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  1. My battle buddy and I popped along to Battle lakes recently. We had heard many good things about the site and decided to check it out for the day. Varied woodland site. Not much in the way of CQB that we saw. Medium to Long engagement distances. Mostly flat with long gentle slopes. Water features. Positives: It is a very beautiful site, flowers, sites and smells. Wonderful area. Parking is plentiful. Marshalling, especially the head marshall were brilliant. The best I have ever seen. They are pretty hands off in the battle, but hands on in the briefing area. Everything was explained clearly and concisely. Apparently they were short handed on the day, but you wouldn't have known ** (See negatives). General demeanor of the players is quite good, players are honest and take their hits. The shop was pretty good. Good choice of rifles and gear. They also sell customers second hand rifles which is nice to see. Nothing I was interested in unfortunately, though maybe that should be a plus point! Part of the safe zone was an actual proper building, the outdoor parts were very well built and you felt like you were actually safe. Food was free with the walk on fee and EXCELLENT. What seemed to be home made chilli was very good, they have veg options and hot dogs for people who booked ahead. Free chilled water from the water fountain. Negatives: Divisive but I am not too keen on the medic rule. Its needlessly complicated. Instead of being able to shuffle towards a friendly unless shot, my personal preference is to only allow people to stay put. The rule could be abused and for me was a little confusing in its implementation. This could well be me not listening closely enough though. **Unfortunately due to the lack of marshalls, large sections of the site were not used. So I cannot comment about the variety of the landscape in the site. What we did play on was good and fairly large. Conclusion: Battle Lakes, don't change! Marshalls, don't leave! We had an excellent day even though it was sweltering temps. Although my battle buddy and I are going around all the sites one by one, we will definitely be back to check out the rest of the site.
  2. I think that is both the beauty and downfall of reviews. With Airsoft things rarely seem to be the same week in week out. I think the mettle of a site is gauged from consistently good reviews over time. I can well imagine there being bad days here as well!
  3. Hello All. This is one of the few sites I have visited more then once. It is based on the London/Kent border and is easily reached by public transport from central London. Reviews are usually fairly good with this site. It is a small woodland site with CQB elements with Short to Medium range engagement distances. The site is almost perfectly flat with few inclines. Positives: Commutable distance to London: The site is a bus trip away from North Greenwich. Whilst this positive is not about the actual site, the fact that it is a commutable distance from London for the transport challenged airsofters like myself is a great selling point Small but well formed: The site does the best it can with the space available. There are TWO CQB villages and each have plenty of buildings and variation. There is a well thought out trench system which is always fun to use. Marshaling: It is pretty well enforced, I think being close to London means that you can get some immature players, but the Marshals do clamp down on any obvious shenanigans. Marshals are friendly and approachable. Safe zone: Whilst safe zone is under tarpaulin, there is usually a good amount of space to setup and is dry. Numbers: Whilst the site is fairly small, it doesn't seem massively overcrowded even when fully booked. As I said earlier they do very well with the space they have. Negatives: Food: Standard takeaway pizza affair. Not the cheapest, but I imagine it is provided close to cost price. First come first served basis, so if you are a veggie and you go for food last you might be out of luck. Shop: Small and inconsistently stocked. More for emergency supplies then anything. CQB game mode: One of the game modes involves being solely in the village and following a linear path. This is the only time where the site shows its space limitations. The marshals insist on the attacking team assaulting buildings in a certain order. This game mode is tight, painful, frustrating and slow. I understand CQB can be like this, but it is not that fun at all. My advice would be to widen the attack vector or split the teams up and have separate CQB games in both villages at the same time. No Smoke: Due to its close proximity to football pitches, generally you are not allowed to use smoke if games are on. Conclusion: Airsofting in London is difficult, sites find it hard to stay afloat considering how expensive it is. This is one of the easiest sites to get to for people living in the city so it deserves our support, encouragement and money. The positives outweigh the negatives, its a good site and good people. You WILL have a good time. Overall It is the best site within the M25 as of writing.
