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  1. I have to drag my son out of bed, so we can get to the event with more than 5mins before the start
  2. I was looking to posting myself, and the only bits would be airsoft parts like grips ect that I'm finding hard to get online " russian molot fore grip for vector if it ever gets released.
  3. Hi All, Does anyone know if it is possible to: (1) If i was to post a RIF from America would i still be hit with the import duty?. (2) I was thinking of getting some accessories sent to the villa we are hiring and bringing them back i my suitcase which i don't see as a problem.
  4. Offer, Should read £5:00 flea bay sell them new for £10:00
  5. Hi All, Did anyone attend the Bexley Airsoft boot sale. I thought it was much better this year with more stalls (no so with the prices not sure if everyone knows its a mixture of sellers and car boot sales) googled items online and found some were cheaper and the vast amount of guns weren't that much cheaper. Auction was a nice touch and maybe next year it will have more items, but you had to watch the sellers upping the bids a little( think some of them went home with more than they cmd with lol ). Any other reviews comments:
  6. Yes as long as it doesn't go anymore sideways. The point i was trying to make is that i don't think the retailers help with the prices as as a sport gets more popular they put the prices up to make the most of it. And in the Vectors case they quoted £350 now due to delays i'm thinking that they are just covering their costs. So for a premium gun Yes i think its getting expensive.
  7. This would not be my sons 1st gun, more like 3rd but he thought that when they stated £350:00ish that it wouldn't be an extra £100 how does the market research get it so wrong or are they just passing more charges on to the paying customer due to the lateness of this gun>
  8. just looking again at the American sites: Evike Vector AEG $449:00 UK site : Vector AEG Estimated £450:00 Q: surely apart from the demand if there is as sites quoting 10in stock delivery by 1st April why are we getting ripped off again. Now i know that there would be import taxes from USA but this gun was meant to retail around £350:00 WHY SUCH A HIKE, Do they not want to sell these???
  9. Then, i would get someone to invent a stealth gillie suit predator eat you heart out.
  10. Next on my list would be my own no expense spared Airsoft site, would consist of an indoor prep area with all mod cons including seating and gun space for all (huge). I would have an urban or woodernhuts /woodland mix and would like to include some under ground tunnels as I'm a fan of the vietnam tunnels, night games would include the use of flares provided so to set the scene. Shooting range for snipers to zero in and any other good idea's that came forward. No Budget!
  11. Just noticed whilst looking for a site in florida USA most site other there are a lot cheaper to walk on. So why does it cost so much over here ( although it is relatively a cheap day out ) but still sites in UK are over twice the price of of walk on in USA. Prob the amount of taxes?
  12. at £10 a pitch , i was thinking of getting one even thou i only have a few things to sell, as - £4 entry makes a pitch for £6.
  13. We went last year it wasn't great but there are shop stalls and car boot stalls, all depends on what your looking for. There also a raffle at the end of the day which last year top prize was a grenade launcher!
  14. A nice touch to get yourselves up and running, you could possibly do the 1st game free to all these who sign up as there nothing better than word of mouth if your site is run well and in the long run this would repay yourselves as you say you want a player base.
  15. In my case its a bit like my football history " young whipper snapper running everywhere, grow older and work my way back to defence. The brain know how to move like a stealth ninja but the body doesn't follow