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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Brand new outer barrel removed from a new SSG10 before use so I could fit a shorter barrel. Untouched and in as new condition. Will fit any SSG10 A1, A2, or A3. £23 delivered to the UK. If other locations required then please contact me first. Pickup from Swindon also available for £3 less. If paying by Paypal then buyer pays any fees.


    - GB

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    2021 SSX23. Purchased in January and has had very light use, probably had a max of 500 rounds through it. Comes with TDC and lower rail fitted. Everything is completely standard, and it shoots 0.43 bb's around 1 Joule on red gas (see chrono chart in pics). Comes with case, gun, mag, instructions, and mag loader tool. Delivery would be £10 recorded, or pickup from Swindon possible.


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    Brand new short outer barrel sent to me by Novritsch as a replacement for a damaged one. I'm keeping the damaged one as it's purely cosmetic and will be painted, so this is for sale. Never fitted so in as new condition. Will fit any SSG10 A1, A2, or A3. £25 delivered to the UK. If other locations required then please contact me first. Pickup from Swindon also available for £5 less. If paying by Paypal then buyer pays any fees.


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    VSR 10 Zero Resistance Maple Leaf Spring Guide. Made from CNC Aluminium. Designed for The TM VSR-10 Platform. Incorporates a ball bearing spring base for frictionless operation. Bought from HK to fit to an SSG10 but it's not compatible, so is brand new and unused. Price includes delivery within the UK.


    - GB

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    Unmarked. Belt clip and additional fittings included. Fits AAP-01 even with torches, suppressors, and sights fitted. One finger release. Price includes delivery to UK mainland.


    - GB

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    All prices include delivery to UK mainland. Pickup from Swindon possible. Can do a small discount for multiple items. Offers always considered. DTD right handed Rapid Retention Holster in OD. New and unused. £33 CNC Machined shims for magazine gas rubber seal height adjustment (x6 in bag). £6 Project Airsoft Magazine loading tool for quick and easy refills - £4 Project Airsoft magazine follower for increased capacity of up to six more bb's (x3 in bag). - £5 Wii Tech 200% loading nozzle forward spring - £4


    Swindon, Wiltshire - GB

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    My RIF didn't come with one, so I'm after one if anybody has any lying around. Preferably 250mm or more. Happy to pay postage and a reasonable price.


  8. Empty box for a tenner? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/G-G-ARMAMENT-FULL-AIRSOFT-GUN-M4-BOX-CARRY-CASE-CASING-TRAVEL-TOP-FIVE-ENG/324280256265?hash=item4b809c0709:g:5JkAAOSwwgRfTmZ1
  9. Nice one, just ordered some through them. Discount code REGLAZE10 gets 10% off as well. 👍
  10. So this is the solution I went with if anyone is interested. £12.95 from Amazon, and seems pretty okay with a nice layer of firm padding. I'm pointing to where the pacemaker is located in the second picture.
  11. You should have got a parts diagram with the pistol that should give you some idea. To me it looks like a simple philips screw inside, take out the silver arm, and it should come off. Looks like a spring and ball-bearing in there as well, so just be careful they don't ping-fuckit into oblivion.
  12. The USB connector has some LED's in the plug, so it's red and flashing green for charging, and just fully green for fully charged. I guess the thing cuts out when charged. The documentation advises a charger plug rating of 1-2A, and to use the charging cable until the LED's tell you to stop. Charging time is supposed to be one hour. I have another charger bank that's rated at 2A, and the phone charger plug I'm using is rated at 1A. I'll try the lower output bank first. Seems a good solution for field charging from a bank. I may look at the S65 charger, seems a good choice. I just wanted an intro gun, and because I have no UKARA yet it's a two-tone. I'm still pretty much in isolation as I'm a vulnerable person, so plinking in the garden for a few months until I try some events, have a try on some rental and other players guns, and decide what proper ones to get. 👍 Without any experience at the moment I'm looking at AEP for those as well, or spring sniper for outdoors. Gas is cool, but seems a lot of expense, more failures, and extra maintenance, but I'll keep assessing. The SSP18 does look interesting though. 😎
  13. Sorry, completely new so still learning. The gun battery is a 680mAh Lipo at 7.4V, so will this not last a day? Can you not charge them between games if I bring a charger, or are there no power points available at most sites? The power bank I have puts out 4.5A at 5v, regular USB so assuming this will be enough, or will it be too much? Don't want to break the battery just as I've got it. 🙂 Was after the name of the actual connector type so I can get a suitable adaptor cable if I get a third-party charger.
  14. New player. Just bought a factory CM.126 mosfet edition from PatrolBase to start off with but it came without any BB's, and just a USB charger for charging. so some questions: 1. Instructions say to plug it into any standard USB phone charger plug and it's good to go, so I did this to charge it, but can I also use a phone power bank to charge it on the go as well? 2. Is this USB charger okay to use long-term, or should I get a proper Lipo charger? 3. What type of connector is this? 4. Are my bb's missing because perhaps you can't ship ammo and the gun together in the UK, or did they just not put them in? I have some decent ones already to use and wouldn't have used these anyway, but still strange none came with it.
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