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  1. We went last year it wasn't great but there are shop stalls and car boot stalls, all depends on what your looking for. There also a raffle at the end of the day which last year top prize was a grenade launcher!
  2. A nice touch to get yourselves up and running, you could possibly do the 1st game free to all these who sign up as there nothing better than word of mouth if your site is run well and in the long run this would repay yourselves as you say you want a player base.
  3. In my case its a bit like my football history " young whipper snapper running everywhere, grow older and work my way back to defence. The brain know how to move like a stealth ninja but the body doesn't follow
  4. Like the others say IMAX B6 AC, go for the AC version if for the uk it comes with a UK plug.
  5. i just run @ 0.23g's with an Fps of 335ish
  6. does the paddle by the trigger release the mag like on the G3 aeg's
  7. Have a look at "taiwan gun", they have some cheap and good guns.
  8. Get a 1000 round auto winding mag form battle axe, i only ever have to reload at lunch as i don't use any where near a 1000 rounds, but i have no need to wind up mags, if you play and shoot sensibly then its not a problem.
  9. I would get myself an ED209 from ROBO COP, and hope it didn't turn on me .
  10. I've used the Dettol weigh mixed reviews, Yes most of the paint has come off no problems but i don't know if because the gun needed another soaking the paint on the receiver looks a little worn now . Gonna try the tar and glue remover to get the last bits off. Ps: Does the Dettol last more than one use as it's gone cloudy ?
  11. Here's my reply from Shield, nothing helpful though; We have not officially been informed but we hope to see the Vector by the end of April 2017Best regardsKen SavillShield Limited
  12. I read that on another thread, but my son has his heart set on one, if it happens then you'll prob see us down at dog tag with it.
  13. Iv'e sent an email to Shield who are supplying the retailers to see if they have any updates, see what comes back if anything
  14. Is that the A&K version, didn't think they made any
  15. The point i was trying to make is that it would be ok to buy from, for this gun, i know it's not released and there will be limited stocks but if there is a chance to get hold of one !