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  1. Grey Shop is probably your best bet.
  2. Spent most of yesterday kitting up for shooting today, and it ended up having to be cancelled due to low numbers. Yay. :(

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    2. AshOnSnow


      It's a fairly large site - old abandoned WW2 RAF training ground. It's got 5 main areas of contact between the two teams, so at 120, that's 60 on each team, split across the 5 areas which takes it down to 12 per squad, minus 4 on each who are doddling back to respawn, so each little concentrated battle only becomes 8 on 8 (give or take, the Grasslands area usually has a little more as it's a larger space).


      Parking is tricky though!

    3. Hudson


      What site is it?

    4. AshOnSnow


      Coms Site 3

  3. But you still have to be over 18 to purchase an air back to square one?
  4. It depends on his situation. An air rifle will obviously be louder, which could disturb neighbours, and if his garden backs onto someone else's; greater possibility of someone getting injured. A BB gun would suffice; for starters.
  5. As an under 18, you can't legally purchase any Imitation firearm. If it's just for backyard shooting, your best bet is to have a parent buy you one for your Birthday or Christmas. Just make sure you follow all the usual safety rules after that.
  6. I'll take it. Message incoming.
  7. 310 is more than sufficient; that's what I run on many of my AEGs. FPS isn't everything. Just use decent, heavier ammo, a good quality barrel & bucking and you'll be fine.
  8. And it was...what?
  9. Hi there, I'm over in Hartlepool; so not too far! You've got a few sites in the area: NTAC at Leasingthorne and Pittington Dirty Dog at Shildon Beacon 155 just outside Sunderland NSC up past Newcastle No Limits in Gateshead Northern Alliance down towards Ripon And Stealth Woods near Otley.
  10. Yes, just swap out the cylinder for a spring one & you'll be good. It's VSR compatible.
  11. Ah right. Well if it's a private STAG do; then not much of my post really applies; it'll depend on the friends with whom you're going more than anything. With not having been to one, I won't be able to say what they're like I'm afraid! Have fun!
  12. First and only are probably the UK's largest chain of airsoft sites, with venues all over the country. Otley is my regular site, and I recommend it. It's about 40 acres, so not huge, but more than enough for the number of players there. Good terrain of mixed, natural rolling woodland and open areas with very little of the nasty paintball style feel to it a lot of sites have. Friendly staff running it as a welcoming club-style atmosphere and honest regulars. Recommend it, for definite! What date are you going? Might see you there!
  13. Despite all the slagging they get; I honestly can't fault OnlyBBguns for this order.

    Lone UK stockist (that I could find) Over 20% less than the usuall RRP, free delivery & arrived the day after it was posted.

    Still feel a bit dirty though! :lol:

    1. Albiscuit


      It is deserved..  BUT if your after something and they are cheaper then why not!! I tend to stay away from a couple of shops for previous customer service issues, employment issues and ethical reasons, until its going to affect my wallet and place an order.. But your right does make me feel dirty B)

    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      They are the better of 3 x well known BB shop muppets

      still a bit mickey mouse but like you say if you know what you want and they have it then it is worth a look.

      Most of their stuff is 2-tone as they mainly sell to newcomers

      but even then bought a few bits off them in the past and all good

      even a 2-tone non blowback m92 wasn't bad for £30 - 10% discount delivered.

      Despite the newbie beginner shop - good to support some local shops now n then I guess


      wouldn't catch me recommending JBBG

      highly highly unlikely to suggest BBGuns4Less

      But Only - aka iwholesales - same addy are ok out of the 3


      glad you got it sorted

  14. Dear Lord I can't believe I'm even considering it...but how are OnlyBBguns for delivery?

    I know; I wouldn't even think about using them normally; but they're the only place I can find what I'm after in stock, and the item itself is actually a decent product; is it worth it, or are they con-artists?

    Now excuse me whilst I shower the filth away.

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    2. Max2000


      I am ordering G&G 0.25g BBS from them for a decent (the lowest) price I can find! (Ordering 5 bags) I think the postage is free and takes 3-4 days.

    3. Max2000


      Sitting Duck thanks a lot!!! The discount code works!

    4. Hudson


      Yep, worked for me too!

      One VZ58 RIS kit ordered!
      £58.49 delivered, as opposed to the £80 everywhere else has it advertised for! (Assuming they even have them in stock).

      Thanks very much, Mister Duck!

  15. I've used green/propane for the last ten years in TM pistols without problem.