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  1. Hi All, Ive read that there is a UKARA self check database but all i see on the page is player registration, site registration and approved sites? Has anyone a direct link for players to check they are still valid. Thanks
  2. any game is a good game as long as it relates to the amount of people on site, we had a great 1/2 day with lots of party players, after lunch party people went home leaving around 8/side and then the event organisers decided to play a search and recover game which used the entire site, i might of well have taken the dog for a walk as contact and parcels were far and few between. Keep your type of games played based on the amount of players
  3. No offence taken just appreciate the comments. 1st The gun is locked into semi when played as a DMR (def no chrono cheating here 390FPS), 2nd i was just looking into being able to change the fps (with re chrono) with a shorter barrel as some times the game role my son wishes to play he wants a 350fps aeg to run around with. 3rd We did try this with another barrel and it got chrono'd at 191fps due to being rushed to strip the hop down and insert new barrel hence now we have a complete barrel & hop up to change over. He didn't like that The idear was that if we could achieve 390FPS DMR with 1complete barrel setup and then reduce FPS to 340ish with another complete barrel setup then this would beat buying another gun for this purpose. He is awaiting the Kriss vector to be released and before anyone screams " i have a UKARA to purchase free of charge gift to my son ". I'm hoping this will clear any. We both take our hits and play fair there is no point in cheating whether it comes from players or guns. Just a parent trying to satisfy a sons need to play different styles all within the site rules and fair play.As he is the future like most others of our sport.
  4. Not sure if i've confused all, we had a great DMR set up we are trying to get to a <350 fps set up by changing the barrel as the M4 is a quick release upper and this could be changed at lunch time to run the full auto set up depending on type of game being played. As you stated if cutting down the barrel works with the fps then i'll just buy a new shorter barrel. Thanks for your input.
  5. Hi Sitting Duck, Thanks for the info, i've cut down a barrel before and machined the cut end and with a little persistence i've managed to get a straight enough shot. This is more a quick change barrel set up from DMR to full auto m4 based on scenario's. I will cut the barrel down by 150mm and hope the fps drops to around the 450fps so my son can vary the role he wants to play. Again thanks for the insight and if i could manage it i will upload the results for all to see.if not it will be plain text lol.
  6. looking for gearbox parts, thanks for the web sites airlab has a lot out of stock too.
  7. Hi All, Started to look around for upgrade / spares to replace internals for an M4aeg and seem the usual places are out of stock of most internals, with china looking like the only place to buy, anyone else having these issues or know of other stores to try Poisonapple Countysports Patrolbase AK2M4
  8. All, Thanks for the insight, i was looking to decrease the fps of a 2nd barrel as the DMR is @ 390fps (barrel no1) changed it to a 6.04mm same length and still got 390fps: So either barrel no1 (stock) was 6.04mm or due to being same length fps stayed the same, it it likely if i cut around 200mm off the barrel this will reduce fps by 40fps to used the gun in a different scenario on full auto?
  9. Hi All, I've searched a little on the following but can't seem to find the answer so here goes: At said length which will produce less fps 6.01mm or 6.04mm barrel as when i searched the 6.01mm gave lower fps but was shorter in length than the bigger barrel and i thought it would of been the other way around due to there being more losable pressure around the BB in a 6.04mm barrel. Any equations for length vs size + FPS
  10. which model did you go for as the ones i've seen are too hot for uk, saber & calibre. How are you finding it?
  11. All, I have searched the forum but it still leaves my pondering the following: My m4 shoots pretty well for stock at 335fps, it's starting to have minor issues after a few years use so i'm looking to treat myself to a new gun like the kyrtac's but find that they will need slight upgrades to push up the FPS to uk site limits. As i just want a gun that shoots straight with fps and rof. do i spend on the budget for a new gun or just upgrade the gearbox (lone) and hop unit (r-hop) ect. Also what is the best quick change spring gearbox out there for price. All positive thoughts appreciated .
  12. What do you call reasonable as you have not included any prices and as PT247 stated your already pushing your prices even on the rentals Regards
  13. But you didn't have the camera's on your sniper so no proof. and i believe i shot you first?
  14. Your thoughts are on same wave length, as smaller milsim / skirmishing is more of what we would like, just trying to make a point of being a rambler for the day isn't my thing. We had a fun light harted infected game at the end of a milsim / skirmish day which made up for the long scenario game day played last week 2 different games with long walks back to the re spawn took some of the fun out of it.
  15. Could you run scaled down skirmish days as like as pt247, i'd prefer skirmishes and were in EG, Milsim can be more of a ramblers day out if it's not got enough players. Large site are great but its the gameplay that makes the day ( and the players).