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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi Selling a genuine Magpul MS2 Sling This is a configurable 2 or 1 point adjustable retention sling I've had and used this for the better part of 3 years with some very heavy weapon builds it never unbuckled or failed on me once asking £25 Posted thanks


  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I AM NOT SURE THE RMR IS WORKING (as I have no batteries to test), included purely as an extra!!! Drops beautifully onto any TM G17 frame without issues asking £50 all in Comes with: Guarder Aluminium Slide and Steel Outer Barrel for TM Gen 3 Glocks or compatible Also included is a trademarked replica RMR sight with a rear sight mount Additional information: Drops beautifully onto any TM Gen 3 or compatible slide


  3.  ⚠️ ALERT ⚠️




    I say this with absolute confidence


    Goes by the alias name 'Bob Rowlings' and 'JMighty' on Zeroin Forums


    He is using an (actual?) paypal name of Olyaniyi Ayeni


    • He will contact you asking to message him on his email, then he will send you images from listings on various seller sites hoping to catch you out 
    • He will also give you the classic crybaby response of 'Oh I had a bad paypal experience please send it Via F&F'
    • He will also try to bait you into sending half the payment 
    • He also speaks broken english and has grammatically weird sentencing (look at how he has responded to some posts in his profile, also in a bid to try and make his profile seem active)


    Do not deal with this user. 




    1. Rogerborg


      Urgh, he's got that "Mate, mate!  Mate?  Mate mate: mate, mate!" thing down pat.


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    After a regular TM M9A1 I will also consider the US.M9 Model Cash ready and waiting Please DM me or text me on 07967057776 Thanks


  5. The 'Lock Ring' Castle nut. The paint is worn as it is a very thin coating TM uses for all their guns. A heavy steel wrench will wear away the paint quickly. (if you are too lazy to cover with a cloth) The 'Lock Ring' was removed to remove the buffer tube, and in turn give easier access to the trigger box (while preventing further receiver damage). In turn, providing an easier tapping angle when I removed it a second time to inspect it. Your 'Suspicion' of it being taken apart rests on the basis of the motives of the previous owner taking it apart, despite providing a shooting video to show it is functioning regardless of what has been attempted. I shall contact MI6 to investigate and find reasoning why the previous owner of his own free will decided to explore the inner workings of his GBBR he purchased with his own money.
  6. Hmm... It seems mentioning the issues regarding the condition has still not being enough to not draw scrutiny towards this listing. I'll try to at least jump in to clear up some doubts before I inevitably succumb to the unwinnable war that is macks dreamers. If by abused you mean: Chips in the receiver where the previous owner has stupidly butchered trying to remove the trigger unit (which I apologise I have failed to specifically mention removal of the trigger box, rather only mentioning the external damage) A cracked trigger guard for which I have mentioned the wear, and then provided a shooting video Then I am guilty 💀 I have refreshed the photos of the listing once again, in every area as well as the bolt/FCG to show how little round count this 'abused' MWS has had. (whereby any long term MWS owner will be able to tell how much shooting time this has actually had by the wear to the in-battery sear and cocking extrusion on the bolt) Once again, the owner has stupidly damaged the external condition the RIF in the areas he had tried to tinker, and I have relieved him of it before he inevitably caused more harm to one of our precious Marui blasters.
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi Selling a Marui Gen 3 Glock 17 Comes with: 2 mags leak and fault free Condition: It is completely stock internally Shoots, feed and locks back on empty as expected. The Frame was a donor frame, and is in like new condition The slide has some wear and tear from its time skrimishing, and has had the steel rod insert mod for longevity. Payment Paypal or Collection (W Yorkshire) Part out (Gun and magazines)/Swaps/Exchange: none/none/none I am looking to sell, no trades sorry! Posted First Class Parcel force 24 HR insured next day. £93 all in! Additional information: TM Glocks are probably the most sold pistol on the market, and it's obvious why, they run like champs Great for spares but also perfectly skirmishable! Please PM or call/text me on 07967057776 for any info thanks.


