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  1. Hello all! It's been a fantastic year or so Airsofting. Since starting in June 2017 I have had the privilege to visit many sites. I have decided to do a little writeup of my findings below. Trying to keep this mostly positive as the negatives in my reviews are the bits that get people talking the most. Reviewing sites can be challenging especially because visiting a site for just one skirmish can be a bit misleading for the overall picture. I have tended to stick with facts and comparisons with other sites rather then what exactly happened on the day with certain people. Though if it was a particularly bad day I will say why. I hope my battlebuddy and I can continue doing this for the foreseeable future so we can have as much variety and fun playing and writing the reviews. We have had many suggestions for up and coming site visits including but not limited to the following: Reforger, Red 1 The School, Dragons Lair, Tech Brigade, AWA Herts, 1066 Hastings, Invicta, Hockley Arena etc. We would like suggestions on more unique sites, maybe with lots of buildings above a single storey. So get your suggestions to us! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So without further ado, here is the SE Tour Awards for 2017/2018. 15 sites were visited in this time. Best Overall Site – This is the award to the best overall site in terms of everything. 1) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 2) The Mall (Berkshire) 3) Battle Paintball and Airsoft (East Sussex) AP in Essex simply blew us away with top notch facilities, playing surface and brilliant marshalling throughout the day. The tall scrubland section and the vehicles in use really set it out. The site is always improving and growing. The Mall really made us feel like operators, it was a unique site that we may not see the likes of again, the facilities were good, lack of food didn’t put us off as everything else was just immersive. It’s a real shame it has closed for good now and a real loss for the sport. Battle Paintball and Airsoft was an excellent overall experience, the safe zone came out tops, the playing area wasn’t that bad and considering it was the first Airsoft game ever held there, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Best Medium/Long range Playing area – Variety and/or quality of the playing area. 1) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 2) EAG Dorking (Surrey) 3) Apocalypse Airsoft (Kent) AP had the largest variety in terms out outdoor playing area, whilst it is mostly flat and with few water features, the sheer changeability of the terrain and vegetation, interspersed with manmade obstacles means this site came out top. EAG Dorking has some fantastic buildings and woodland variety, one section would have a completely different style of woodland to the next. Water features and a really fun fort section. Apocalypse Airsoft surprised us in its decent size, huge variety of woodland sections and best of all the variety and scale of the buildings used. Best CQB playing area – Variety and/or quality of the playing area. 1) The Mall (Berkshire) 2) Red 1: The Fort Borstal (Kent) 3) EAG Dorking (Surrey) It’s a Mall, ‘nuff said. Tight corners, some long distance shots on the concourse, can be played in the light or dark, back rooms, escalators, kids play area. Won’t see the likes of again, but willing to be proved wrong. RED1: The Fort is a really interesting era Fort, A moat section, plenty of elevation, tunnels and turrets. A really unique site with really good views over the Medway. EAG Dorking Surrey, whilst not a CQB site in itself did have some excellent CQB play, the Vietnam style village had good tiered structures and gun emplacements with lots of opportunity to flank. Best purpose built buildings – This means actually built for the site and not already existing. 1) Apocalypse Airsoft (Kent) 2) EAG Dorking (Surrey) 3) Cool Under Fire (Kent) Apocalypse Airsoft deservedly takes the crown for this category, the sheer variety of buildings at play, well-spaced out, multiple tiers and well looked after means this is a great site for snipers and CQB assaults. The trench system is also worth a mention. EAG Dorking as described in another section has some great buildings, a little shabby in places, but really good for atmosphere and there is always something to hide in. Cool Under Fire had some interesting purpose built buildings, a nice fort section and a giant village section with fireworks. All seemed in good working order. Best Safe Zone – Safe zone is classed as the setting up area. Enclosed? Felt Safe? Lots of space? 1) Battle Paintball and Airsoft (East Sussex) 2) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 3) Battle Lakes (Kent) BPAA takes this one by a country mile, the safe zone was an actual heating building, two stories and can hold plenty of people, everyone has a table, storage space and chairs were available. The bathroom was 5 star. Airsoft Plantation has a huge safe zone which is fully undercover with proper metal sheet roofing. New tables have been put in place and caters well for the large amount of people that turn up week in and week out. Battle Lakes has both indoor and outdoor safe zone areas, indoors has quite a lot of space with easy access to food and toilets, outside is traditional with a high roof and open areas for the sunny days, variety here is the key. Best on-site shop – Shop selection. 1) Battle Lakes (Kent) 2) Airsoft Billericay (Essex) 3) Cool Under Fire (Kent) Battle Lakes had a very large indoor shop with lots of interesting weapons and gear for sale, also sold second hand stuff. Airsoft Billericay almost takes the top spot, letting itself down on the variety of weapons available, but a very large selection of gear is available at reasonable prices. Cool Under Fires shop had decent variety, was a little small in comparison to the other two in this list, but the prices were good and the staff friendly. Best Catering – Catering selection. 1) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 2) Battle Lakes (Kent) 3) Bush Valley Airsoft (Kent) AP had a proper burger van, all the sauces, reasonable prices and a vegetarian option. Tasted good as well. Battle Lakes had home cooked chilli, hotdogs, vegetarian option and plenty of confectionary and sticky pop. Tasted very good and was homemade. Bush Valley Airsoft had a standard fayre burger shack, but the taste was very good with a decent pop selection. The friendliest staff. (This third place could have been won by a few other sites as well) Best Marshalls – Marshalls that made sure you had a good time, were friendly and weeded out troublemakers. 1) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 2) The Mall (Berkshire) 3) Battle Lakes (Kent) Airsoft Plantation had the most open Marshalls, very willing to discuss how the day was going, the history of the site and future plans. They kept encouraging the teams to push forward and they changed things around if it got one sided. They were also hands off when needed to be. The Malls head marshal Luke was the funniest fucker we met. Both times we went his safety briefings were hilarious. Considering the nature of the site we imagine it would be an absolute ball ache to keep in control and we felt they did it very admirably. Battle Lakes had very solid marshalling, the person running it was a hoot, things were explained clearly and all the mission briefs were concise. Much like the Mall, Zed Adventures really seem to get Marshalling right. Site with the most potential – With some changes, these sites could be outstanding. 1) Battle Paintball and Airsoft (East Sussex) 2) Bush Valley Airsoft (Kent) 3) The Fort Borstal (Kent) Battle Paintball and Airsoft can be a really top site, it could be the biggest site in the SE if opened up properly. We played a small area of it as it was a test day for Airsoft, The marshalling was initially shaky but really pulled together come the end of the second game. The old zoo sections are fascinating and there was way more on the site then we saw. The Safe zone was the best we ever experienced and apparently may be expanded in the near future. This site could become THE premier site in the South East with some investment and the continued support of the landlord. Bush Valley Airsoft is a fully family run operation, they own the actual land that is being used, meaning they don’t have to get permission to change things around. Although lots needs to be done, we really felt welcomed at the site and feel that if they really make a go of it, could be the making of a must visit site. The Fort Borstal really needs very few changes for it to be a great day, more Marshals and better explanations of what is out of bounds and that is all that needs to be done. It is a genuinely unique site that deserves the best that Airsoft has to offer. Could be very rewarding if done properly. Site that most surprised us (Good) – The site that simply surprised us most for whatever reason. 1) Battle Paintball and Airsoft (East Sussex) 2) EAG Dorking (Surrey) 3) The Mall (Berkshire) BPAA surprised us most considering it was their first ever game day at that site, the safe zone, the chrono, food, site variety and overall experience was amazing. We really though the day could have been a disaster considering, but we were pleasantly surprised. Bush Valley had very few recent reviews as it had been closed down for a year before we came down for the grand reopening. Although slightly rusty, we were surprised by how much we enjoyed it despite it being a somewhat middling site in its current guise. It had a real feel good feeling though we cant explain why we felt so good about it! The Mall had some very “interesting” reviews online stating that it was quite poor and rants against the marshals. We didn’t experience any of this in either of our visits. So that in itself was a surprise. Most unique site – Will we ever see the likes of these again if they closed down? 1) The Mall (Reading) 2) Red 1: The Fort Borstal (Kent) 3) Battle Paintball and Airsoft (East Sussex) The Mall was a Mall. Probably never seen again. The Fort is a fort, I believe not the first ever for Airsoft in Kent, but the only one we are aware of in the South East at the moment. BPAA, it’s a freaking Victorian Zoo, though there isn’t much of it left. It’s a huge site though, which is unique in itself. Site where we had the most fun – Might not have been the best sites, but definitely had the best experience. 1) The Mall (Berkshire) 2) Airsoft Plantation (Essex) 3) Bush Valley Airsoft (Kent) At the Mall, we felt operator as fuck and I hate the O word. We wanted to do better than our decaying bodies would let us. It was dark, scary and it fucking hurt. But we bore it with good grace and laughed any problems off. Airsoft Plantations double decker bus was hilarious, the site design and variety had us guessing what was around the corner, and the players were good to battle with as well. Personally I hate lots of players on a Sunday, but even with 140+, I had fun. Bush Valley Airsoft, again we can’t explain why we had fun. We just did and had some really great moments flanking the enemy. I wish I could describe it better! Site with Strictest Chrono: Airsoft Billericay, BPAA, The Mall, Apocalypse Airsoft and Battle Lakes share this crown. Both have very strict chrono, no skipping weapons and they kept chronoing throughout the day. Spray and “prey” award: Tactical Warfare Croydon (London) was a bloody nightmare. Everybody used full auto and you had to use full auto to keep up. Went home after lunch! Best moment: Battle Paintball and Airsoft (East Sussex) – Last game of the year, I hid myself in some large ferns 2 or 3 times during the match. The ferns gave me amazing cover and managed to take out a team of 5 without them seeing me as well as another team of 4 later on. The Marshals were dead impressed! Best site inside the M25: Red 1 Chislehurst takes this one unsurprisingly, Bunker 51 cannot compete (Though it holds a special place in my heart) and Tactical Warfare’s Clientele is very poor. Chislehurst has great variety and is a good size. If Wasteland West Drayton was still open then this might have been a more interesting category as they were very different sites. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are taking a break until mid January so I can learn more about teching and getting more bullpups and fish related guns into a skirmishable state. I hope to do a little side reviewing of the Bristol sites as I visit my family there often.
  2. Asomodai

