop and pressure them to do it?
  10. Chris_B

    We m9a1 gen2 slide not returning

    I had the same issue on my WE M9, the fire selector arm was broken. Take your slide off, turn it upside down, and move your fire selector into its various positions (back and forth) and look for the small plunger move in and out in the grove of the slide.
  11. Chris_B

    Joule Creep

    I made my own graph on the joule creep. I know there's loads already done out there, but it's a way of learning it by creating your own I guess. I only used 4 variants of BB weights for my graph, but you can visually see the gaps between each weight, which is the variation in energy applied to achieve the same velocity to the BB weight below it. To understand it better, you chrono your gas gun on 0.20g to get 350fps (for instance, I know it's not a target), great! Your gun is legal on 0.20g as you get 1.1381J, but then you switch to your preferred playing weight of BB. You then chrono it again, and your velocity is higher than what the table says for your weight, to which is shown in the BB weight column in the attached table. So in reality, you should chrono on your playing weight, refer to the chart and then adjust your gas valve or whatever to achieve that velocity which will tie up with the energy value, this takes the error out, as the gas expands when using green gas, propane, HPA, etc. as opposed to mechanically compressed inert gas (air). I'm still learning about gas guns, so please, any information I have divulged incorrectly, please put me right (in a nice way 😁)
  12. Chris_B

    AEG magazine feeding problem

    Can't you build it up with some JB weld and make it smooth?
  13. Chris_B

    ICS L85 has low and inconsistent FPS

    Silly question, but have you checked your air nozzle & tappet plate? Not familiar with the ICS L85 (I own the Ares version) but can you see the air nozzle reciprocating in & out of the hop chamber when you dry fire (I know dry firing is bad for the AEG btw). And are you able to push the nozzle back into the gearbox and does it return under its spring tension? (The nozzle has to be in it's forward firing position, i.e. piston released). C.
  14. Chris_B

    Wii Tech G36 metal hop-up unit *price reduced"

    Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump
  15. Chris_B

    TM M9A1 valve knockers

    Bump it up!