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  1. I've used the Dettol weigh mixed reviews, Yes most of the paint has come off no problems but i don't know if because the gun needed another soaking the paint on the receiver looks a little worn now . Gonna try the tar and glue remover to get the last bits off. Ps: Does the Dettol last more than one use as it's gone cloudy ?
  2. Here's my reply from Shield, nothing helpful though; We have not officially been informed but we hope to see the Vector by the end of April 2017Best regardsKen SavillShield Limited
  3. I read that on another thread, but my son has his heart set on one, if it happens then you'll prob see us down at dog tag with it.
  4. Iv'e sent an email to Shield who are supplying the retailers to see if they have any updates, see what comes back if anything
  5. Is that the A&K version, didn't think they made any
  6. The point i was trying to make is that it would be ok to buy from, for this gun, i know it's not released and there will be limited stocks but if there is a chance to get hold of one !
  7. I know that most will say don't buy from anything with JUST or BB in the name but i may have an opportunity to get hold of a vector, through a friend of a friend , being this would be a krytac Vector i'm thinking it would be ok, as there are no clones that i know of.
  8. I think most have covered this point, but from my point of view, i brought an semi plastic M4 for around £70, i found a full metal upper & lower for £35 and then got a full metal floating RAS for another £30. All in all my son's Full metal M4 cost me £135 shoots good enough to contend with all others and it was way less than £300.00. Thats why, also the retailers need to know that yes it would be nice to own a £300 gun , but being mass produced prob from china shouldn't come with such a price tag. Popular sport Exploit the player Quote :Krytac free draw for a chance to win a Vector (buy a new gun to be entered)
  9. Dettol, works fine but must admit it does stink the house out, lol
  10. It's a gr8 alternative, if you cut a strip along the length of the insulation and wrap it around the barrel then use insulation tape to hold in place i think you will see that you can get a very tight fit all the way down the barrel. I've done it and my sniper shouts perfectly straight.
  11. go get some pipe insulation from a diy store, cut it unto strips and tape to the barrel
  12. 2nd April Sidcup area
  13. try getting some thin black tie wraps to.
  14. For those who want a laugh, i've been tinkering with a block 18c aep with an extended barrel (full length of silencer) to see if it would increase range and fps. It was miss firing due to the hop rubber and decided to test the air pressure coming out by placing my finger over the barrel. Needless to say there was a BB still in the hop and it took a liking to my finger being placed over the barrel and decided it wanted to meet said finger. Always clear the gun with a few shots kids ( & adults).
  15. Thanks, may look for an update nearer the time as we are staying near Kissimmee