    Please help with pistols!!! Sub £120 budget

    Avoid 1911's as a first pistol. Even TM s struggle in the winter due to the small gas capacity. If you really want a M9 go for the TM M9 U.S. fantastic pistol out of the box. You will need to budget for it though. If your 120 quid also has to go towards mags and holster, you will likely struggle. WE 1911s are lovely to handle but worse then useless for gas capacity and the WE M9 likes to crack. The cheapest new TM pistol which is any good is likely the Glock 26 ADV. Usually around 120 quid.
  3. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I will take note of that! Its a somewhat awkward gun because of the proprietary hop unit, the extra long air nozzle and that the mags fall out when you adjust the hop unit! Should receive it after the new year. I picked it up for 105 euros at SoftAir Games.
  4. The SE Tour 2017/2018 Review and Awards thread has now been posted! 2000+ words of goodness! 


  5. Asomodai

    Project: CYMA P90 full upgrade - Build started.

    Getting started next weekend. Work finishes for Christmas on Friday where i'll have a week and a half to go for it! The EG1000 has been replaced with an SLD High Torque as I wasn't sure the TM would have pulled the gears. I may also switch out the 14:1 set for a 13:1 set.
  6. Hello all. In a drunken stupor on Saturday night I decided to work on a project over the Christmas period. I work in Education so I get a fair few days off. I looked up that P90 gearboxes and takedowns are pretty easy so felt that was the way to go. £75 for the CYMA CM.060B seemed a bargain. I have changed barrels and bucking on an AEG before as well as a GBB pistol but beyond that I have always paid for upgrades on my RIFS. To save money and learn a bit, I felt it time to work on a gearbox for the first time. Even if the stock parts are OK I have decided to replace as much as I can to learn more about the type of parts I need to buy and be able to put them together. The other challenge is I want to try and keep the budget for the gun and the parts under £200. --------------------------------------------------------------------- The following is what I already purchased. CYMA CM.060B: £75 Element Gearbox Shims: £1.50 SHS M90 Spring (Though I believe it's rated for M100): £2.50 FMA P90 QD Sling mount (Not sure if I need this): £2.00 SHS P90 Aluminium Air Nozzle: £2.00 XCortech XET304u Mosfet: £7.80 Specna Arms 14:1 steel gears: £14.33 Prowin P90 CNC Hop up unit: £22.00 King Arms P90 Tappet plate: £10 Prommy Purple Bucking: £10 Guarder Cylinder enhancement set for P90 (Including piston): £45 Guarder Steel Bushing set for P90: £13.50 Ultimate Spring Guide for version 6 gearboxes: £11 Tokyo Marui EG1000 Max Motor. (Not counted towards original budget) Laylax FF P90 Custom magazine catch (External and optional so not counted towards the budget) Deans connector Decent wire. Running total: £147 - Remaining budget: £0.00 (Overbudget, £216.50 for everything so far.) --------------------------------------------------------------------- The following is what I already have. Tokyo Marui AUG barrel. (Should fit, if not I will cut it down by 20mm) Swiss Arms P90 harness kit (Bought it being told it was for an F2000, but wasn't!) ICS M4 style flash hider. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I need to make a decision with regards to the build. I would like a fairly high speed build, but would depend on whether I use 7.4v or 11.1v. What sort of grease should I be using for the gearbox? Thanks for listening!
  7. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Had been looking at finishing up my fishy trio. Managed to pick up an Italian classic. The ARX 160. Really wanted it in Tan so had to plump for the cheaper sports line model. So that's the F2000 boat, XM8 Tactical Tuna and the ARX side of Salmon. Snagged it for only 120 quid including shipping from Italy. Thinking of ordering the long barrel for it.
  8. Soooo. S&T ARX160, Anyone got one? Opinions? Upgrade path? Thinking of getting the sportsline as I dont want the EBB and would be gutting it anyway. Want to complete the unholy triumvirate of Fish guns. 

