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  2. Duff

    Popular Nuprol products?

    I actually peeled off the outer sticker that branded it as "Nuprol" so I could add my own biohazard tape and underneath there are no markings, not even from the plastic moulding.
  3. Iceni

    Advice Specna Arms

    At 7.4v you should be able to get one of the 2000mAh nunchucks to fit. It'll be tight, but it should fit. If in doubt component shop have the dimensions listed. Make a cardboard blank at those dimensions and see if it will fit without interference before you buy. 108 x 16.4 x 12.1 mm each section (2 sections) https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-2000mah-20c-continuous-discharge-airsoft-lipo-split-pack.html
  4. Polluxtroy69

    Importation - Charges by HMRC

    Have you tried Aliexpress? You do habe to wait like 3 weeks for stuff but as long as the reviews are ok then the item should be fine. You're covered by their 'alipay' if something gets lost in the post too. I've picked up quite a bit of stuff (mostly non airsoft) like headlamp upgrades, caps for my car. Plugs for when I'm travelling and I've not had any quality issues. The only airsoft thing I have bought is a 1 point sling and that is exactly the same as more expensive ones that I have seen at games. So it might be worth looking. Also I have never had any import charges and usually the item is sent where it needs signing for yet the delivery is usually free.
  5. Druid799

    Popular Nuprol products?

    Mud flap ?? We talking guns or bikes ? Probably Cyma ones , I find there the best on the market after TM 👍
  6. There are some seriously funny army memes about...



  7. Druid799

    Gun picture thread

    Didn’t think you were an ugg boot fashion victim sort of bloke ! 😱 You roll the tops down or leave them high leg ? see takes all sorts ! 😂😂😂
  8. Game Cam

    Quality airsoft pistol

    For green gas I'm gonna echo what everyone else says - TM 4 life For CO2 I adore my Cybergun/KWC M1911A1. It is reliable (weather, temp, mud - still works), durable (I drop it alot), accurate (1.5 inch groupings), longer range than I expected. It is also cheap - I got the special 100 anniversary edition M1911A1 for £100 Only draw back is it has is that the mags are quite small - they say 17 bbs but anymore than 10 and you risk feeding issues.
  9. Druid799

    Sites in Cornwall.

    Cheers bud 👍
  10. rocketdogbert

    Quality airsoft pistol

    I run all my TM pistols on Nuprol 2 or stronger, no issues whatsoever
  11. apexpredator

    TM Glock 18 - Problems, please help

    I sold it to myself as a compliment to the arsenal, rather than a replacement! 😁 I went with the EMG SAI Blu. Essentially a tarted up WE G17, made by Armorer Works. From what I have read, it uses the larger diameter loading nozzle design from AW (or NEW WE) and has a proprietary BBU. Apart from that, should be cross compatible. What really stoked my interest was the dual power capability, I had been toying with the idea of getting a CO2 pistol for a while so now I can scratch that itch and switch back to GG with a mag change.
  12. Duff

    New to the forums

    I could have sworn there was a discussion regarding gun bags and carry cases back from when I first joined up here but after searching in both general discussion and guns, gear and loadouts I actually cannot find it.
  13. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Make: G&g Gun/Model: L85A2 Accessories: 1 Hi cap, Real steel Susat and Real Steel DD rail. Gripod, perhaps the case if I get full asking price. Condition: Good FPS: 300 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Maybe? Price/Payment: £300(open to offers) Pictures: Always So here is one of my many “project” guns, realising I don’t have the time to fix and build them all, I’m getting rid of a few. This gun has a Real steel Susat, Real steel DD rail(not a mad bull replica) I have been offered £200 for the rail and saw a RS Susat sell one eBay 8 months ago for £250. If I sold these separately I’d be left with a gun without handrail and scope and I don’t want that! Cons: The gun is currently wired to Big Tamiya(can provide the deans connectors to change on request). It has the Usual G&G L85 issues, it fires in auto constantly, semi works, when the box is put back in the shell and the selector isn’t moved, but as soon as it’s put in safe/auto. It only fires auto. Some mags don’t clip in the magwell as they should. Common Fault with these. Hence why it was my project. I had sorted the semi issue out of the gun, but as soon as I put it back in, it decides the mess up, I have the deans connectors, and I know how to fix the magwell(it’s well documented online) Pros: The gearbox is brilliant, took it apart and had a play, actually like this design more than the V2. Compression is perfect. You get roughly 50m accurate out of this gun, however, being 300 FPS they get there damn slowly. A spring change on this takes 5mins tops, and if you want to collect it and have a spring I will install while your here! This gun gets comments and looks wherever it goes. It really does draw a crowd. Any questions, more photos, information/offers, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m easy going. Collection from Herts, possibly arrange delivery depending on offer! Will possibly split if I get enough interest.