  4. Hello all. The only site that is genuinely in the London area. Take the underground to North Greenwich and a bus to the Thames barrier. Previous reviewers have rated this site mostly negative for the play area and average for the Marshaling. This is a very very small Urban site, Short range engagement distance only and with little elevation. Positives: Location: The overwhelming positive is it's location, whilst not easy to get to by London standards (Not on underground and not exactly situated in the safest area) it is the closest site. It fills a niche that no other site fills. CQB setup: The actual site has plenty of features for it's size, barrels, bunkers, jail, clapped out pickup truck and the dirty smelly alleyway. Bunker 51 gets ridiculed for it's size quite often, but it genuinely does the best it can with that space. Beginner Friendly: The site is usually peoples first taste of airsoft (It was for me). It's tough but friendly. If you can survive a night being shot at all angles at bunker, you have pretty much gone through the worst pain airsoft has to offer. You could think of that as a negative, but it does give the full airsoft experience from that perspective. Plenty of new players come through the doors but everyone is friendly to them and accept that they were once new themselves. Marshal Jokes: Its a bit of a laugh. The marshals are mostly friendly and funny guys. They can give good advice and patient with new players. They don't suffer fools lightly which is a positive. UKARA Spam: This is one of the easiest places to get a UKARA number. 3 3 hour sessions and you have it. Bunker 51 run something akin to a hire to buy scheme. Buy whatever you want from Wolf Armories even without a UKARA number and they take it to Bunker 51 for you so you can use for that session, they will take it back to the shop and hold onto it until you complete your three skirmishes. Negatives: Size: Look, it's small and everyone comments on that, though in its defense no one is under any illusions as to what the venue is. Even the Marshals take the mick out of it! Despite the best efforts for changing up the game modes, it can be quite limiting as to what can be played. Could do with more safe zone space as well, don't bring much gear. Expense: As its London, I imagine the lease rate is quite high. But £30 for walk on fee is incredibly high considering you only get at most 3 hours of battle on a Saturday night. As Bunker 51 has a monopoly in London, they can charge quite a bit and be pretty much full every Saturday night supply and demand dictates the price here. Shop: There is none, no food either. Not surprised though given its location. Dark, wet and smelly: Running joke, but it really is wet and smelly. It is incredibly dark in places and hard to work out if you have hit anyone or even if you have fired a BB. Bring a tracer unit and you can have plenty of fun though! Chrono: I have never seen anyone have their rifle be Chronoed. It just doesn't happen. Its dangerous, especially considering the extremely short engagement distances. Conclusion: It is what it is. It has a monopolized position in London. It cannot be any better then it already is because of its location and size. But... it is fun, you can make friends there, its a good starting point for the sport and with a tracer unit can be quite rewarding. I feel that Bunker is a site you get out what you put into it. People are allowed to ridicule it. But we are incredibly grateful that it exists. My only advice would be that the site owners need to start chronoing regularly.
  5. Hello All. One of the big two in the Billericay area (Other is Plantation.) Fairly easy to get to from Central London. TFL rail to Shenfield, one or two stops on national rail and a 20 minute walk at the end. This sites previous reviews have been positive for the game area, slightly less so for the Marshaling. This site is a huge woodland site. Has a Short/Medium/Long engagement distance and is very hilly in places, especially immediately after the safe zone. Can be tough for the unfit. Positives: HUGE site: This site is bigger then the acreage statement would have you believe. It is simply massive, very easy to get lost in. Quite often they split it in half to cater for paintballers and even then its almost too big. The actual woodland itself isn't massively varied, quite wild, slopes with a stream running through it. There is a small CQB section. Site Shop: Huge proper shop here. Probably the best I have seen on site, with a full armory, good brands. Better stock then some bricks and mortar shops. They also have an on-site tech that helped me out for free. Marshaling: Out on the field, the Marshaling is efficient and hands off. No real problems here and they do follow up on complaints. Clientele: Generally well behaved airsofters. Some problems with hit taking from the younger minority but are sat on quite quickly by the elders. Negatives: CQB Sections: The site relies on its massive nature as its big draw, this could be developed so much more. The current main CQB section is a bunch of barrels stacked on top of each-other. It's adequate, but very easy to peek over the "virtual" walls. It's not big enough to hold the large numbers of players in the central section. If they put in some real buildings and fencing this would be very good. FPS confusion/limits: The site as mentioned is huge, but it does not take advantage of its long engagement distance. From what I gather on the website DMR's can only be around 350 FPS. The bolt action limit is only 450 FPS. Whilst i generally subscribe to the idea that FPS does not necessarily mean more range, it would be nice to play to the sites characteristics. Safe zone: The safe area is fairly big, but a large portion of it is not covered. Bring wet sacks, umbrellas etc. Conclusion: Despite the negatives, the positives really do outweigh almost all of the negatives. The huge nature of the site is a real boon and you should definitely experience it. It will be interesting to see how it stacks up next to Plantation in a future review. The site shop is worth the visit alone. I found none of the issues people had with the Marshaling that were reported in other reviews. I will be coming back to this one soon as this experience was last year, things may have changed since!
  6. No problem. I just decided to type up everything today. I have a few more to do. Reforger is definitely on my list now that the people who used to run Wasteland moved there. It is a real shame Wasteland is gone, was a brilliant site despite it's obvious shortcomings. I think the next site we'll be going to is Airsoft Plantation on the 1st of July.
  7. Asomodai

