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  2. So I've been playing with hire guns for 4 months and whilst some are good and some are bad I don't think there is anything that compares with owning your own! Finally bought my own pew pew! PDW15-CQB M4 AEG G&G SG P226 PISTOL GBB TOKYO MARUI T1 RED DOT SIGHT RIS FRONT GRIP 3NO FLASH MAGS NX600 LONG LIGHT
  3. Hi All Been lurking here for a while but just realised I have never even posted anything. Been playing airsoft for around 4 months now. Myself and a friend have been to Hockley but mostly The Mall in Reading. No longer just lurking in the shadows!
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  5. Is it still available pal
  6. 1st game day with my new krytac lvoa-s. Oh my god I'm in gun love. It's awesome. 

  7. Thought I'd give an update. Following my good experience which began this post, I decided to order from them again a couple of weeks ago. I purchased the item which said it was in stock, but got an email a week and a half later saying the item was in fact out of stock... This seems to happen probably half the time I've ordered from any retailer located somewhere in Asia. I've requested a refund so I'll update this post once they respond.
  8. Just a thought, my Swiss Arms drop leg says "universal", and I've actually used it successfully with all sorts - Glock 17, Sig P226, Walther P99, CZ P09. And with a weaponlight attached too. Cheap and does what it says on the tin. Fast draw if you fit it right too. Maybe worth a try?
  10. Make: G&G Gun/Model: CM16 Raider Accessories: angled grip, 2in1 torch/laser and 4 mags Condition: As New FPS: Never checked Swap for: Gas Pistol preferably hi-capa Pictures:
  11. Apart from the way your wallet empties...
  12. Make: KWA Gun/Model: MP7A1 Accessories: 4 Magazines, CQB Bolt and Angry Gun Suppressor Condition: Used FPS: 325 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £235 Information: The gun needed a hop change which was successful, however, I needed to reinstall the trigger and I bent the trigger return spring, I have 2 news ones on the way and I will be able to fix it then. Pictures:
  13. Hi everyone. I'm having difficulty finding a holster that would fit my TM G26 Advance, which is fitted with an x300 style light. Looked at various holster makes but I'm either finding G26A holsters with no flashlight or other glock models with a flashlight. Ideally I'm looking to run it on a drop leg platform, but at this stage I'd run it anywhere (molle vest, owb, etc) as long as the fit was good. Thanks in advance comrades
  14. One yellow player was running tracers all night and there was a second one in the last game. There is also the possibility of you picking up a ricochet or friendly fire from a teammate.
  15. Trust me there is nothing quick about using an Orga in an AEG.
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  18. It is possible for a bb to end up behind the lens although very unlikely. It happened to me once and that was with a seal at the bottom as well. I think what happened was the bb struck on the edge of me eye socket and bounced straight up squeezing between the rubber seal and my skin. I think the bb did touch my eye but by that time there was no energy left in it to cause any damage.
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  20. I did not see any enemy players with tracer units.
  21. Hi all, I hate the sights on my g and g CM 16, I have a holographic sight on there right now but I want to swap out the regular sights which comprise of the front rail popping up and having a jagged w shape to it and a pillar post at the back with a ring that you look through and line up with the middle of the front sight. I have to muck around a bit to sight these in and also target acquisition because of this set up is not optimal. What I am looking for ideally is a simple old school open sight/ set up, specifically either a patridge sight or failing that a V notch and post set up. I want to get away from the ring as I am not a big fan, I had one on an old rifle of mine and it was fine but that was for target shooting at reasonable ranges. I got my local store to have a look for me in their g and g catalog but could not find anything. I don't want something that will cost the earth, its a pretty simple set up I aim to run and it needs to fit on the rail. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  22. Spam.
  23. The first statement is hard enough on its own but from your own gun?! HOW?!
  24. I don't know about that, but last night at the mall I found a tracer bb landed inside my DYE I4 mask. It was rolling around inside infront of my eye like water. I've no idea how it got there other than it came from my gun.
  25. Yep, I didn't look too closely but I was very impressed by how artificial it did not look.
  26. heading out to landwarrior tomorrow, weather says it should be alright. Got some new glasses so I am hoping that will fix my eye protection problem. 

  27. Strip it and see if you can get into the contacts and selector. If you can spray some electronic contact cleaner in. It might fix it and it's probably a better bet than taking it to bits to resolder. If it doesn't fix it then you know you have either bad solder or a poor selector. With the contact cleaner do a test area first to make sure it's not going to melt the plastic.
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