    1. AK47frizzle


      It's just a standard m4 with a fancy shell

  9. Asomodai

    Gun picture thread

    Love the look of these. Airsoftcam man did a days skirmish with one on his latest video, however the cylinder (Not sure if its the right terminology, know nothing about bolt action) was made of cheese and had to replace it as it became very loose and hard to pull the bolt. Have you experienced this?
  10. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Scant days later I just splurged again, but not on an inner barrel, tappet plate or mosfet. Decided to go the whole hog and double down on my temperamental SL8 DMR. Gonna take it to a tech who has a long range to test things out. For JG SL8 DMR SHS Bore Up one piece Cylinder/head SHS Piston Head (6 Vent Alu) SHS Spring guide V3 ZCI Advanced 13:1 gear set. And for my JG MP5 SHS Spring guide V2 ZCI Gear delayer (Probably wont need it, but thought it useful for my parts drawer.) For my ICS L85 SLD Neo High Torque motor (Already have one ready to go in the SL8)
  11. Asomodai


    Picked up some more bits and pieces. AK2M4 gave some great advice before purchase as well.
  12. Hello all. I was looking into improving the compression of my JG SL8. It has a 509mm barrel. Some people say that you get a little percentage increase in FPS with a bore up kit, but you need a 509mm barrel or more to take advantage of it. However most bore up kits I see have a ported cylinder, which you usually wouldn't use with a barrel over 400mm. So what gives? Why have a bore up kit with a ported cylinder? I would like to purchase the Guarder G36 bore up kit, but the cylinder is ported.
  13. Site Name: Ace Combat Telephone number: 01303814803 Website Address: https://acecombat.co.uk/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AcecombatA/ Site Address: Brenchley, Tonbridge TN12 7DG My battle buddy and I popped along to Ace Combat on Today. This is one of the oldest airsoft sites still in existence at around about 12 years old. Previous online and in person reviews have been very positive. It is a Medium sized woodland/open field site. a fair few cover positions but not many buildings. One or two natural pathways. Medium to long engagement distances. Very little in the way of water features beyond puddles. Some fairly large hard to see holes in the undergrowth (due to autumnal leaves). One or two fairly large open field sections for sniping. Good: Opportunistic field of play: Due to the layout of the woodland areas, it is fairly easy to get around the enemy and shoot down the flanks in surprise. Lots of layered cover. Game Modes: Detailed though somewhat complicated game modes were available. Multi point bases and capture the flag modes. One particular mode was a big miss, but the rest was pretty good. Marshalling: Were pretty hands off on the field and chilled. Player marshals were quite useful. Pyro: Whilst the pyro that players were allowed to use were limited (No TAG rounds). The site uses some pretty powerful pyro in the middle of scenarios which can create genuine atmosphere and fear. Strict Chrono: Everybody had a number on their armbands which was linked to the chrono sheet/weapons used. This is a fairly good way of keeping track of what weapons players were using on the field and if there was a problem, they could see if it was chronoed or not. They were very strict on Chrono and didn't allow any exceptions. DMR limit is high at 450 FPS as it should be. Average: N/A: Quite polarising. Bad: Food: Poor selection available. Either Bacon rolls for lunch or egg for vegetarians. As someone who does not eat pork and hates egg, it was a bit of a let down with no alternative apart from a small selection of chocolate and crisps. Safe Zone: One of the smallest safe zones we have been to, it is essentially a small cutting at the side of a dirt track, some undercover space but we had to go out of site behind the shipping container and setup on the mud which was pretty much the only space available, If it had been raining we would have been completely soaked. This was a pretty terrible experience. Shop: Quite frankly, one of the worst shops we have seen on a site. No weapons for sale, there was a boneyard section which had things that were beyond useful. There was a fairly good selection of gas and bb's. Very few mags and eyepro variety's. Parking: Parking was limited with players have to park in front of others essentially blocking them in. Everyone got a space, but whether you would call it a space is pushing the limits of the imagination. Safety brief/mission briefs: We felt that both were a bit too long. The safety brief did to its credit cover everything, but I have seen them delivered better elsewhere. Mission briefs were also long winded. Players fidgeted quite a bit after a while. Bang Rule: Not a huge fan of this. Never seen it in use at all the sites we have reviewed. Didn't really work very well. No range: The range was closed outside of Chrono. You were not allowed onto the field to test your weapons if it was during a break or lunch. Toilets: Two portacabins close to the safe zone. Not the best. Conclusion: For £26 we think you can go to better sites in Kent. The playing area was OK, but nothing special. The clientele was neither good nor bad, some decent players, the rental kids needed a bit of guidance and tended to lose heart quite easily. What lets the site down is the things going on out of the playing area. The safe zone was a very poor experience and put a damper on the day. The turnout was pretty big at around 80-100 many of which appeared to be regulars, which is good for a site in the middle of nowhere, but we don't quite see what they seem to be seeing. Unfortunately we aren't fans. Bullpup Watch: Two, a Cyma F2000 and a P90 (Though again, its not a real bullpup!) I brought three guns and for a first, none of them were bullpups. Figures that one of them was too hot for the site and the other ones hop up failed straight away. Note: Photo attached is of the battlebuddy with his new Cyma G36 I got him for his birthday . I somehow managed to tear apart his gearbox the night before to downgrade and rebuild in time for the day. (I am dead proud!)
  14. The closest we have come to a perfect site is Airsoft Plantation and I believe the little bits we complained about have been addressed! But oddly enough, it wasn't the most "fun" site we have been to. Its interesting how well reviewed sites do not necessarily mean the most fun! (Though we did have a fantastic time at AP) Also, thank you for your comments. Its nice to know that many people have read my stuff!
  15. Asomodai