  14. Prisce

    TM MP5

    Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Here is my brothers TM Mp5, only owned it for a couple of months, Recently serviced. Wired to deans. Reason for selling is My brother has gone more to the sniping role and uses his SRS more. When we purchased it had a few niggles to it, the wiring was atrocious, it was shooting inconsistently etc etc. All of these faults have been addressed and it now works perfectly, from what I remember, it isn’t upgraded, mostly stock or like for like items internally.(Think motor was changed previously) Collection preferred, will post at cost, defence required. Any questions(or if you want any more photos) please ask, my brother has provided me with this info, I'm just listing! Always open to offers and swaps, just let me know what you’ve got.


  15. MrGlitter69

    Advice Specna Arms

    Ah as assumed thank you guys for getting back to me x
  16. EvilMonkee

    Advice Specna Arms

    Yeh 7.4 will be fine and make your gun last longer - may want to get something that is a bit bigger than 1000Mah though - if it will fit in your battery space.
  17. Duff

    Popular Nuprol products?

    Oh, shoud be worth a mention that whomever manufactured the shotgun shells they rebranded are great, simple and faultless in all my time using them. Kudos to whomever they stole that design off!
  18. Game Cam

    Popular Nuprol products?

    I have a Nuprol Alpha Defender rifle and it's a decent little gun - good for first gun/backup/upgrade base. Only issue I have had is the mud guard keeps popping open. Im still deciding how I'm gonna upgrade it but in the mean time it's handy to lend to mates. I am also a huge fan of their 30/140 mid/low cap adaptable mags. They feel great, feed better, durable and won't break the bank. Haven't tried putting them on the 30 mode yet so dunno what that is like. Yet... I have used their mag pouches and they are the most awkward pieces of gear I have ever owned and their BBs I would only trust with chrono and backyard messing.
  19. Lozart

    Advice Specna Arms

    7.4v LiPo will be fine.
  20. Today
  21. Duff

    Popular Nuprol products?

    Their bb's are banned from use at Absolute Airsoft, Reading. Along with RZR because they've apparently had a lot of issues with those brands splitting and being dangerous. Coming from a site that refuses to chrono pistols.
  22. clumpyedge

    Music while playing?

    They used to do the same at an old Quasar site I used to play at, was awesome with the lasers, smoke and black lights.
  23. MrGlitter69

    Advice Specna Arms

    Hey you bunch of degenerates, i finally received my UKARA license today (just fishing) and i am looking at purchasing my first RIF!! Whoop fuckity Whoop. It looks like im going to start with a Specna Arms V08 One thing im hugly unsure about is the batteries that will work best. In my head i was going to purchase a 7.4 lipo 1000MAH buuuuuut Gunfire are recomending a 11.1V 1200MAH Lipo....would this be too much for a stock gun with no real upgraded parts or is it a rifle designed to take this more powerful battery? Admin - If this is in the wrong place then dammit move it, im a retard for guessing what goes where. Any other advice for what ever reason is appriciated. Love you guys x
  24. Monkman

    Popular Nuprol products?

    Well here is an en example of good vs crap. Good Nuprol N-Mag 30/140rd Mid Caps...solid build & reliable, very impressed and fits perfectly in magwell of my ICS guns. Added 'Ranger' pulls to them as well. (RZR BB's also seem to be ok..tried ASG tracers yesterday and they were shattering..switching back to Nuprol RZR tracers noticed them shatter less and seemed brighter..though that could have been my imagination) Crap Nuprol speedloader.... Obvious 'Odin' rip off and build quality reflects this, cheap ABS plastic and bb's drop out the bottom, the handle breaks easily. (Modified with toothpast cap superglued in, so at least I can us before it completely falls apart..) Some of their products are great...some of their products are shit....
  25. ImTriggerHappy

    Quality airsoft pistol

    Ran my TM HK45 on nuprol 4.0 no problems when I had it and my M&P works fine on it. The newer TMs are ok on the stronger gases.
  26. Rogerborg

    Popular Nuprol products?

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