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  1. Ssg24 vs silverback srs help

    Special Airsoft Supplies are crooks. Nothing they have on the website is in stock. Just search for their name in google.
  2. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just purchased some more upgrade parts. Barrels galore! Laylax 6.03 207mm barrel, ICS M4 Stock Adapter, ICS Metal Hop Unit and ICS Retractable Stock (For ICS CXP-15) Laylax 6.03 363mm barrel and AirsoftPro metal air nozzle (For SRC XM-8) Laylax 6.03 469mm barrel and Prometheus Air Nozzle (For TM FAMAS) Laylax 6.03 74mm Nineball barrel (For TM Strike Warrior) Still need to buy another couple of barrels, (For the Tavor and the SL8), but just haven't got the cash!
  3. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I have now started the process of buying up all the upgrade parts for all of the RIFS I have bought in the past 6 months. Just manage to pick up an SRC G36 Gen 3 gearbox with 8mm bearings to replace my XM-8's gen 2 gearbox with 6mm bushings. It's a small upgrade really, but I found the gearbox for dead cheap brand new and they are very uncommon. (40 euros!). Also picked up a spare SRC G36 hop unit. They are proprietary to the SRC XM-8 as you cannot change the magwell to a standard type unlike the SRC G36. Best to always have spares especially when rare and no longer made!
  4. Where did I put.....

    In the box that the optic you replaced them with came in
  5. The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    Yeah. I used them for a Famas strap and Famas bits in the past. It's clear their English is quite good!
  6. The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    Want something different? S&T Tavor Professional with blowback. It's on offer and about £100 cheaper including shipping then getting it from the UK (Patrol base) It will need new bucking out of the box though   I bought the Carbine model for £230 posted.
  7. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    SRC XM8 Gen 2. Can't wait to get it skirmish ready :-)
  8. CyberGun F2000 Any Good

    I just use generic high caps and they seem fine. I believe its a 420mm inner barrel though I haven't replaced mine. I have an SHS green motor which seems fine.
  9. CyberGun F2000 Any Good

    I have one. Needs a new motor as the standard one is underpowered. Gearbox is solid. Go for a MOSFET to prevent trigger contact burnout. Range is poor so buy new bucking and a tightbore barrel. The weak spot is the magwell/feeding much like the aug. Proprietary part though so deal with is as best you can.
  10. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Managed to pick one of my dream RIF's up on sale from the continent. The rare (over here) S&T Tavor Professional flat top with keymod. Going to have to do a tremendous amount of work on it to get to a skirmishable standard. But it is another to add to my bullpup collection!
  11. Make: ICS Gun/Model: CXP-15 Proline M4 Accessories: 1 ICS High cap mag. Condition: Almost new FPS: Roughly 320. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: None Price/Payment: £120. Pictures: Hello all. I have an ICS CXP-15 Proline M4 keymod CQB RIF for sale. It has the fantastic ICS Split gearbox. Bought very recently and never been skirmished. This is the high end Metal bodied version. The dust cover likes to flip into the open position fairly easily as is common with these. It's complete standard and comes with the ICS High Cap. Has flip up ironsights built into the top rail. I am based in Dagenham and Central London, Local pickup is very much preferred at the moment. Does not come with a box, just the RIF and high cap.
  12. SRC XM-8 Gen 3 RIF

    Make: SRC Gun/Model: XM8 Gen 3 Desired Condition: Good to new Desired FPS: Any Swaps/Part Exchange: Nope Budget: Up to £150 depending on condition. I will also consider boneyard ones if none of the proprietary parts need replacement. I am based in London and I have a valid Ukara number. Any colour is fine though OD Green is preferable!
  13. SRC XM-8 Gen 3 RIF

    Still looking!
  14. TM night warrior 1911

    Don't be put off by the TM polymer slides. It gives a fair bit of kick, not as much as a full metal pistol, but the accuracy is better because of it! I reckon the plastic slide is a plus rather then a minus. I have a Strike Warrior, keep running it on duster gas. My Strike warrior feels very solid. MEU mags are very dependable though have a very small gas chamber. So don't expect to run through a whole mag of BB's without running out gas unless it's in the hottest summer. I underload the mags to about 20 BB's. The Warrior series does not have any need for upgrades and actually run worse with them. I have no need for another pistol. It's purely for picking up and working without trouble.
  15. SRC XM-8 Gen 3 RIF

    Alas. That is a Gen2, i went to enquire months ago. Still no reply from Eliteairsoft!
  16. SRC XM-8 Gen 3 RIF

