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  1. Specna arms M4 bundle. Ready to skirmish.

    Bump. Split the deal as had an offer from a chap on here but he messed around eventually going silent before payment. During that time the chest rig with m4 pouches sold, as did the sling and face pro. As such price reduction to £300 shipped inc. PayPal fees, or £280 collected from Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire. Pics included to show what’s left. As always, any questions please PM, please don’t reply to the topic as I can’t reply to you directly on here and we move to PM anyway.
  2. Specna arms M4 bundle. Ready to skirmish.

    Bump. Just some FAQs: -all in so includes PayPal fees and shipping. -viewing/testing welcome, based in Mablethorpe. -Serious offers considered. -will now split, but only if rifle goes first. cheers
  3. Specna arms M4 bundle. Ready to skirmish.

  4. Make: specna arms Gun/Model: M4 Accessories: 5 flash mags (2x Lonex, 3x Nuprol), 9.6 NiMh battery, Battery charger (Bulldog Smart charger), MilTec multicam sling, Condor chest rig with pouches (TAS M4 & small utility pouch), red dot ACOG, replica with trades KAC foregrip, HFC hard case, OneTigris face mask, Bolle contour eye pro. Condition: Good, couple of little marks on the M4, chest rig and pouches pretty much new, mags have a few marks from use. FPS: 328 FPS Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: NNN Price/Payment: £350 all in Pictures: hopefully attached. Im hoping to sell this lot as one lot. Change in Rotas means I won’t get to play as much as I’d like and means this is by and large a wasted investment for me. The rifle shoots well, pretty good trigger response despite lack of MOSFET, I’ve been using .25’s which seem to be the best compromise of range, accuracy, and speed of flight for the weapon. All functions work on the rifle such as the bolt release and hold open, cycles and feeds well, no funny business switching between semi and auto. The cost of everything except the rifle was in excess of £250 and I’m asking £350 including shipping and fees with the M4, so this is a great starter or second loadout bundle. Any questions please PM. Shipping will be via tracked courier. Thanks for looking.
  5. Am I done with airsoft

    I think it happens to nearly all hobbies at one time and another. Last year I was getting a little bored, and used a proposal to get out of the sport. Now I'm back and enjoying it. Had the same with target shooting, flogged the .22 but kept the ticket, now changed to full bore and loving it. I am am careful though not to fall into a routine with any hobby, if I fancy it that day I'll do it, if not I'll find something else to do. There's no harm having a couple of months off or even longer, then like the others say, try a new pew pew or site, or play style, whatever. End of the day you're there to have fun, when it becomes a chore you need to stop for a bit and try again later. Btw, airsoft specifically - I have stopped about 5 times since I was 16, now 23. Breaks been anywhere from 2 months to a year. Just don't do what I did and flog all your stuff each time. It really hurts when you look in your ebay purchase history lol.
  6. minisam92

    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): YES!Any other comments: Quick communications, struck a deal and item honestly described. Was flexible on collecting the RIF, even through in some mags for me. No problems testing the gun at his house.