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  1. We looked at the Ares, but it was only £50 cheaper so decided to wait for the Krytac. Still as you stated it was way better than the A&K version
  2. At long last we have got our hands on the shy KRYTAC VECTOR . It's AWSOME Just chrono'd it at 345fps out of the box and stated as 30k motor installed. Can't wait to use it. Big thanks to Crawley Surplus or their help and patience (fraud squad stopped payment lol).
  3. Hi , I've seen the A&K one it's twice as heavy as the Ares or the Krytac versions, spend the extra £50.00 and get the Ares version as it's so much closer than the A&K.
  4. Hi All, Was just wondering what M4 brands are then quietest out of the box
  5. Dogtag Crawley s up there.
  6. For my M4 i carry 3 x 500rds mags and a 3000 BB bag as L3wisD stated it depends n the cannon fodder on the day. I've sometimes not used 500bb before lunch other days it's as if the young blocs want to be shot.
  7. They say No news is good news, but not when it comes to the KRYTAC VECTOR: shop now stating end of Oct for new shipment delivery. Is there a problem with these age's or just that the UK supplier is crap ! Aren't Kyrtac wondering why there are no / little UK sales!!
  8. our local supplier had 2 on release but they sold out straight away, awaiting new batch apparently shield distributer only got a small percentage compared to the orders sent so every one has to wait for the next krytac delivery.
  9. We could try at the shop but they only have about a 5m range to shoot it which won't really show what the gun shots like at any other distance.
  10. Is this why the are naming it the Gen2 .45 SMG and not a Vector?
  11. As BBG stated the shop in question (of which you have been to PT247) said it was all about the licensing as they look exactly like the Kriss version complete with trademarks. The shop guy said that Ares were making them for Kriss?, hence the secret clones. It will be hard to see the difference on a 10m chrono alley. £50 cheaper and available now! Was never looking at the A&K version, just wanted the son to see if he liked the fill of the gun before buying then the shop showed him the Ares clone.
  12. Hi, Has anyone seen the Ares Vector clone ( Gen 2 ) smg. Any reviews on the gun it can't be advertised but i've seen one in a shop when going to look at the A&K version. A&K was so much heavier and £350, Ares £390, Kriss supposed tO be £449. Does it warrant saving the £50-£60.
  13. The time the government have introduced any restrictions all the knives would of been sold to the gang bangers and alike to have saved quite an arsenal. This is a nanny state were crime pays even if the people are caught most prisons are better than home life. It's a;ways the minority that spoils it for the rest of us. I work pay my bills and think i'm sane enough to buy what i like. The government needs tougher actions, give the control back to the police or chop the hand of the offenders, you can't hold a knife if you aint got hands! It's to easy to make easy cash the wrong way and live off of our systems. Stop benefits and send them to work in companies to get the benefits , no working no benefits ( shortage of workers across construction) . Just wait until some goodie 2 shoes reads this and states human rights ( Get it into peoples heads these people DON'T HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS if they can't behave like one) . LOL Who started this Rant over for now.
  14. Welcome back all, It's done ! "LOCKED TO SEMI "DMR shooting 380-390fps (site limits 400fps) then quick change of barrels and 335 -340fps . Loooking to get a short vid sorted for your thoughts.
  15. Hi All, Ive read that there is a UKARA self check database but all i see on the page is player registration, site registration and approved sites? Has anyone a direct link for players to check they are still valid. Thanks