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  1. Kash

    ASG CZ Skorpion Evo owners ?

    I use an 11.1v for my SMG, and it works flawlessly, however i also have the BET and it double fires and locks the gearbox, so think the BET/Carbines are a bit more tempremental
  2. Kash

    Ak74u mosfet+ trigger unit

    Probably a stupid question, but how exactly do i wire in a mosfet without needing to open it up? The trigger mech really that diff on a V3? only even been in a v2
  3. Kash

    Ak 74 mags

    Really? maby they just dont fit right on the E&L? Im just after some quality mags for my AK that fit the E&L properly, and since its a classic look wooden one, the US palm ones look wierd, and are way expensive. Found a pack of 10 G&P for 85 quid before postage somewhere the other day hence asking if theyre any cop. There anything else worth looking at?
  4. Kash

    Ak 74 mags

    So, currently im using mag brand 74 bakelite mags in my e&l, they work, but their cap is low for a midcap and the build quality is fairly mediocre, I hear that g+p are better and fit and feed brill. Amd they come in 150 round capacity Anyone have any experience with them, or any other mag for that matter? Not looking to use cyma, based on other experience as they seem no better than mag.
  5. Kash

    Ak74u mosfet+ trigger unit

    I was looking at the smaller gate fets so I could go 11.1 but my main bother is the trigger pull. About a month ago I saw some chimera v3s in stock at a smaller retailer I know, but when I actually thought about doing it, gone, as per usual
  6. So I got an E&L aks74un which is fantastic in almost every way. My only very minor whinge is the lack of mosfet and quite long trigger pull. Since a v2 mosfet unit like a gate titan wont fit, does anyone have any suggestions, bear in mind its the smg so, minimal space for any extra outside the gearbox parts.. The only thing ive found was a chimera, but stock is like unicorn tears it seems. And while im here, anyone got any experience with the tech dep at patrolbase or op7 in sheffield dunno it I dare crack open a gearbox in a gun this expensive
  7. Kash


    If you can afford it, get yourself a gen2 E&L Insane bits of kit, easily outranges my krytac out the box Mind you, theyre not cheap
  8. Im looking for one of these AK adapters, dont fancy paying $40 shipping on top of the $30 and then whatever import on top...
  9. Kash

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Tm hi-capa gold match Two mags for it Active retention holster Two hsgi pistol tacos cause they were 10% off so I have some really poor justification for spending that much on two pouches when the missus gets mad for it
  10. Kash

    Optic Reccomendations

    UTG red dot. Real steel sight, works a treat, nice and rugged already dropped it scope first onto the stones n no scratches. Also has double locking nuts that make it practically impossible to knock off zero, especially at tippman level recoil I have this, cost me 60 quid at the time, https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Sports-Outdoors/UTG-Green-Riser-Adaptor-Mount-Flip-Open-Sight/B004HICPHW theres a lot of differing versions depending on what your after.
  11. Kash

    reccommendations for new M4 mags.

    If you dont mind spending the brass, PTS EPMs Top notch mags, dont come with yhat follower tho, youd only drop about 4, and theyre 150 round mags
  12. More specifically the 5.1 gold match. I heard that normally tm guns should use 144a given theyre mostly polymer however the gold match has metal reinforcments, and many websites seem to recommend running them on green gas, anyone any experience with this?
  13. Kash

    Echigoya Airsoft Tokyo

    These guys now have a full english site. Just ordered off em, hopefully no issues... My bad on the necro, fairly sure this was in the "places to buy" bit
  14. Kash

    Krytac Replacement Parts?

    Aren't shield like, notoriously useless to deal with?
  15. Hey, Looking for advice wheres a good place to get either replacement OEM parts / different length uppers or upgrade parts for a Krytac crb? Also, is there any parts worth upgrading? Looking to get the absolute best out of it, as great as it already is. No nearby shops so, no R Hops, something i could do relatively easily myself. Cheers