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    My RIF didn't come with one, so I'm after one if anybody has any lying around. Preferably 250mm or more. Happy to pay postage and a reasonable price.


  2. Empty box for a tenner? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/G-G-ARMAMENT-FULL-AIRSOFT-GUN-M4-BOX-CARRY-CASE-CASING-TRAVEL-TOP-FIVE-ENG/324280256265?hash=item4b809c0709:g:5JkAAOSwwgRfTmZ1
  3. Nice one, just ordered some through them. Discount code REGLAZE10 gets 10% off as well. 👍
  4. So this is the solution I went with if anyone is interested. £12.95 from Amazon, and seems pretty okay with a nice layer of firm padding. I'm pointing to where the pacemaker is located in the second picture.
  5. You should have got a parts diagram with the pistol that should give you some idea. To me it looks like a simple philips screw inside, take out the silver arm, and it should come off. Looks like a spring and ball-bearing in there as well, so just be careful they don't ping-fuckit into oblivion.
  6. The USB connector has some LED's in the plug, so it's red and flashing green for charging, and just fully green for fully charged. I guess the thing cuts out when charged. The documentation advises a charger plug rating of 1-2A, and to use the charging cable until the LED's tell you to stop. Charging time is supposed to be one hour. I have another charger bank that's rated at 2A, and the phone charger plug I'm using is rated at 1A. I'll try the lower output bank first. Seems a good solution for field charging from a bank. I may look at the S65 charger, seems a good choice. I just wa
  7. Sorry, completely new so still learning. The gun battery is a 680mAh Lipo at 7.4V, so will this not last a day? Can you not charge them between games if I bring a charger, or are there no power points available at most sites? The power bank I have puts out 4.5A at 5v, regular USB so assuming this will be enough, or will it be too much? Don't want to break the battery just as I've got it. 🙂 Was after the name of the actual connector type so I can get a suitable adaptor cable if I get a third-party charger.
  8. New player. Just bought a factory CM.126 mosfet edition from PatrolBase to start off with but it came without any BB's, and just a USB charger for charging. so some questions: 1. Instructions say to plug it into any standard USB phone charger plug and it's good to go, so I did this to charge it, but can I also use a phone power bank to charge it on the go as well? 2. Is this USB charger okay to use long-term, or should I get a proper Lipo charger? 3. What type of connector is this? 4. Are my bb's missing because perhaps you can't ship ammo and the gun together in the UK, o
  9. Good point. I'll buddy up with my brother as he knows the score. To be fair, even if it does fail it's probably not going to effect me immediately and cause a medical emergency. I was thinking something more discrete. 😄
  10. It's an intermittent right sided AV block. I also have a stent 🙂. I have some professional experience of cardiology, but the EP / Tachycardia side rather than the devices / angiography stuff, so your advice is appreciated. I'll take it easy for sure, just want to be out and about doing something enjoyable. Thanks for that. I've been looking round and found some dedicated sports orientated stuff to protect that area (Paceguard and Vital Beat), which are just really shirts with a pocket for removable padding, but it's all expensive and is designed to fit only over the s
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys. I have a younger brother who used to play so will ask him to buddy up the first time. I have the pacemaker on the left side, and am left handed, but luckily fire right sided so shouldn't be an issue. I'm in Swindon. I kind of feel like I will be the a**hole guy at the back, walking around and sneaking kills. 😉 It seems the best route is don't ask don't tell, then any issues are my own.
  12. Is there any restriction at UK sites with having a pacemaker fitted and playing? Just want to try it out, but don't want to book and waste time & money if they won't let me play, and details of individual sites health requirements seem very light on the ground. Do they ask you to sign a medical form or anything similar? The only thing I can find online is this one German site which restricts access, but nothing in the UK. https://airsoftpark.tirol/en/rules/safety I plan to wear some kind of protective vest if I do play, but want to know if they'll let me in even without vest. Th
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