    South east games 22nd July

    I would have said Battlelakes but you seem to be a regular there already! Though their calendar is down at the moment, if you want to try something on a small scale, give Red 1 Chislehurst a try. I just wrote up a fairly in-depth review in the reviews section.
  8. Hello all. The battlebuddy and I took our South East tour to Apocalypse in Sittingbourne, Kent a few months ago. We had heard mixed reviews on the site, mostly poor marshaling but good site. It was a woodland site with CQB and long range elements. Short/Medium and Long range engagement distances. The site is pretty much flat apart from one end which has a mostly unused undulation. Positives: Fantastic structures. Clearly the best part of the site is the structures. A lot of thought and effort has been put into them. Dressed up as a Vietnam village and arena. Very sturdy and well built with genuine two or three story structures. The buildings are not just limited to the village area. The fort and trench section is incredible. Occasional use of a vehicle. They tried to unsuccessfully incorporate vehicles into the game. Unfortunately it's clutch went, but at least the attempt was made. I believe they have brought in a better purposed jeep since we played. Safe zone. Outdoors, but well sheltered considering. COAT HOOKS. Food was reasonable. A real toilet. Overall Marshaling was good once in game. They were on top of what was going on and sanctioned people. Player base appeared to be fairly mature. Most people took their hits well. Friendly and appears to have a good section of regulars. Negatives: Marshall/Owner sales pitch. The owner of the site runs the UKASA scheme, an alternative to UKARA. Whilst in theory it is a better system, it just not widely used. We were all brought together in the safe zone for what we thought was a brief for the next mission, but turned out to be an extended sales pitch for UKASA which ate up 30 minutes of playing time. The owner can do what he likes with his site, but I was very unimpressed with this behavior. Some of the claims made for UKASA were somewhat dubious. Game turnaround: Safety briefing took quite some time, the turn around between battles was very long and drawn out. Include the UKASA sales pitch and we were incredibly bored and frustrated by the time we got out on the field. Shop: I actually found a couple of things I would have liked to buy at the shop. But it didn't have a particularly varied selection quality or quantity wise. Loved the fact they had proper velcro arm bands you could buy (Which i did) but not great otherwise. Needs to expand. Chrono/Engagement distances: Though this might be a personal issue. I did get hit very hard in the head from someone on a sniper tower I was assaulting whilst underneath. Normally not a problem, but it came very tight and under 5 metres distance. Usually I shake this off, but I am still scarred a few months on. I suspected the rifle was running hot. The Marshals to their credit did show concern as they saw it happen and told the guy to not full auto at such close distance. However I would have liked for them to have re-chronoed the guys gun as I was bleeding profusely. Parking: Nature of the site, but bring a 4X4 if you can. There is a long muddy climb up to the safe zone. There is some limited parking for non 4X4's at the bottom of the hill but you need to get their early to grab a space and you need to slog up the hill with all of your gear. Conclusion: I do recommend this site for someone to visit at least once. Some basic steps need to made to make this a genuinely good site. The actual play area is one of the best. You wont find a more authentic village/CQB section in the South East. Reduce the turn around time, improve the shop, remove the UKASA sales pitch, inform people of parking issues beforehand and this will be a must visit!
  9. I have heard that a lot. It is a bit difficult for us as we are based in East and South London respectively. We will try and make the effort to go on a Thursday!
