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  1. Best suggestions for a sub £100 pistol. Preferably suitable for winter too and maybe an extra mag. Thinking the asg mk23. Any other good suggestions ?

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    2. Asomodai


      Go with a CYMA AEP with a Lipo mod. Works all year around with no faffing around with C02 unreliability. MK23 is a good choice for woodland but you wont be able to fire it particularly fast in close combat due to the long trigger pull. At least with the AEP you'll have full auto if you need it. 

    3. PT247


      as Asomodai stated, it is a slow firing gun. If you are indoors cool down won't really be as bad in winter as outdoors so a GBB may be viable. If on a budget have you considered the cost of mags and gas? 

    4. ghostwalker


      I have picked up the asg mk23 with an extra mag to use for woodland. Also replaced the nozzle on my ics ble xae as I think it’s what was causing issues and plan to use that for cqb. 

      Roll on Sunday. Airsoft in a theme park with 200+ players and a death train armed with a mini gun 

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