  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    *Edit, I appear to have attracted some critisicm in regards to explaining the external damage to the RIF, which are now properly explained below, I apologize for any confusion* Hi, today I'm looking to sell/trade a TM M4A1 MWS NOW LOOKING TO TRADE FOR OTHER GBBR'S/SMG's OR EQUAL VALUE OR FAME Open to anything (Except WE M4 Platforms!) 😎 Comes with: 3x magazines Condition: It is completely stock internally This has probably had less than 1000 rounds through it. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING ON THE CONDITION: The previous owner has poorly attempted to remove the trigger box, hence there are small chips and damage to the paint work where the lower meets the upper, as per the pictures. I have taken the trigger box out once again to inspect it, so there is also a little wear to the castle nut. It is fully functioning and no parts missing. Please message me if you need any more pics or shooting videos. The trigger guard is cracked, I have epoxied it and it will hold. The condition is otherwise excellent, as per the closeups to the internals and reciever. No original box unfortunately, but I will make sure it is packaged safe and secure. Shoots, feed and locks back on empty as expected. [If looking to buy] £380 all in Additional information: There is honestly nothing else I can add that hasn't been said about the MWS, this is the best Gas Gun ever made. Anyone who thinks these hold a candle to a a GHK are sorely mistaken 😎 Please PM or call/text me on 07967057776 for any info thanks.


    - GB

  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi Selling TTI JOHN WICK G34 which has been built from a Model Works Company Kit (MWC) This is a Japanese Made kit, and is easily the highest quality John Wick Pistol Replica on the market. This pistol was featured in John Wick 2, and was also teased in the upcoming John Wick 4 Movie Poster. Comes with: 1x Magazine with extended glock branded baseplate A cow cow enhanced 120% + 200% recoil guide rod and spring (I have a Guarder complete Steel hammer unit available at extra cost, this might require additional effort to fit and tune however) Condition: Condition is good, it has been polished in some contact areas internally to help smooth the action internally, it is a COMPLETE standard Marui Gen 3 glock (BBU, Hammer/Trigger assly, Barrel/Recoil Spring and Hop assly) it is in excellent condition externally. It shoots, feeds and locks back on empty Please note: the action can be a little stiff as the parts are still wearing in, (this will normally only occur when the mag is very cold or low on gas) Payment Paypal or Collection (W Yorkshire) Part out (Gun and magazines) I am open to offers on other TM pistol Packages Posted First Class Parcel force 24 HR insured next day. £245 all in This kit is the absolute highest quality kit on the market, at around £350 for the MWC kit + £135 for a donor Gen 3 Marui Glock + Any delivery fees and customs charges, as well as the time fitting the parts and ensuring they work. Additional information: Please PM or call/text me on 07967057776 for any info thanks.


  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    WE G36K GBBR Was modified to work with a HPA line, but still fully functional as a GBBR minus a functioning bolt lock (parts still included) still great as a donor or spares for existing WE G36 owners. asking £100 all in thanks


  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    HPA Tapped Drum Mag for Marui MWS GBBR (fitting is EU spec I believe) asking £105 all in


  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Tokyo Marui 1500 rnd Manual Wind drum magazine for AR type AEG's asking £40 all in Thanks


  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hello all, I am selling a complete HPA kit that should get you running with basically any HPA capable Airsoft related blaster. Included in this is: A Balystik HPR800C Regulator A Balystik Deluxe Quality Line in FDE A Proto 3000 PSI/300 BAR HPA Tank A HPA Pump A Bag of Spares and useful bits Condition: Condition of everything is great, no damage to any parts and the tank is completely safe and leak free. Payment Paypal or Collection (W Yorkshire) Part out (Gun and magazines)/Swaps/Exchange: none/none/none I am looking to sell, no trades sorry! Posted First Class Parcel force 24 HR insured next day. Asking for £175 all in Additional information: Everything you need to get up and running in the world of HPA, not much else to add really. Thanks for looking and please contact me via PM or message/call me on 07967057776 if you require any more information Thanks My Feedback: https://airsoft-forums.uk/profile/18848-pigeon_haris/?tab=field_core_pfield_14 https://airsoft-forums.uk/profile/18848-pigeon_haris/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback


  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi Selling a WE Glock 17 Gen 4 has a few external bits •Replica Branded Glock fluorescent front sight (rear included) •Stippled Grip Tape Set for Glock Gen 3/4's •Inner to Outer Barrel Extension w/ Thread protector 14m ccw Completely Stock internally Additional: •2x Magazines with Vorsk Style Extended Baseplates (Leak and Fault Free) •1x Mag as spares (needs new follower spring and might be leaky) •Genuine Blackhawk Serpa Leg Holster •2x Polymer Kydex Style adjustable retention fast mag pouches Any original bits and box etc included Condition is Like New, probably shot maybe 6 Magazines total through this. Asking £110 all in please PM or text on 07967057776 oror any additional details thanks


  15. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Tokyo Marui MWS CQBR Block one 3x Magazines Completely stock Comes boxed with all original bits Like new sparkling condition £515 all in please pm for any extra details thanks.


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