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  1. The being outgunned debate when comparing GBB to AEG is quite honestly the deadest of beaten horses. Without a doubt, GBBr's shoot further and straighter than all but the most tuned and upgraded of AEG's and HPA (within it's FPS/Joule Class) less than £40 of barrel/bucking upgrades to something such as a WE G36 (which is low on the GBBR price spectrum) will make it shoot better than a TM recoil or AEG out the box. The only factor stopping you from being outgunned is the same as using an AEG, not having someone watch your back and not watching how you play. I and a friend exclusively run GBBR's, with ~30 per mag, we couldn't believe how well we managed to do when playing. It is all about how you play All it takes is a single BB to get a hit. (with 30 in a mag, that's really not that little unless you are playing a 50v50 game) Especially using a higher weight BB, The only thing stopping you from 1 tapping someone is that the person on the other end doesn't want to take the hit. If you can bring your sight or dot up to the same point every time, your gun is zeroed, and know that everytime those bb's you shoot will send them in the exact place you point them then you have nothing to worry about. (Get yourself a high quality Dot sight or Iron sight setup) If all of a sudden all hi cap magazines disappeared from the earth, It would change the style of play dramatically (try a 30/real round cap and see how you start to play)
  2. Hi all As we know, we must clean and maintain our gas guns regularly for the best longevity and performance, however we know they aren't in the same realm as real guns, especially with the construction materials being very prone to rusting or breakdown. I'm wondering what the best method of storing your gas blowback is. Firstly I imagine a Cool, Dry place is a good place to keep them... But I only really have 2 theories on this Lube the gun internally and clean it of dirt, though im unsure of the long term consequences of say, lubing the bolt with silicon oil (or other lubes) and its interaction with other metals/polymers inside the gun. Completely clean the gun out (blasting it out with a carb cleaner or such), then wipe it with a wet cloth, finally, wipe it absolutely bone dry with not a spec of dirt and all but a drop on the Nozzle O rings and such (applicable for the magazines too I imagine) personally I fall towards the latter, you wouldn't believe the state I saw some of the gas blowbacks I saw that were used frequently, never cleaned dumped in a cupboard and sold onto the next user expecting no consequences... Can anyone help elaborate? What's the best way to keep your gun resting peacefully? Can anyone also vouch for a GBBR they have owned for a rather significant amount of time which survived its time through its skirmishes. What did you do to help preserve its condition? Thanks
  3. Once I was playing at a woodland site, it was my first ever time playing airsoft, It was for my birthday so I was dressed by the marshalls in some kind of pilot suit for catch the pilot (flight helmet, Flight Respirator, heavy harness buckle, and a baggy as all hell navy jumpsuit) My friend allowed me to use his gun for the Day (ASG M15A4) which he'd bought brand new not even a week prior, gucci'd up with attachments and such, a kind gesture from him as he couldn't make it for the day Little old me was sprinting, it was near impossible to move because how baggy the legs were getting caught on my boots and shrubbery. I was at full sprint, my right foot kicked into a mound and it sent me flying forward a couple of feet landing flat on my face, all my weight fell onto the gun and snapped it clean in half. I got up and looked, I thought, well, how do I explain this.... I'm never wearing that stupid baggy pilot shit again...
  4. thanks for the answers, I can rest easy on that one then TM FNX45 will be on the cards for me very soon!
  5. So erm... that's sarcasm or not? I'm safe to be using green gas outside the hottest of temperatures?
  6. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is a thing, it would be great to have a realistic looking trademarked slide, but at the same time having the amazing cycle speed and efficiency I say this because there's only one blowback pistol I know of that has a nylon polymer slide. It was a Marushin five seven co2, and honestly, it was quite possibly one of the best pistols I ever owned, the snap and speed was incredible I might be thinking too deep, and you can stop me right here but... I was at an Airsoft fair recently and had a chance to fondle some new gen TM pistols (HK series etc) and I'm really interested in picking one up. Only ever owning WE stuff, TM pistols really don't feel like the plastic fantastic I thought they would (if they ever did) the fit and finish is impeccable. If I got one, I'd be planning on running them on green gas or propane this question has probably been beaten to the deadest of horses but...Can anyone here confirm that propane or green gas usage doesn't explode the gun or slide on TM pistols after extensive use over the years in temperatures ~25c and below? Can anyone vouch for this? Would like to know your thoughts!
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hello all, Selling a Tokyo Marui 870 Breacher Comes with: 2x Gas Magazines 6x 30 Rnd Shotgun Shells Side Saddle and Top Rail Original Box and Manuals/Documentation Condition: gun is in great condition, and hasn’t seen that many a skirmish, it’s still ready for a life of service. It shoots, feeds and holds gas without issue, (a common fault is that they will leak from the pistol grip, all you need to do in this case is to tighten the nut that secures it into the gun) Both magazines hold gas and are leak free. Payment: Asking for £250 Posted Bank transfer (preferred) or Paypal or Collection (W Yorkshire) Part out (Gun and magazines)/Swaps/Exchange: none/none/none I am looking to sell this one unfortunately, Sorry! Additional information: The TM Breacher, this gun is an absolute monster as a cqb primary or snipers insurance weapon! This thing leaves hi cap drum magazine spewers hiding in a corner when they hear the six shot per trigger pull of death in a package as small as this, if you want to rule CQB then this is for you! As with all my Sales, I aim to be fully transparent Please contact me via PM or message/call me on 07967057776 if you require ANY more information Thanks


