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  2. If you're going for a sci-fi loadout you can give yourself an easy headstart by getting a CSI XR-5 Rifle! Based off an M4 gearbox so repairs will be super easy. And they're only £140! Bargain! I think they look pretty cool, and if I'm honest, I'm tempted to get one just because they look so unusual! Be a good back up for the rifle bag!
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  4. Make: VFCGun/Model: HK416DAccessories: 3 MagazinesCondition: As NewFPS: 350 (Adjustable Nozzle)Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/TM HK416/M4/TM HK416/M4Price/Payment: £280 onoPictures: Yes, my friends VFC HK416D to free up some funds for him to get a TM Recoil. This is a mint condition HK416D which has been skirmished only once and mainly kept as a collectors piece. It's had a VFC Adjustable nozzle fitted so you can set any fps required and has always been looked after. All 3 mags feed and work fine plus don't leak. Overall a great gun for collecting due to the realism, but also a more than capable skirmishable weapon . Any questions please PM me
  5. Bump, Price drop? Will take £70 for it
  6. Get on a cosplay forum, find out what they use, I'm pretty sure that's a bigger hobby than airsoft these days.
  7. Plenty of milsim organisers in the U.K. insist upon guns being replicas of real world military weapons. Krytac LMG isn't going to cut it for some.
  8. Make: TM/CYMA/Clone Gun/Model: G18/cm0.30 AEP Desired Condition: Anything considered for a project Desired FPS:.... Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No.. Budget: Gun condition dependant Interested in the above pistol,no others,also interested in parts,mags,upgrades,etc.
  9. Up to you in the end. I dont have any experience with it - LMGs are just about my polar opposite when it comes to guns - Im more a sniper myself. I have a LVOA though, and its brilliant
  10. so it would be worth thr 480 price tag?
  11. TWO now sold! SIX remaining!
  12. Yeah I think you could be right. I thought I had it right once and they felt really solid.. until mid-game and one was flopping around like Ron Jeremy between takes
  13. Make: any Gun/Model: m203 long barrel mounted Desired Condition: any Desired FPS: any Swaps/Part Exchange: N/n Budget: 50-100
  14. Make: any Gun/Model: m203 long barrel mounted Desired Condition: any Desired FPS: any Swaps/Part Exchange: N/n Budget: 50-100
  15. Norwich Vs Ipswich - Come on town !

  16. MilSims will take it. Somehow completely forgot about it in my post above - its about the most solid LMG platform (without upgrades) out there.
  17. Could be that your Keys are too large. I use these on my two SRs - my SR-10 that has a G&P MOTS rail and my SR-7 that has a Noveske. These are somewhat difficult to get on (just to to friction) and are as stable as can be.
  18. Make: Big Dragon Item: Rubber keymod covers Condition: 5x brand new 3x fitted but nearly new Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no/no/no Price/Payment: £0.50 each Pictures: Hi guys, I bought these 8 keymod covers for my gun a couple of months back from patrol base for £6.99 for a pack of 4. I don't really get on with them however, I'm not sure if I've been doing it wrong but they pop out pretty easy if you're going from reloading to grabbing the front of your gun. They make the gun look nice though Yours for a great price of £0.50p each! ** TWO SOLD - SIX REMAINING ** Now here's the photos - note that my keymod rail is an 8" sized rail. And these cover all but one hole.
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  21. because its not a true lmg and im not sure if milsims will allow it. also they nigh on 500 quid. wpuldnt it be better to get a pdw and a box mag?
  22. The CA M249 MKII is still, for my money, the best LMG on the market, even after all these years.
  23. You want to explain that to the neighbour that gets hit by a ricochet? It was bad enough the first time but when I'm dressed up as a space marine apologizing for the small piece of plastic that hit them in the head and explaining what happened I can't imagine it going well
  24. Put something together, then you can stand down the end of the garden while I shoot at you and see how it holds up...
  25. What about the krytac lmg? Same krytac internals as the crb but bulkier externals
  26. yeah just not keen on the design to be honest really like the m60 may look into the ca stoner
  27. I would stay away from both, to be honest, just because of the companies who make them. A&K and Ares are not great at reliability or QC. For LMGs, you can take whichever one you like best, but I would recommend with the M249 (in any variation) or the Classic Army Stoner (Although a new G&P one is coming out soon). Ill post why below. Stoner ~Pros Lightweight (lightest LMG out there) Quick change barrel easy to disassemble ~Cons Low ammo count (around 1500 rnd box mag?) Can only use Stoner box mags M249 ~Pros Can use box mags AND AR style mags Extremely modular Lots of variations ~Cons Very common (Con for those who like unique guns) (On A&K model, maybe others) M4 mag well can be a PITA to get working well It is up to you, but I would look into these two more than the two you listed. I have the CA Stoner and it is great.
  28. evening all looking into getting a lmg for our squads support role. always admired lmgs and their looks and etc. currently im looking at the a & k m60 vn or the ares stoner. has anyone got these and what theyre like. reliable? preformance? ootb issues? or are there any other reccomandations. thanks
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