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  2. Make: WE Gun/Model: G26c Accessories: 1 Leak Free mag Condition: Used FPS: Varies on gas, around 320 Swap for: WE or TM Glock any model Pictures: Attatched Have 2 of these, looking for something else, would ideally like a TM 18c, but am open to anything else.
  3. DPM is a great budget choice, designed specifically to work well in pine forests
  4. Is the rifle still locked to semi or does it now have full auto again?
  5. Thanks a lot guys, sorry I didn't know where else to post it
  6. The mags are the same except the base. They should fit.
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  8. Make: ICS Gun/Model: Par MK3 CQB Accessories: Bungie sling, +1 extra mag, Battery, Charger, (free Keffiyeh and viper face mask) Condition: As new, apart for small scratch on EBB outside case, FPS: 320, easily upgradable due to split gearbox Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Price/Payment: £275 ONO, Total value >£400 Pictures: Reviews of gun: Selling due due to new job, preventing me from ever get out to use it! Mk/Northamptonshire/Bedfordshire/ surrounding regions. If postage is required cost will be added to the price.
  9. Have done. Thanks again Rob.
  10. @Prisce message @GearTech
  11. Don't over think camo. At Airsoft ranges of really doesn't make much difference. If you're trying to be hard to spot then practise the Shape, Shadow, Shine, Silhouette and Spacing (Google!), and just go with whatever you like the look of.
  12. Tried a couple of different types, but settled on decent Mountain bike ones. I've got Race Face ones and the knee pads too. Pricy, but probably the only reason I've walked off the field on a couple of occasions. They're comfy, fit under your clothing and stay in the right place. Check around for end of line stuff. Much cheaper!
  13. Hi all. I have the normal 1911 mags with the thin base and I wanted to change the base if I can. Does any know if this would fit or are for MEU mags only? Thank you.
  14. I wouldn't use maintenance gas to fire more than a BB's before dumping the rest of it out and putting something with a bit more oomph back in, Abbey green and red gas are piss weak when compared to the equivalent coloured Nuprol gases. i just use maintenance gas to gas the mags in storage so the seals dont dry out and leak. Abbey green is the equivalent to the old duster gas cans from days of old (i started airsofting back at the turn of the last century), Abbey red is equivalent to Nuprol green. If you have a totally plastic gun like a TM then Nuprol green should be ok, but any more powerful and you risk it breaking the slide.
  15. Really enjoyed last night, was great to meet a couple of you in the flesh. Can't believe I lucked out on the raffle, I never win anything! Got to admit, wasn't expecting anything like that from the mall, Zed Adventures surprised the hell out of me and I thank them for that! Thanks Rob for organising, looking forward to doing more with you guys at different places!
  16. Please only use one bump/price drop/update per week as per the rules. Your next post must be 7 days after the last post in the topic, irrespective of who has made it. If you continue to disregard the rules you will receive a forum warning which can lead to sanctions against your account. This is a general message which helps us speed up forum moderation. Thank you.
  17. If this/these item(s) sold through this forum, could those involved in the sale/purchase please leave feedback for each other. This is a general message which helps us speed up forum moderation. Thank you.
  18. I bought some knee pads for my first game the other week and I did not think I would need elbow pads at the time. But my elbows where sore after the day was done lol. Not sure what type to get? The neoprene ones look nice and light. Or hardshell like my knee pads. Thanks.
  19. Yes I knew there would be one or two zombies, not that many and I was sitting in a corner holding any light so that no one could see me.
  20. The last game with the zombies was such a laugh, one of the best games that I have played there. The tension of trying to sneak past them in the dark and then those blood curdling screams from the dying really added to the atmosphere.
  21. Well done @Robert James for organising this event and getting the raffle prizes. There may not have been as many players as hoped but it was an excellent night and we helped rasied a good amount for charity. Lucky @Prisce who won the the two top prizes, the gun and a custom paint job. Thank you to @SeniorSpaz87 who lent me his sidearm for the night after a Deans connector snapped off inside my stock and put my gun out of action. Playing with just a pistol all night was good fun.
  22. Awesome night guys, had a good time.
  23. Was a goodnight and was good to catch up with some people. Loved listening to some of you screaming as you were chased through the basement.
  24. Hi. Sound good, can you please drep a picture?
  25. I've got no experience with the one you've linked but I have a couple of these on various guns. They're pretty cheap, but simple and haven't broken or killed and batteries after at least a year of use. Most of the torched I've had (admittedly generally cheaper stuff) have eaten batteries when I've forgotten to remove them, these have happily kept them going haha No still be function but come with both an on/off switch and a pressure pad so you can go with your preference
  26. It depends on the time of year, the seasonal changes mean that different camos will work better or was at any given time of the year. The more important thing is how you use what you're wearing rather than what pattern you choose. Movement is the number one giveaway and if you can't keep still it doesn't matter what you wear, you'll attract attention. At the ranges airsoft is played at camouflage more often than not isnt a very big factor as you're close enough to see anyway. In my opinion the best thing to do is go for a decent woodland camp, dpm, m81 (both should be cheap to find) or other (I'm a fan of a-tacs fg personally) and work on improving how you hide with it. As for your second question, check out websites like tactical kit UK, uktactical, military 1st or Thise are generally my go to sites for gear- the first two being higher end stuff and the latter cheaper stuff
  27. Removing washer did nothing, still firing 260-280 and failing the paper test. Ive noticed air coming out through the hop chamber and black bit attached to the back for the nozzle to sit in. Anyone worked on a ka sig and know hownto solve said issue?
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