    Wakefield, W Yorkshire

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    Hello all, selling a WE SCAR L GBBR in Black Comes with: 4 x 30Rnd Stanag Magazines (2x Black 2x Tan) 1 x 30Rnd Stanag CO2 Magazine (Black) A Comp M2 style Red/Green Dot replica An Angled Foregrip Internally it has been upgraded with: RA Tech NPAS (200-500fps Adjustable) Maple Leaf 60 Degree Tan Hop Rubber (the accuracy is honestly quite amazing!) Condition: Condition of the gun is Great, minor marks and wear from general skirmishing indoor and out Internally it has minor wear in the usual spots It shoots, feeds and locks back on empty without issue All GAS magazines are leak and and fault free The CO2 magazine is missing the baseplate, and is also leaking, but only likely needs the Seals lubricating. Gun will come Sparkling clean and Lubed so you are ready to play out the box Payment: Asking for £265 Posted Or £250 without the attachments Posted Bank transfer (preferred) or Paypal or Collection (W Yorkshire) Part out (Gun and magazines)/Swaps/Exchange: none/none/none I am looking to sell this one unfortunately, Sorry! Additional information: This gun is an absolute workhorse, its probably the best out of all the AR platform weapons WE Makes, The field strip on this one is without a doubt the most simple and easy to maintain out of any gbbr I’ve ever owned. It’s downright therapeutic, and you can make a skill of it if you practice it fast enough This thing, looks and sounds amazing, it’s really made to perform when you need it. As with all my Sales, I aim to be fully transparent Please contact me via PM or message/call me on 07967057776 if you require ANY more information Thanks


  9. Well that just answered it in the best way possible! Figure out the best hop/nub combos increase the barrel if you want more fps perfect thanks!
  10. ok thanks Hand warmers, and more powerful gas, don't go too crazy on the trigger thanks a lot. I'll let you know how the guns perform
  11. Thank you! That's really useful information! I'd have thought that propane would start completely failing around 10c. you say the guns ran great, that's especially much less worrisome for me knowing the WE's could handle the cold. obviously Full auto is out of the question, but was the cycle rate still working well enough in addition to other functions/bolt lock/fps? How much of a difference does it make to put lightweight bolts/buffers and springs and the like? In terms of gas...What gas other than MAPP would you recommend once it hits below 5c? obviously the point of propane is the cost saving measure, but I'm willing to buy Nuprol 2.0/3.0 for the short number of months it's needed as a necessity. and awesome, every little bit of heat to the mags help, I'll get Heat Patches on bulk order 😂
  12. As you know with a GBBR. Having a longer barrel will significantly increase the fps, and without an Adjustable nozzle of sorts it can be an absolute nightmare to try and keep your gun within chrono I'm struggling to understand the difference between: Having a short barrel: Say 250mm shooting at 350fps Having a longer barrel: Say 400mm shooting at 350fps How is a longer barrel more inherently accurate when it is still shooting the same fps? Does that extra 150mm of barrel really help with long range efficacy? I know it's nothing like real steel where a longer barrel is generally more beneficial I'm basically trying to understand if there is any point to upgrading your barrel length for the sake of still keeping within FPS limits but gaining an actual increase in accuracy, when all guns are still supposed to be shooting at the same speed. I hope I've worded this right, let me know your thoughts.
  13. So.... Winter is here, and that only means one thing for GBBR users: Hell This will be my first time trying to run a GBBR all year round, despite what people say (even in the summer) i'm fairly confident we can get our gbbr's running just as well as in the summer. What tips do you guys recommend to help keep your GBBR running during the winter, if at all possible? here are a few I can think of: The main point I hear a lot is that keeping your mags warm with your body heat is the key to keeping yourself running, but everyone runs their mags differently, be it on Carriers or Chest Rigs. can anyone expand on this? (I'd call it a success if you can at least get one magazine out of it) Using Different types of Gases, but I'm not too sure what is best for what temperature or environment One note: I'd like to exclude CO2 magazines from this conversation, as quite frankly, they are a pain in the backside to maintain, as soon as they leak they are a nightmare to fix, the second they develop a leak you lose a CO2 every time until its fixed in addition to all the fiddling around with Capsules and so on. Let's hear your thoughts!



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    Hi all, today i’m selling this beautiful AK74MN! Comes with: 9 mid cap E&L magazines genuine AK sling a 8.4 1600mAH nimh battery Condition: Shoots and feeds without issue The dust cover is a bit rusty from its time in storage but some paint thinner should clean it off Payment: Bank transfer (preferred) or Paypal or Collection (W Yorkshire) Part out (Gun and magazines)/Swaps/Exchange: none/none/none I am looking to sell this one unfortunately, Sorry! Additional information: This rifle is honestly the cream of the crop of AK AEGs. sad to see her go but im working on NATO kits now instead. (*massive sighs in the background*) E&L are well known for producing the highest external and internal build quality of AEG AK in the WORLD, these guys freaking have a hand in the Izmash (ИЖМАШ) plant who produce real AK’s for the RU army. They have a say themselves when it comes to producing airsoft derivatives, it seriously doesn’t get closer to the real feel without having a real AK. This gun has an RRP of £390! + the mags you are getting almost £480 worth of gun! As with all my Sales, I aim to be fully transparent Please contact me via PM or message/call me on 07967057776 if you require ANY more information Thanks


    Wakefield, ~ Select One ~ - GB

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