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Hi guys,


My name is Ossie and I'm 14. I'm relatively new to all the airsofting stuff and haven't got a gun yet or been on a skirmish. Straight off the bat, you may be thinking to yourself "Oh, he's just another kid who's interested in using guns to make him look cool and gets all of his information off of CoD and other video games." and while, I admit that I do play the occasional video game that I do my research on airsoft firearms as they are more dangerous than video games. I would like to have an airsoft gun as a few of my mates are getting into it and I'm actually thinking of a military career myself. I have read up on the laws related to all of this and understand it fully, but I'm not UKARA registered ATM.


Thanks to the brilliant articles that people have taken time out to write on this forum I have decided that the best starter gun for me is an M4, however, that is where this whole process goes downhill for me...


So I would like to ask the kind people here for a favour: Could someone find me an M4 which:


-Is relatively cheap (arond £200 is my limit)

-Is not made of plastic (i.e. something that will last a good while)

-Is an AEG

-Can accept a wide range of optics such as a basic red dot or EoTech holographic sight and perhaps an ACOG once I've saved up enough.

-Has wide parts availablity.


I know this will take a lot of time for someone to research for me but TBH to me, it's all 6s and 7s! Hopefully I can use the info that someone passes me here to help another beginner in the future and the cycle will continue!


Kindest Regards,



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I like you a lot more than the average 14 year old already.


Just a note on the VCRA though; you need to be eighteen in order to get your UKARA, so you're looking at your parents having to get you a two-tone/clear bodied gun at present (I know you said you understood it fully, but you only mentioned UKARA, not age, and as the forums' legal go-to guy, I like to make sure :))


Ideally though, to meet your requirements, you want a G&G Combat Machine, a CA Sportsline, ICS Sportlines or KWA gun (each brand does some M4 variants that meet most of your requirements). Some are available in two-tone, others will need to be sprayed by the retailer before they send them to you. You'll find though that most two-tones are plastic bodied. If you want metal, you'll probably have to get it sprayed.


Check out the following websites;






They all stock at least one of the different types of M4 I mentioned above.


Hope that helps.


Welcome to the forums.

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What can I say?


What a friendly and supportive group of people you are :D


Great info, yes I know about 2 tones I forgot to mention it though :o


Once again cheers guys, expect me to be posting more foolish questions as I go along :D




Ta-da! I think I've found one here: http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/KWA-M4-CQB-...ne_AS84Z.aspx?0 its a tad over my price range but I can save up!

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Supposedly a very good series of guns. Some people love them, others hate them. I see no problem, at the end of the day, almost any aeg can mess up, and these are supposed to be able to take some decent abuse.

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It's also out of stock :lol:

They ARE fantastic weapons if you can find one in stock though.


also, Have you ever held an M4 before? May be worth trying one out first, also, where do you want your batteries to go? in the front or in the stock?

Do you want rails for vert grips/lasers/torches?


are batteries included in your price range?


there is a LOT to think about there, picking the right first gun can be a PITA but if you get the right one you will love it, wrong one and you are going to find airsoft less fun than it really is.


Oh, and welcome to both the forums and airsoft in general :D

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