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  1. Welcome fella. I'm in Hartlepool.
  2. It's the connector used on the battery/gun. Deans are generally better quality than the standard Tamiya connections most AEGs come with.
  3. They do use the same cylinder; I've got both. (And can cause problems; see below) In all honesty; there's not really any point in going for a long inner barrel. I've put PDI 6.05s in both (A 205 and a 395mm for the Shorty and carbine respectively) and there's no noticeable difference between the two; so unless you just want the aesthetics I wouldn't bother going for an extended inner barrel. Re; the cylinders, they come with a full length (i.e. non-ported) cylinder which caused me problems with the FPS variance: As stock, The shorty would chrono at 320ish with no hop on a .20, but once I set it to a level suitable for .28s it jumped massively to 370+, whilst the carbine version had the opposite problem; with an M100 installed it would chrono around 330 with no hop, but once set would drop to around 270/280. (Both with .2s) Putting in an M4 sized cylinder in both helped remedy this, with a much smaller variance between no hop and having it set for my desired BB weight; and both dropping with increased hop as normal. Not sure if they're all affected in that way, but that's something to be aware of. As for upgrades; it uses its own hop unit, so changing the chamber is a no-go currently. It also has its own built-in hop nub, so would need modifying to change that; only the bucking can be changed as standard. I've had good results with both G&G Greens and PDI W-Hold buckings.
  4. Howdy. I'm down the road in Teesside! You've got plenty of sites in the area; albeit of varying quality! You can check them out here
  5. Make: Any Item: v2 gearbox Desired Condition: good Swaps/Part Exchange: no Budget: Around £30 As it says, i'm looking for a metal V2 gearbox for a Classic Army M4. Needs to be between 300 and 350fps and whilst i'm not looking for anything high-end, it needs to be in reasonably good working condition; can be front or rear wired. Based in the North east ideally, but not essential. Thanks!
  6. Same question as above
  7. Yeah, they're fine. One of, if not the biggest organisers of sites in the UK. What part are you after?
  8. Grey Shop is probably your best bet.
  9. Spent most of yesterday kitting up for shooting today, and it ended up having to be cancelled due to low numbers. Yay. :(

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    2. AshOnSnow


      It's a fairly large site - old abandoned WW2 RAF training ground. It's got 5 main areas of contact between the two teams, so at 120, that's 60 on each team, split across the 5 areas which takes it down to 12 per squad, minus 4 on each who are doddling back to respawn, so each little concentrated battle only becomes 8 on 8 (give or take, the Grasslands area usually has a little more as it's a larger space).


      Parking is tricky though!

    3. Hudson


      What site is it?

    4. AshOnSnow


      Coms Site 3

  10. But you still have to be over 18 to purchase an air back to square one?
  11. It depends on his situation. An air rifle will obviously be louder, which could disturb neighbours, and if his garden backs onto someone else's; greater possibility of someone getting injured. A BB gun would suffice; for starters.
  12. As an under 18, you can't legally purchase any Imitation firearm. If it's just for backyard shooting, your best bet is to have a parent buy you one for your Birthday or Christmas. Just make sure you follow all the usual safety rules after that.
  13. I'll take it. Message incoming.
  14. 310 is more than sufficient; that's what I run on many of my AEGs. FPS isn't everything. Just use decent, heavier ammo, a good quality barrel & bucking and you'll be fine.
  15. And it was...what?