  10. I didn't know know whether to write a new thread about it or post in the existing one. I am hoping to do a little series of reviews of my findings in the South East. My battle buddy and I haven't been the Mall yet and have been meaning to for some time. We hear good things about the site, but bad about the marshaling. So hearing that Battle Lakes were run by the same people as the mall and got such a good impression of the marshaling at Battle Lakes was a pleasant surprise.
  11. Hello all. The battlebuddy and I took our South East tour to Croydon's woodland site last Saturday. We hadn't heard many particularly good things about this site, but we thought we would check it out for ourselves. Small CQB Woodland. Short to Medium engagement distances. Small vertical undulations with one large pit. Positives: It is a small CQB woodland site, with a very large village section which, whilst it doesn't look particularly realistic, it does have plenty of interesting buildings with nooks and crannies. The woodland section is fairly narrow, but some good cover and the "Pit" section is an excellent feature, fairly unique in my opinion. The marshalls try to cram as many games in a short time and only return to the safe zone as a group once a day, players are encouraged to bring as much ammo with them as possible. Food was great for what it is. Burgers, Hot dogs, nice chips and vegetarian options. The price is excellent at £20 for walk ons. I havent been anywhere cheaper. Parking is hilly but plentiful. Skirmishes occur on a Saturday, any site that plays on a Saturday is good for the date challenged. Negatives: Clientele, being close to Croydon means that the overall age of the player is quite young, which means a large amount of new players and rentals. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but the lack of maturity in numbers and amount of overkill was ridiculous, even after people called their hits loudly the person shooting laughed and kept firing. Full auto is allowed for about half the site, usually not a problem but I had never seen so much plastic being flung in such a small area. The site needs to have a 3 second burst rule. It was as if everyone had a support weapon. Dead men don't talk, was a rule that was not explained to people and not enforced. My position was given away a number of times by dead players. I have never complained of cheating at sites before, I have experienced it, but never felt the need to bring it up. This site is RAMPANT for cheating. The younger players failed to take their hits even after being full auto'ed in the helmet. People were screaming at each other to take their hits and the marshalls lackadaisical attitude was telling. (Though to be honest, dealing with these players week in, week out would test anyones patience and enthusiasm for the job) Safe zone and site is too small for the numbers that show up. Sometimes 120 players show up, in this particular instance only 90 turned up and there was only space for 30-40 in the safe zone, most people had to setup out of the back of their cars. The site has natural and enforced choke points which made it difficult to advance with so many players in battle. The shop was poorly stocked in comparison to other sites, the charging facility was only available for NimH. No lipos allowed. Wouldn't be a problem if they stated this on their website. Safety brief was... brief and it showed with the general attitude that players had towards the game. Conclusion: I would not recommend this site to experienced/older players or people who are into even just a hint of realism. Both my mate and I were signed up for the full day and like many others left during the lunch period. As full auto is in massive use at this site, you need to use it to compete. I managed to get through 2700 bbs in just half a day. This is more then twice what I would usually use for a full day at any other site. The CQB elements were very good and the pit was amazing to look at though too many players made it not fun to attack or defend.
  12. The site would be much better if they attracted a few more mature minded players. It could raise the standards of the more immature ones.
  13. It appears that Airsoft Imports have one. https://airsoftimports.co.uk/products/npoaeg-sr-3m-model-full-steel-aeg
  14. Asomodai

