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  1. Hello all. I am after a second pistol, my strike warrior is wonderful, but thinking I would like something a little different. Love the MK23 due to its use in Metal Gear Solid and the original time crisis. But interested in the KWA blowback version more then anything else. Does anyone have any insight into the KWA MK23 or KWA pistols in general? How does it perform? Failure rate? Easy to repair? Does it have much recoil? Is it worth the cost? (£175+) Cheers all!
  2. Hello all. Just running a test fire with my KWA GBBr Tavor. Hopefully skirmishing with it this weekend. The problem is it will only fire about 10-15 rounds before the bolt stops fully cycling and the mag gasses out. This happens on all the mags. I am using Green gas. It was fine in mid summer when I last fired it. It is now September and the temperature has dropped to 20 degrees Centigrade, is there a problem with the Tavor or do I need to use red gas now? Cheers!
  3. Asomodai

    Gas Tavor vents with all mags after 10 dry test rounds

    Had a tech look over the Tavor. The o-rings were dry as a bone! Should be OK for this weekend. Though I did pick up some Red gas just in case! 8 Mags. 440 quids worth, 6KG all on one vest
  4. Hey mate. Check out my SE Tour Diary entries in the Skirmish review section of these forums. I am slowly getting around all the sites within commutable or driveable distance from central London. The easiest sites to get to with public transport with a little bit of walking from London are: Bunker 51, Red 1 Chislehurst, Tactical Warfare Croydon (Its terrible), Airsoft Billericay, Airsoft Plantation (Highly recommended), Tech brigade, Reforger, Red 1 The school. It is possible to get to the Mall fairly easily as it's one train and a very short walk. However it will be closing at the end of the year. So get in before it does!
  5. Asomodai

    The last AFUK Mall event

    In that case I'll leave the Gas Tavor behind and bring the Tan Aug and F2000
  6. Asomodai

    Gas Tavor vents with all mags after 10 dry test rounds

    So not all green gas is born equal? Shame I bought 3 cans of this stuff. Do you think its weak enough to use in my plastic slide TM Strike Warrior? Need to waste it somehow. Though I do plan on buying a KSG which might take it. Thing is it seems to have the same performance as the Nuprol 2.0 that I was using. So its more likely to be crap gas then crap compression in the Tavor? Do you think red gas will keep the limit under 350? Currently running at 310 on green.
  7. Asomodai

    The last AFUK Mall event

    No, they'll suck YOUR balls.
  8. Asomodai

    Gas Tavor vents with all mags after 10 dry test rounds

    Just a quick update. Used a brand new can of Ultra air green gas. I can get through about 30 rounds. Anything after that there is not enough gas power to lock the bolt back. Similar results when I go through a mag on full auto. I guess I need to try red gas now right?
  9. Asomodai

    Ban Hammer - member permanently banned

    Never knew the guy apart from real life. Never had a problem with him personally. He did come across as acerbic if he didn't agree with you. I was surprised at a few of his comments and wondered why he didn't rein it in a bit as they served no purpose, comedic or otherwise.
  10. Asomodai

    To upgrade or just buy a new gun?

    Tightbore doesn't mean great. Could be a really nasty surface inside. A quality tightbore however is awesome. That along with a new hop unit and flat hopped bucking is extra range for little comparative money and you don't need to open the gearbox.
  11. Asomodai

    To upgrade or just buy a new gun?

    Heavier BBs don't really equate to longer range imo, just that it ignores foliage a bit more. There is nothing wrong with a Nuprol Defender, you are more likely to get longer range for cheaper upgrading the Nuprol. Get a new tightbore barrel, hop unit and get it flat hopped with new bucking. Decent Prometheus barrel will be under 50 quid, the rest will be under 40 quid. You should get a slight bump in FPS and a significant bump in hop affect and consistency.
  12. Asomodai

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Voting for Rammstein sensory session. Strobe lights being the only lights allowed. Rammstein on full blast. Hilarious.
  13. I only got them because I was desperate for mags for a game. If I had the cash and time at the time then I would always go with the original TM mags.
  14. I use ASG High cap mags with no issue on my High cycle. Midcaps are the ones that have most problems with Augs.
  15. Not the greatest site, but Bunker 51 in charlton plays a Saturday night from 6-7pm. Reforger plays Saturday nights occasionally during the summer, you might be a bit late for that though. They also do Wednesday/Thursday nights 4 times a year. Again in the summer.
  16. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Ordered an additional three KWA PTS Tavor mags for the Gas Tavor and a 8Fields Rifleman vest to carry all 8. at 750grams each it will be a heavy as rig!
  17. Asomodai

    Has Tokyo Marui solved the 1911 problem?

