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  1. Dear Lord I can't believe I'm even considering it...but how are OnlyBBguns for delivery?

    I know; I wouldn't even think about using them normally; but they're the only place I can find what I'm after in stock, and the item itself is actually a decent product; is it worth it, or are they con-artists?

    Now excuse me whilst I shower the filth away.

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    2. Max2000


      I am ordering G&G 0.25g BBS from them for a decent (the lowest) price I can find! (Ordering 5 bags) I think the postage is free and takes 3-4 days.

    3. Max2000


      Sitting Duck thanks a lot!!! The discount code works!

    4. Hudson


      Yep, worked for me too!

      One VZ58 RIS kit ordered!
      £58.49 delivered, as opposed to the £80 everywhere else has it advertised for! (Assuming they even have them in stock).

      Thanks very much, Mister Duck!

  2. I've used green/propane for the last ten years in TM pistols without problem.
  3. I'm not sure if anyone stocks them on their own. However, Ares is supposedly good for supplying spare parts if you contact them directly. Failing that, give OPs-7 in Sheffield a bell and ask for Sam; I've spoken to him in the past and he said they *might* be able to sort them; though I think they just contact Ares and get them off them; so speaking directly to them might be as easy.
  4. Japan to UK: < 36 hours 
    Halfway across England: Several days & counting. Yaaaay parcel force!

  5. East Yorkshire raised here, but now up in Teesside. I skirmish down at F&O Stealth Woods; near Otley. Definitely worth a trip out if you're into woodland!
  6. The Northern Shooting show in May has a dedicated airsoft area with retailers, practical pistol and a miniature arena.
  7. I believe Maruzen used to make an NBB M4506; not sure if they made a shorter version, but it could be worth looking into? More details would be useful: How old is it? Is it metal or Plastic etc. ?
  8. Seriously...?
  9. What brand?
  10. Their website is best taken with a pinch of salt, I've found.
  11. Airber?
  12. I've tried L96 hop units in mine, but they don't fit as standard. They're ever so slightly different in size & dimensions, because of the different mags. They could maybe be modified to fit; but they won't go in as-is.
  13. Parts aren't so easy to find nowadays; especially replacement hop units! I've got one myself and it's just a ball-ache. If you can find the laylax or classic army hop unit, that's a good place to start. However, I've got the laylax unit & no matter what I do, it won't go over about 400fps; whatever spring I put in!
  14. Tell me about it. There's a few online stores in the area; but it's not the same as having an actual bricks & mortar you can walk into. Still; probably for the best, else I'd always be broke!
  15. There used to be the NTAC store; but the opening hours were somewhat...erratic. I think it might be re-opening once they start their new site, but not 100% sure.