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  1. yeah i dont mind driving and were all around 22 years old so its no problem
  2. sorry type on my phone and it doesnt let me edit the bloody thing after! was asking if you carry your gear at all times or you have set places to leave them when it isnt needed but its been answered aha thanks
  3. evening all. ao ive been going to the local sites for a while now and im looking to get a little more serious and try some milsims and im looking for adivive and answers if possible. where is the best place to look for events. tried googling and searching the forums but my google fu isnt paying off tonight. also im running and ak47. would this restrict me to certaim milsims? i dont have any camo yet so looking to get some that would link with the ak and give me the best chance of playing. next do you have to varry all your hear with you all the time depensing of the event length? will the rules be explain at the start of the event? really nervous about my first time as i dont know what to expect! any advice / help ia greatly appreciated. thanks
  4. the gaol does which is my local few others ive been to does also
  5. yeah i see but cqb itd be helpful to move to a new position and reclaim it later or push past it?
  6. not sure maybe capsules you insert? no idea clearly isnt a thing
  7. yeah i thought it was abit iffy i heard someone at the breifing say there was a reusuable smoke and not to pick it up other than himself. but the site doesnt allow home made so was confused
  8. evening all. just wondering if there is any such thing. heard someone mention it at the weekend but i couldnt find the chap who supposedly had one. any info on them? thanks
  9. just picked up a cyma ak47 cm028a for a backup gun / woodland gun. seems quite impressive for the price!
  10. currently playing diablo 3 still, battlerite, heros of the storm and squad
  11. yeah the gaol is a really good cqb site not tried the other 2 yet
  12. hey pal im from leicester too. the local places are maw in melton. the gaol in oakham and skirmish lutterworth
  13. i only have a black cqb loadout so when the lads fancy woodland games its all i have dont see any point in buyinh woodland camo to olay 2 /3 times a year
  14. Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: ksg Accessories: 9 shells 1 normal gas tabk 1 hpa tapped gas tank Condition: very good FPS: 320 ish Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n x3 Price/Payment: 280 ono Pictures:found here https://www.prefired.com/ads/tokyo-marui-ksg/ selling my ksg as have car insurance coming up and its more important than my ksg atm. have hpa converted 1 gas tank and had to adapt the rubber at the back which gives me a bit of extra length in hand ehich feels better imo. only glued on so could be removed if wanted. you can removed the rubber and gas tank easily so you can switch back to a std gas tank if required. collection leicester
  15. also looking at this http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-ak-variants/cyma-cm-045c-aks-74u-tactical-black.htm#.WH08ucunzqA potnetial spring change and flat hop with a silencer may look appealing?