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  1. What do you call reasonable as you have not included any prices and as PT247 stated your already pushing your prices even on the rentals Regards
  2. But you didn't have the camera's on your sniper so no proof. and i believe i shot you first?
  3. Your thoughts are on same wave length, as smaller milsim / skirmishing is more of what we would like, just trying to make a point of being a rambler for the day isn't my thing. We had a fun light harted infected game at the end of a milsim / skirmish day which made up for the long scenario game day played last week 2 different games with long walks back to the re spawn took some of the fun out of it.
  4. Could you run scaled down skirmish days as like as pt247, i'd prefer skirmishes and were in EG, Milsim can be more of a ramblers day out if it's not got enough players. Large site are great but its the gameplay that makes the day ( and the players).
  5. hi, where are you located and do you still have the G&P 249?




  6. Hi All, Any one have reviews on Battle Lakes on Kent, is there a difference in "open days /skirmish days". Thanks
  7. My son, he carries the kit bag
  8. All, the only complaint to come across is the Dead men don't talk rule, we had a young party at the site this week and they were great fun, a few not taking hits but they just got hit more . I found a poor lost soul and he shadowed me and too all the directions ( even the cannon fodder ones ). I let hit shot first to get kills and take flags from bases. I hope he had fun and comes back as a sport / hobby is nothing without the players.
  9. All, think i've sorted it looks like it was binding (TY) and now looks like the motor is knackered as it has pulled the piston back not not enough to release to shoot. Looks like a new motor and less tightening. Again Thankyou
  10. Yes PT247, As previous i've rewired to front of gun and it does move back a touch before getting jammed, ( all i'm an electrician so know a little of electronics and motor connection. PS i'm past fixing lights that don't work lol)
  11. Hi Sitting, Stock items in gearbox, it was a conversion as i removed the stock and rewired to the front of gun. It has worked fine before but last putting the bb's seemed to get stuck on the hop rubber hence the strip down. Tanks for the info i'll try it and see what happens
  12. All, Basically i have stripped the gear box down and put it back together attached the grip and motor and the motor engages but will only get to the biting point of the piston and then jams. I have reopened the gearbox and checked all cogs manually without the piston and spring and they all turn and lock if i turn in reverse. Replace the piston and cycle the cog until its lined up with the 1st teeth on the piston close up and the same thing happens, now have done this for the 6th time so any advice
  13. All, any one played on this site. Opinons:
  14. I have to drag my son out of bed, so we can get to the event with more than 5mins before the start
  15. I was looking to posting myself, and the only bits would be airsoft parts like grips ect that I'm finding hard to get online " russian molot fore grip for vector if it ever gets released.