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  1. First time I took my kit my pistol fell out its holster twice and it ejected the mag in the gun 4 times, luckily I or somone. Nearby noticed every time so I didnt leave empty holstered... I baught a cloth holster that clearly doesnt work with glocks. After that id always recommend kydax/hardcased locking holsters
  2. As I say, this is interpretation as there is no guidance yet. The interpretation being If it was designed for full auto fire, its always capable of it. Whereas a gun with a low power spring is designed to be at whatever power the spring is. Its all guessing at this point
  3. The way a lot have interpreted the way its written is as it must me semi only from the factory to class as single shot
  4. Also to add, my crb which is also from bespoke, I questioned before purchasing and they said that all of them were actually the UK spec. Not the original us/eu specs. I dont see why the PDW would be different
  5. But surely putting it on would class as manufacturing a RIF, then again thats not what he asked. Then again good luck to anyone proving it wasnt like that when you got it.
  6. Ive never used a TM gun so cant comment accurately, however i highly doubt its done any damage if it cant get the slide to lock back. In terms of a gas its just slightly more towards colder weather and more power. Since your not getting any power, probably not an issue.
  7. The slide not locking means theres not enough gas pressure left to fully cycle the slide back or the mag itself isnt pushing the lock up. If you have an empty mag in and pull the slide back and it locks, its a gas pressure issue. Probably firing too fast causing cooldown so there isnt enough umph by the last shot, happens regular with my glock if I fire quickly using nuprol gas
  8. As you may have expected, asg have pulled their UK variants of the hpa evo and will not be importing any for the forseeable future due to legal concerns. Think most people saw this coming, untill theres proper guidelines, companies just cant risk it.
  9. im not sure what brand, was an american import, it worked but the trigger response was awful, and it weighed twice as much.
  10. This, the feel and general out of box quality is great, after running my mates Sig 551 because i knackered my battery contacts i really appreciated how spectacular well... EVERYTHING about the krytacs are in comparison. Also magwise, id recommend PTS EPMS if you have the cash for em, theyre epic mags, but those linked are as they said, best for the money.
  11. you can check yourself on the UKARA database with your address afaik
  12. Or get one of the stocks that come on the new krytacs and itl fit almost anything
  13. Quick update, fired a mag through it no issues with the clanky noise, one jam but I think that was my fault mistiming the trigger in semi, cleared itself when I clicked into auto
  14. For thowe who arent aware this has now received royal ascent meaning it is now law, apparantly further guidance is due soon
  15. Didnt have chance to put any bbs through, it was half 9 or 10 last night when I was finished fixing my own mess, just checked that it cycled