    G&G UMG Advise

    It depends on how many teeth you would take out to short stroke. I am not the best to advise on this!
  16. Asomodai

    G&G UMG Advise

    You would probably want to at least short stroke it and put a stronger spring.
  17. Ebay currently has 10% off deal for the day and it applies to the real steel FAMAS top rail. It's still £145 that I don't have, but I have been eyeing it for almost a year now. It will need some fettling to get it on either of my FAMAS but I have the kit needed to do it. Got til midnight to decide! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rail-p-g-m-famas-professionnel-militaire-armée/141934353042?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649

  18. Asomodai

    v3 trigger clicks after shot in semi-auto

    I have the same in my V2 MP5 gearbox. Totally normal, though it doesn't happen in any of my other rifles.
  19. On offer if you dont mind the import duty. https://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Holiday-Special-Classic-Army-AR10-AEG-Airsoft-Rifle-Black-Factory-Direct-38410/ Officially discontinued and has been for some time so you best jump on it.
  20. A long type neo torque motor and a short type neo motor. I have bought so much this year that I can't really expect anything else!
  21. I am after a reliable tech in or around East London/Essex who can work on a couple of G36 based RIFs and has access to a long distance range to test them.

    As I am restricted to public transport they would need to be fairly close to a train station or well served bus!

    Cheers 1f609.png

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    2. rocketdogbert


      Ah cool, who’s that? I used to live on Canvey.


      Fettling, yes, it will be barrel alignment with hop, if it’s not perfect it will do that at range. Or the barrel is shite lol

    3. Asomodai


      Miguel at Camocustom. I think the problem is exacerbated by the design of G36 style rifles. Quite a bit of weight from the outer barrels going through a non supporting rail system. So I need a bodge to make it just right!

      Both barrels are prommy tightbores 🙂

    4. rocketdogbert


      Not heard of them, are they part of CAMOraids?

  22. Asomodai

    Spares for sale

    What size are the inner barrels there? Exact model?
  23. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Stock its actually a fantastic gun bar the loose hop unit arm, I needed to buy the P90 mags and the Hop strike chamber so might as well add some more bits to make it worthwhile importing 😉
  24. Asomodai

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Coming from Hong Kong mate and I have a p90 to gut and upgrade before then!
  25. Terrible forum suggestion no 1:  Create a stickied thread for people to post regarding "I could buy this airsoft related product, but I dont know if I should. Convince me" 

    Eyeing up the WE CT25 mini pistol...

    1. clumpyedge


      Would probably be better than the posts saying "I've just bought X costing X, is it any good?"

    2. Druid799


      No need , just buy it and if it’s crap keep your regrets to your self say how utterly awesome it is ! AND then try and dump it on an unsuspecting noob for three times what you paid for it ! 😈