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  1. @Cr0-Magnon PM inbound re: Guarder frame. Yeah, I know I’ll never get back what I put into it. When I did the 226’s I was using them as primaries during CQB and they had a lot of use so didn’t mind when it came to selling them on. The glock was a spur of the moment decision I made for something to do, not something to do out of profit, but loosing £200ish very quickly I can’t do. Might sell my KSC’s off and run this now. Cheers bud.
  2. No, not my 1st TM to Guarder and got the slide moving like glass on the chassis. Sanded both rails and slots on the slide up to 3000, sits and slides lovely, cycles flawlessly. Done a couple of full 226’s and a 1911 in the past so learned the hard way 😉. 150% recoil as stated, as a very recent G17 (shipped with G4 ambidextrous mag) I was under the impression the hammer spring was adequate, and have found it to be so whilst using propane. I’ll have a look at the hop unit and see about moving things about, seems to be functioning but if it’ll perform better in the TM body, it’s certainly worth a shout. Unfortunately Guarder frames in the U.K. are rocking horse 💩 right now, and nothing is leaving China for a while according to most of the retailers I use. Thanks for the advice, looks like I’ll be keeping it then and having a play with the hop tomorrow.
  3. Make/brand: Tokyo Marui G17 Any accessories included: -Guarder Aluminium Slide -Guarder Steel outer barrel -Guarder frame serial tag/frame safety delete -RA-Tech 150% Recoil Spring and steel recoil rod -Mapleleaf Crazyjet inner barrel -Mapleleaf Hop up unit -Mapleleaf Autobot 50* hop rubber -9Ball has route seal (1 installed +3 for extra mags) -Guns Modify steel trigger bar -Original TM night Sights -Original TM parts that were replaced (Except stock slide) This was a lockdown project for me, usually run KSC based Glocks. Just wanted a tinker really, I know what the build cost me to do, just trying to get a value really to see if it’s worth selling on or keeping as a wall hanger/occasional run and gun for pistol CQB matches. The base G17 shot 3 mags off to test function, then once completed this build has fired another 3 magazines worth, again to ensure correct functioning. What would you guys & gals expect it to go for? Thanks 😊 Pictures: hopefully attached.
  4. You’re saying collection required, but from where dude?
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    KSC GLOCK 19, comes with 2 Glock 19 mags and a Glock 17 magazine, spare outer barrel, spare backplate, hip adjustment tool, if collected from Mablethorpe I’ll throw in some gas and BBs. If posted, I can’t really include the gas as it can’t be posted by private customers. Also included is a Genuine BLACKHAWK! CQC holster with belt mount and spare, and a genuine BLACKHAWK! double mag pouch, again belt mounted. The pistol functions perfectly, it loves the .25 weight BBs, there is some slight holster wear on the left side of the metal slide (pictured). Other than that this is a lovely fun, this one has the trades on the slide. All mags are gas tight and have been stored between games with high silicone content 134a maintenance gas. The spare barrel I bought with a view to polishing it and getting a design water transferred onto the backplate but it never happened. New RRP’s: KSC G19 - £140->£150 G19/G17 mags if you can find them in stock - £31.95 each Holster - £28 Mag pouch - £15 Spares- £? If posted the pistol will be sent via courier, fully tracked and insured. The fill valves will be unscrewed from all 3 magazines so they will no longer be pressurised containers. Just dab some silicone oil on them and screw them back in on receipt. May consider part ex for decent (Kobe, MAC, Chicago tool) air tools (1/4 BSP preferred). Any questions please ask. Thanks for looking.


    - GB

  6. To echo what Gepard said, low post count at the moment doesn't really count for much. I have a low post count, and a new member, however I was on zeroin from 2011 I think, with high post count and like 200ish 100%+ve feedback. I find the main giveaway is: U still got dat cool gat bruv? - £20 quid yeah. (Especially in the school holidays and around Christmas time).
  7. To be honest mate, I would feel really uncomfortable giving out any details other than name and number before payment, and afterwards the only additional info would be address. At no point would I disclose license or passport details, especially photocopies for a private sale.
  8. I think it happens to nearly all hobbies at one time and another. Last year I was getting a little bored, and used a proposal to get out of the sport. Now I'm back and enjoying it. Had the same with target shooting, flogged the .22 but kept the ticket, now changed to full bore and loving it. I am am careful though not to fall into a routine with any hobby, if I fancy it that day I'll do it, if not I'll find something else to do. There's no harm having a couple of months off or even longer, then like the others say, try a new pew pew or site, or play style, whatever. End of the day you're there to have fun, when it becomes a chore you need to stop for a bit and try again later. Btw, airsoft specifically - I have stopped about 5 times since I was 16, now 23. Breaks been anywhere from 2 months to a year. Just don't do what I did and flog all your stuff each time. It really hurts when you look in your ebay purchase history lol.
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