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  1. also why are you worried about the additional length, correct me if wrong but : 1.Using a tracer means your in the dark ! ( So won't see end of unit) 2. Once you start firing with tracer bb's Again they will know where you are!
  2. Buy a shop tracer, i've dabbled in installing the brightest LED strips into a silencer and it doesn't work as well. Incase you ask : 3 rows of led strip approx 100mm long 50:50 led's, also tapped a length into my G18C where the mag slides in and still not that effective. but i tried
  3. Just a thought their not on the Ares Vector ???
  4. I'd stop looking, they will turn up in no time
  5. The above gave me a chuckle , mines blue melon coke tactical airsoft
  6. Took a quick look at the FLIR sights, looks like you would need a role change to PREDATOR, COOL
  7. I think it may be my Mac as i've just tried on my phone and its accepted it , just awaiting a paypal invoice from them???. Thanks for the help and info
  8. I've tried all sorts even googled what my Province code was ( M0 ). None work so i've emailled the site.
  9. Hi, I've tried to order form this site before but the site payment address page will not accept a PROVINCE to proceed to payment details, have you ever ordered from this site if so what did you put in as a Province. Thanks
  10. All, Just wondering what the BIG RED GUY is bringing anyone or whats on your wish list? Mine's a speedy knee op recovery as i'm not playing
  11. All, I searched everywhere, just before you find it within two minutes. As title anyone help find a Molot fore grip in stock and for sale? Regards Wayne
  12. We looked at the Ares, but it was only £50 cheaper so decided to wait for the Krytac. Still as you stated it was way better than the A&K version
  13. At long last we have got our hands on the shy KRYTAC VECTOR . It's AWSOME Just chrono'd it at 345fps out of the box and stated as 30k motor installed. Can't wait to use it. Big thanks to Crawley Surplus or their help and patience (fraud squad stopped payment lol).
  14. Hi , I've seen the A&K one it's twice as heavy as the Ares or the Krytac versions, spend the extra £50.00 and get the Ares version as it's so much closer than the A&K.
  15. Hi All, Was just wondering what M4 brands are then quietest out of the box