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  2. Hi all MadMaori here .I'm new to airsoft an this is my second airsoft weapon I have a standard G&G cm16 raider @340fps on 0.20 bb's .I have done a couple internal upgrades, m110 spring an a 6.03 363mm madbull inner barrel an get around 350fps on 0.25 bb's .I want to increase the fps to 450-500fps but I'm not sure if I'm able to do this an if there are the right parts available to make this happen an still have a reliable an safe weapon to use .Has anyone done something similar already or inform me of the parts that I will need to make this happen . Apparently I can't take the outer barrel off so I can put a longer one on so I can run a longer inner barrel I have attached a suppressor to the end an only have a couple inches left before barrel.protrudes the suppressor. I'm thinking a m140 to m150 spring shimming the gear box , aoe so far is my knowledge base . Other parts needed ? Metal gears an bushes New piston an cylinder head High torque motor New hop up Rhop or flat hop Bucking OR any other suggestions Any info on this subject would be appreciated
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  4. This whole thread reads like the UKAC page on Facebook.... which coincidentally also has a search function that people seem to forget about. I don't make a habit of reading the mindless fucktard questions and answers on there but when I do I seem to find the few people that seem to have the same I.Q as a post-it note.
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  6. His name is Michal?
  7. Fairly sure Mos is not short for Michal you're safe.
  8. Some obvious causes for poor grouping would be: inconsistent hold and position when firing, snatching your trigger, incorrect sight picture when looking at the target, your breathing. You do not say whether you are taking single shots or bursts. At what range you are shooting and the spread of the grouping, i.e 10m range with 20cm group. Are you shooting supported or unsupported.
  9. any other help guys?
  11. - This is not me on an alt account!
  12. Only if the spoon is plastic.
  13. Actually with my new gun's 25rd magazines that's distinctly possible. I don't have a knife though, only a glowstick; it glows.
  14. Hes gona sell that too... It will be a spoon!
  15. At this rate I can imagine that we will see you moving around The Mall on Saturday night with only a knife.
  16. Realised I duplicated what I posted above
  17. Oh I so want one but cant justify the prices for these
  18. Two weeks ago I had 6 guns, now I have 3 and 2 for sale - and a tentative sold. Can't see me parting with the CM18, but if the price (laughably high £135) is right it's gone.
  19. Will never get rid of my first pistol
  20. Placed an order with them Sunday, now Thurs PM and heard nothing back to them after enquiring about my order both by email and on FB. If you look at their page it's all bad reviews recently. Beginning to worry they have actually just taking my money and I'm never going to see it again. Very bad service which is just sad considering how well rated it seems these guys used to be. They don't even reply to you with some bullshit excuse and just appear to just be straight up ignoring everyone, which is the most annoying thing. I did not pay with PayPal specifically because I thought they were supposed to be reputable and there was no risk. Guess not. I've learnt my lesson there... To add insult to injury...Patrol Base get more stock literally like the day after (where I was gonna get one, but had to renew UKARA etc which took me the one extra week then the very day I go to buy it last one's been reserved, at which point I went outside and ordered from Beesting cos I thought I'll get it by Tuesday, look where that's got me )
  21. Ahh, first love. Still spend quality time with mine and very fond of it. I admit that occasionally I do look at other ones but that is only natural when there are some lovely sights to admire.
  22. Airsofters, I would like to introduce my "little" online store to you. I am Fishbone and some time ago I have set up an online store starting from selling velcro patches only. Shortly after I started to expand and I have now almost 100 items on sale, including the external and internal parts, patches and other accessories all related to airsoft. I am growing slowly but steadily and hopefully, you will help me to continue to do so. My mission is simple; to deliver superb designs and top quality products at affordable prices. Check all my products at and if you have any questions or queries I will be more than happy to answer them. P.S. I hope I did not break any rules, dear moderators.
  23. I do bloody hate that gun though. Cant get used to playing with it. Much prefer my pistols and rifles. Maybe if it was my first gun I may had got on better with it
  24. I have shells.... Couldnt be arsed to find a pic
  25. Forum works again woooo

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      Dev is back from hols and on the case.

  26. No, I responded first but do not yet have a shotgun to part with . And then @Sacarathe trumped us both by including shells and a picture
  27. I don't think this is a PTS Masada. Think it's an A&K Masada. I fact I'm a,most positive its A&K
  28. I would like to point out I posted first
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