    When was this? I am not sure if they are even in business. I have sent a text to the mobile number, but with no reply. Seems like the company has a bad rep!
  17. AEG's with long inner barrels

    If you are desperate for a longer inner barrel, then go for a bullpup. Cyma F2000 should do you nicely.
  18. SRC XM-8 Gen 3 RIF

    I can see them, however there are no photos and the Olive Drab one is described as Oliver Darb! Are they trustworthy?
  19. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Santa has been early. JG SL8. 5 low caps Madbull Bucking Holo sight for my Famas/ACR 11.1v Lipo for my CXP-15 Knee pads and boonie hat in CCE Extra long rifle bag. The scope is mounted quite high so I cant zero the crosshairs. I need to either get low profile scope mounts or a lower profile rail. Not sure which yet!
  20. Christmas

    JG SL8 DMR rifle, 5 20 round lowcaps, Rifle bag, Dot sight, knee pads and boonie hat. Had to buy them for myself, but it's Christmas at least
  21. Newbie from Kent

    Hello Dorian. Welcome to the money sink. Red 1 Chistlehurst is a fairly small site with varied play. It can be very confusing for new people as they have lots of names for places, but don't necessarily show you where they are on a map. Also on attack/defense style games you are usually restricted into which direction you can attack (Which I cant stand, especially on a site like this lacking width!) The fort area is pretty fun. Some of the undergrowth is fairly thick around the fire area, with stinging nettle patches for the brave. However it is one of the closest sites to central London and frankly Bunker 51 is not great. So this is a pretty fair place to go to. Games approaching lunchtime and just after are a lot more fun, so make sure you stay the full day. Kent has far more airsoft sites then other counties close to London so you are much luckier then me! Unfortunately I am recovering from Metatarsal fracture so I will not be there on the 10th Have fun!
  22. How much is enough?

    6 months in and I own 7 RIFS. Tokyo Marui Famas F1 (Being upgraded with rewound motor, stronger spring, Mosfet, R Hop, V2 gears etc) Tokyo Marui Famas SV Hybrid, Made out of two boneyard Famas. Tokyo Marui M1911 Strike Warrior. ICS CXP-APE with extended Laylax Tightbore Barrel, Mosfet, Prommy Purple Rubber and black mamba silencer. ICS CXP-15 (Being upgraded for 11.1v Lipo use, Mosfet, Prommy Purple Rubber, stronger spring and short stroked piston). Cyma F2000, Upgraded with SHS Green Motor, Prommy Purple Rubber and Mosfet. (Back in for upgraded Laylax tightbore barrel, new metal hop up unit). Jing Gong SL8, not yet arrived but in the post. This will be converted to DMR. This is how I justify it all. I have all the bases covered, The Famas were used for CQB, but the one being upgraded will be used for medium range engagements, I am a big fan of the Famas from an ergonomics point of view. The other one is for abusive CQB. The ICS CXP Ape is my long range AEG, it has fantastic range for what it is. Heavy though! The F2000 is my favourite to use rifle, it turns heads, however the range is not great and has a flimsy proprietary magwell plate which causes the BB's to go into the receiver body when removing magazines. Trying to get this sorted out along with more upgrades, I intend this to be my all-round rifle, but if the loose BB issue is not sorted then I may have to give up on it. The TM Strike Warrior is just cool looking and fine as a side arm. If I were to get any other pistol it would be an AEP for the cold months. The ICS CXP-15 I got real cheap on black Friday, it's the metal version and its by the far the shortest rifle I have, This is being modified for ultimate ROF for use in CQB. I may use this as a ridiculous sidearm when sniping. The Jing Gong is my first foray into something approaching a sniper. This will be turned into a DMR. If I enjoy the playstyle then my next purchase would be an SRS Silverback. I am really slowing down on my purchasing now though. I want to make sure what I have now are shooting perfect and the way I want it. I love Bullpups, however they aren't the best or most reliable performers, so bought some more normal looking rifles that are more reliable for now until the Bullpups have been modified.
  23. Straight hi-cap M4 mags, source?

    You might struggle with a Famas mag, None of mine fit in a standard M4 style gun. Better off going with the Vietnam type mag.
  24. Hello all. I have just picked up a Cybergun licensed F2000 (deferred shipping until I get my Ukara) as well as three extra nuprol metal high caps. Can anyone give me some opinions or advice for the F2000? What sort of battery/must have mods etc. What are your experiences like with it? What sort of harness should I use? Cheers!
  25. Cybergun Licensed F2000

    To be fair I was always going to by an F2000. I had accepted a long time ago I wouldn't get to try one in a shop as they rarely come over to the UK. It was just a question of when. :-)