    The new M45a1 meu mags fit all the previous meu and warrior series pistols. This replaces the large plastic buffer at the butt end, with an extended gas reservoir. Now I can easily get through a mag with gas still to spare. This has been spring through summer. Haven't tried it in autumn or winter yet. Gas capacity still lacks compared to a hi cappa. But is much better then it was.
  18. Asomodai

    Tokyo Marui 1911 Warrior series?

    I have a Strike Warrior. Do not bother getting the standard TM MEU mags anymore. The new TM M45A1 MEU mags have much better gas capacity and reliability. They do away with most of the plastic bottom and replace it with a bigger gas reservoir. My TM Strike Warrior managed to get 35 full cycles out of one mag compared to the 24 I got on the old MEU mags.
  19. Asomodai

    Gas Tavor vents with all mags after 10 dry test rounds

    I just tried it again with two mags, green gas and BBS. One mag was colder as I used it earlier and managed 28 BBS before gassing out and the other mag which I haven't used today managed 35. I am pretty sure I filled both up to 20 seconds. This is still disappointing, is this normal? I am using WE2.0 gas. Should I be looking at red gas or a problem with the gun? Its 20 degrees C outside but reckon its more like 16 inside which is where I am firing it.
  20. Asomodai

    Gas Tavor vents with all mags after 10 dry test rounds

    Dry firing, does that make a difference? It didn't during the summer.
  21. Asomodai


    Ordered two Prommy barrels. They consistently have the stock I need and once again received in double quick time.
  22. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Decided to get on with upgrading my last unupgraded AEG's. A 509mm and a 260mm Prometheus barrel for the JG SL8 and TM High cycle respectively.
  23. My battle buddy and I popped along to EAG Dorking yesterday. We hadn't heard much about the site before, in fact I didn't realise it was still running until recently! From what reviews I had seen, they seemed positive. Very varied medium/large sized woodland site. Varied CQB sections. Short, Medium and Long engagement distances. Some up and downs along with quite a lot of flat sections. Water features include a stream/river and large puddles. Positives: Playing area variety: The site is split into two sections either side of the safe zone, one side is mostly long range with little undergrowth (Though under tall trees) with various barricades and low buildings. There is a decent fort section next to the safe zone which adds good variety with areas to hide and surprise. The second section is more natural woodland, lots of minor elevation, a bridge section, some fantastic pillboxs and Vietnam style village with towers. Probably the best village section I have come across. There is more happening to the site and they are clearing more space for even more buildings for the future. Parking: A fair amount of parking is available. Marshaling: The Marshalling was pretty good, they place responsibility on players for the most part, but they do intervene when things become obviously bogged down. They are encouraging of whatever team they are following. Clientele: The other players were great, even the younger ones were a credit to the site (And probably their parents). There was one small incident with a player mouthing off at a marshal, but other then that everyone else were on point and hit taking was excellent for the most part. (And for me being a bullpup fan I saw 3 SA80's and an AUG along with my FAMAS. Great Bullpup to non bullpup ratio.) Safe Zone: Everything was under cover with plenty of space, it could do with a bit of updating as its sagging in places, but otherwise you felt safe and everyone was pretty friendly. There was a site dog as well. Raffle: Love this. Everybody who pays the walk on fee gets a lunch token with a number. After safety briefing, everyone gets a chance at winning a RIF, this week was a WE M9 pistol. With only 40-50 people there is a good chance of winning and helps justify the cost of the site (£30 walk on). Toilets: Were fairly good, raised cabin style. Real ceramic rather then a hole in the ground. Pistol game: The site offered a pistol/shotgun game in the fort just before lunch which was great fun. I would like to see more sites do this. Negatives: Lack of mandatory chrono: The Marshals have a chrono available for people to use, but is entirely voluntary. the Marshal claims that they would be able to tell if someone is running hot by looking at distances peoples RIFS are shooting. They justify this by saying that people can readjust FPS after chrono. I can see their point but I don't necessarily agree with it. I think we should have a baseline to work from at least. It takes just one BB to blind someone and checking the FPS after is not going to help. To their credit, I did see people get pulled out for chrono who were suspected of being over the limit. Underpowered DMR: DMR's are allowed but not over 350FPS. I think this is partially a consequence of not having a mandatory chrono. Food: The food was a bit underwhelming, it is part of the fee, but there wasn't much to it. Cooked onsite sausage baps. Could do with some extra options not just at lunch but throughout the day. Shop: Was quite small and consequently had little available. Conclusion: A very good site for the most part. Probably the best overall playing area we have been to (NOTE: Superceded by Airsoft Plantation in Essex), definitely on par with Apocalypse in terms of building quality, but this has better natural ground variation to boot. Marshaling was good. Raffle is a fantastic idea and something i'd like to see on sites more often. If they can get the additional bits sorted like the shop and food then this would be a top top site.
  24. Yeah we had that with the eyepro. It was a bit weird. It may have never been an issue. But it just takes one idiot 😞
  25. Asomodai

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Hard to enforce. I wouldn't mind a Pistol round!