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  1. The suggestion was just a catalyst. I went read some reviews and found somewhere I could hold it and it turned out it was exactly what I was after the quick spring change was a nice bonus.
  2. OK I have decided to go with the Scorpion Evo. It means I can then upgrade my M4 and not worry about the FPS. Thanks for the advice.
  3. FPS is way too high for my site
  4. now the Scorpion EVO does look interesting
  5. I like MP5's but half the people seem to have them.
  6. I am looking for something less M4ish
  7. Why Gas I though Gas was not great in the cold weather in the UK?
  8. Hello, I have been playing a lot of CQB recently (TheMall) and was thinking of getting a weapon for this specific purpose. I have been using my LonexM4 but it is a bit clumsy in confined spaces. Budget is not a massive issue Something light For CQB only Short So far I have narrowed it down to the following AEG's TM MP7A1 TM P90 TM MP5 TM G3 SAS At the moment i am leaning towards the MP7 or the P90, a lot of people seem to have a MP5. Was wondering what peoples thoughts were? If I got a MP7 I would probably get a blank firing grenade as well as it is a lot cheaper than the others. Thanks Daniel
  9. Hello, Just thought I would feedback what I actually bought. I ended up buying a BO Combat LT595 CQB (M4) as after trying it decide I liked they way it felt and that it accepted all accessories and is easily upgraded. I also on whim bought a KJWORKS KP01-E2 (P226) as I liked the way it felt. A friend of mine gave me his old Osprey MK4 vest so I am going to have to buy a L85 in the future. Thanks for your advice. Daniel
  10. I appreciate all the advice but I can't work out whether the post has helped me or just given me more variables to consider . was just wandering what's the range like on the cm16?
  11. maybe the G&G is the best option as my first gun so I can fiddle and make mistakes. Sounds like the L85 might be a good second gun.
  12. Currently I have DPM and I am leaning towards the L85 or the G&G CM16, I think the answer is I need to go to the shop and have a play. Whatever I get there will certainly be tinkering involved.
  13. It probably would bother me to have the same gun as everyone else, but I guess it would leave me money to customise...
  14. Hello everyone this is my first post so be gentle. I have just got into Airsoft and played my first 5 games. I am now going through the process of trying to decide on my first gun purchase. The sheer choice and conflicting recommendations have really set my head spinning. After my first round of research I have come up with the following list. Just as a note I tend to over research everything and dig too deep into technical specs, perils of my job as a technical architect. ICS L85 A2 TM G36c or G36K G&G CM16 I appreciate there is a range of prices. For some background I mainly play on a open wood site only a few close quarter areas (Absolute airsoft reading mainly) As a more senior man (not old) money is not really the issue but I don't want to spend a fortune just for the sake of it. Thanks Daniel
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