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    G&G CM16 Carbine (In process of upgrading)

    G&G C02 Extreme .45 (On the way :DDDDD)
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    EAG Epsom Tunnels
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    Looking to spread my wings when I can get transport!
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  1. Are car shares a thing on this site? My mate has cancelled on me for Epsom, so I can't get a lift. Wondering if theres a section for it or something, I can't seem to find it.
  2. So I've been airsofting a couple of times now by myself, but I really want to get into a squad/team, and since none of my friends play I can't 'make' one. I'm just wondering if theres any teams in the West Sussex area looking for new players?
  3. Just want to see if theres any other football crazy lads on these forums! Oh, and... ARSENAL FC, FA CUP CHAMPIONS!
  4. I don't think that gun is suitable for Skirmishing. I posted here a few months ago, aksing about the exact gun and every response was telling me to stay clear. I got the G&G CM16, has been excellent thus far.
  5. Still learning, still a noob.. What is a PEQ Box? Well, googled obviously. What does it do rather? All I see is laser pointers?
  6. So I've got the G&G CM16 Carbine (M4). I did originally want the Raider version but was out of stock at ZeroOne and everywhere else seemed a little to expensive, plus the carbine has 'slightly' higher FPS. So my only negative so far is the handguard.. I want a rail system handguard, but one that can fit 9.6.v nunchuck batteries, not going to attempt to wire to the stock, either. Can anyone reccomend a decent handguard for me? I don't want to be paying upwards of £20-25 either preferably. All help is appreciated, tah!
  7. A decent pair of grafters boots is my next purchase. WIll look into some quality knee pads though, cheers for the suggestion!
  8. I can't stand the fog on my lenses, it's just too annoying :c
  9. Thanks for all the positive feedback fellas!
  10. I've got another 9.6 and 2 Metal mags on the way! A pair of boots will be my next purchase, probably a nice pair of black grafters
  11. Let me know what you think, and if possible, show me YOUR first ever loadout! I know this is nothing special, just some gear picked up on Ebay. The gun is G&G CM16 Carbine, from Zero One.
  12. Just a quick question, as of late, how dark REALLY are the tunnels? Is a torch an absolute must, or will it just give away my position alot?
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