    Airsoft Ruined Movies For Me

    The Famas and MK23 were used in the first MGS simply because they were the blockiest/easiest guns to model on the relatively low powered PS1 chipset. Modelling any other gun that actually looks like it's real life counterpart would have been very difficult.
  15. Time Left: 6 hours and 29 minutes

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    New S&T Tavor Professional with EBB. Never been used except to test that it works. Another project I didn't get off the ground. This is the rare keymod rail version with built in torch. Nylon fibre body. Metal gearbox. Comes with hi cap mag. This was imported from France. Unknown FPS. Comes with original box. Reduced to just £200 pickup from Dagenham or London. No shipping sorry.

    200.00 GBP

  16. Absolutely. I am not desperate for the money at all. I cant stand haggling which is why I put "No Haggling" in all of my adverts. The price is cheaper then any other on the market. As it stands I have only skirmished It 5 times
  17. I submit to you guys this gaslighting "buyer" for my ICS Ape. Its for sale at £195, upgraded with a Prommy Tightbore barrel, Prommy purple bucking, Mosfet and a few other extras. It's 9 months old. Copy pasta'ad. I reckon hes a bit of a dreamer and a chancer! He realises that I am right then makes it seem like I went off the handle to save face!
  18. Somehow I doubt he will sell it. I have a S&T Tavor pro with keymod which is brand new, not massively easy to get of and a third off of the price of the cheapest new one for sale in a shop. I haven't sold it despite advertising for a month! Good luck to him. Ha!
  19. Asomodai

    Dragons Lair- Ongar

    This is a shame. It was one site I was hoping to visit soon as its fairly close. I didn't realise it was as small as you describe as well!
  20. Asomodai

    New Classifieds format

    I would also agree. Sold a couple of things quite easily before for what I would call "Normal" prices. I have put 3 RIFS up for sale recently and have dropped the price to what I would call "Almost a steal" prices and I haven't had any enquiries whatsoever. Either the market has slowed down significantly for whatever reason, or the new classifieds have affected sales.
  21. Asomodai

    London Airsofters

    Its not a bad journey from the Dagenham area. Get TFL rail to Shenfield then a national rail service one stop for Billericay area. If you are closer to the estuary and more central, take a look at Red 1 Chislehurst, its a bus journey from North Greenwich. Small woodland site.
  22. Asomodai

    London Airsofters

    You'll be looking at Plantation, Dragons Lair and Billericay.
  23. Asomodai

    Buying blind (so to speak)

    I haven't been disappointed with my blind purchases, especially if there are few alternatives and I do my research. Shooting too hot is fine especially if it's a quick change spring. If its something like C02 powered it might be problematic. I say go for it!
  24. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I have a new JG SL8 for sale. I bought this to convert to semi only and use as a DMR. I no longer have time for the project. I have only put 10 BBS through it to test, it has full auto still. Otherwise it is new. It includes the full length upgraded scope rail, the original low profile rail, a scope and 6 low cap mags. Again all brand new, imported from the EU mainland. Everything works as it should. Unknown FPS, No box or bag. I am based in Dagenham/London. No shipping, No Haggling.

    130.00 GBP

  25. Time Left: 6 hours and 29 minutes

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    I have a used ICS CXP Ape. Keymod, split gearbox and EBB. It has a Prometheus 6.03 barrel (extended into the silencer) prommy purple bucking, Finfet MOSFET. Includes one black ICS High cap, one tan ICS midcap and two replacement EBB bolt covers. Metal receiver. Selling as its a bit heavy for me. Used in 5 skirmishes. Some scratches/signs of use. But a great gun with good range. Chronoed at 341 FPS last week. No box or case. £195 pickup from Dagenham/London only. No shipping and no haggling.

    195.00 GBP