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  2. Specna Arms warranty

    Until you take it to a retailer, the tech opens it and see's you have changed the spring, quick change system or not that can be seen as tampering and they have a right to void the warranty
  3. Bringing airsoft guns into UK

    Your best bet is to speak to customs and your airline
  4. Wtf Christmas already? Lol. 

    Getting a new gun, could be today, could be tomorrow but 100%it's going to be this week.. :)

    1. Gepard


      What have you bought?

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  6. New and want to get into airsoft/team

    Yeah sounds like a plan just didn’t want to turn up and there be no one playing lol Didn’t know they was any shops about in Norwich I’ll have to take a look at what they have 👍🏻
  7. Thanks everyone for getting back to me. So I manged to get hold of the company last night. And if they brought the price down to £100 would more people be interested? They have finally told me more information about the site in question. The site is near Dover, and as had airsoft played on it previously. (does anyone know of any site down that way, I normally only play around hertfordshire) But not to this extended, normally landmarc/MOD only let people play one main area of site. However, they are telling me that the entire site will be opened up and from what I am told the site is huge and as mentioned perviously will include, house to house, killhouse, woodland, CQB techniques training given by members of the UKSF group. but yet I dont have names, I have been told that ex-members of the SAS will be present. alongside serving paratroopers. also there will be many different traders throughout the weekend, I can only assuming we are taking the normal guys: ASG, Nuprol, Viper, Vortex, etc. The Direct support will all be paid staff so I can only assume this is where the cost is coming from in terms of scenarios what would you guys like to see/do? they are talk about doing a missions based on current events i.e chemical attacks simulation, world war 3 but I am not sure these will work.
  8. Goggles!

    I would call that pretty personal. If anybody called me that to my face then we would be having a very different sort of discussion. That is one of those words people shouldn't chuck around. Simple fact is people are spouting off mesh is dangerous and it is not. Yes I got a corneal abrasion and guess what they heal, the specialist that treated it didn't seem concerned. Reports about an eye injury that occured in a different way are of no consequence. Find me one where an airsofter has had his sight severely damaged while wearing a good quality mesh and then it will have bearing. As for my cavalier attitude to eye safety I think we have different ideas on the meaning of cavalier. Sorry I don't cry and panic over the little hardships. How many people get stuff in their eyes walking down the street? Do we wear safety glasses when walking next to a road because of passing cars chucking up grit? No because it would be stupid. Mesh works and there is no evidence to say otherwise. It slowed it down so no serious injury. Yes in the realms of possibility it could of been worse but it wasn't and I don't deal in what if's. You are spouting what ifs and flashing round irrelevant medical reports trying to prove a point that you can't actually prove so just give up.
  9. Best position for a camera for youtube

    Personally I prefer a barrel mounted camera over a head mounted one With a side head mount you get footage of the tree or wall you are hiding behind 50% of the time, and in Paintball a hopper the rest of the time. In airsoft that line is clear With a barrel mount you get footage of the ground and air, plus shooting footage Though I have a few sights I’ve not particularly used them in game, to the best of my recollection I don’t think I’ve ever played with my telescopic sights fitted, just sometimes with red dots and then once I’ve got my eye in for red dots I have been able to train my eyes to look ‘through’ the body of a gun (by placing an eye either side and keeping both open) So I’ve never bothered with a true scope cam The best footage for showing a game is a combination of all three - possibly even four for a rear facing camera to show you Then there are other angles such as a body cam, a high level mount on top of your head, or a pole mounted camera giving a 3rd person view If you’ve only one camera to get started then make the best of what you have, swap it around and see what you get For a next step look at other cameras, especially GoPro style cameras which come with all the cases and large selections of mounts. While Maplins are in their final throws stock up on discounted Polymorph from them and then you can make an modify any mount adaptors you could ever need Also check them out for memory cards - but shop around anyway Another way to make your money go further is to check out vipon.com This is a review / Discount code sight for amazon. Sellers offer deals and buyers get cheap or free items to write reviews on You do need to be cautious as often items are priced up to give a discount so if you are not wise then you could pay full price anyway Ive done quite a few reviews and under Amazon’s old rules I had a good review rating so increased my odds of getting the best savings. Vipon has been a good source for action cameras, mount sets and other photography equipment Don’t look at the premium brand cameras, but look closely at the specifications and get a couple of reasonable action camera clones with extras for less than the price of one GoPro Most importantly take advice from @rogerborg Don’t attempt to make videos to satisfy viewers, make videos that you like to make. Then if people like what you produce then the viewing figures will follow
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  11. Gun picture thread

    Very nice indeed, love the engraving too.. Weather is getting perfect for clay shooting..
  12. help required

    It's topics and posts like this that keeps forums running though mate..
  13. Gun picture thread

    Same here. Just don't like the look of railed gas blocks..
  14. help required

    Literally just typed "G&P M870 Disassembly" into Google and this was the first result. Come on man..
  15. £200 is massively expensive, went to a game at a premier MOD urban facility a couple of years back where all staff were ex 4/73 battery with professional pyro, a fully manned (by paid staff) operations room with an actually effective radio net and paid staff on the baddie side and that was only £130 per person.
  16. help required

    hi guys, im looking for a guide for taking apart a g&p m870 springer. anyone know of a one?
  17. I’ve had a look through some of my email receipts, for some similar specialist games on military sites such as Sennybridge and Copehill Down plus other urban / cqb and underground events such as Drakelow. I have paid between £55 & £60 entry plus about £30 to £35 for a case of 2000 clear or UV Paintball’s So that was up to £100 for a weekend or long weekend, typically limited paint so 2000 was more than plenty, if unlimited then players may have been using 2 cases, so still under £150 per head when taking into account food & drink as well. Milsim & magfed players will be using 500 to 1000 Paintball’s so would split the cost of a case between two or three players Paintball is reputably more expensive than airsoft and some people have moved over for that reason. Over a couple of years the key events have included the ‘special venue’, main game and side games plus ‘experiences’ and current or ex military instructors taking people through some skills and training sessions (also with context) such as urban house to house with both the context of hostage rescue or civilian population in situ (thus slowly slowly, identify friend and foe and bursts of aggression, door kicking etc) or full on warfare with the population having been displaced and an embedded defending force, thus high tempo heavy fighting etc I wouldn’t expect many players to put up £200 per head even though it would be funding the payment of the instructors etc and their equipment / sfx, let alone the probable costs in securing a special venue & having the insurance in place Paintballers in the last few years ‘have been there, done that’ with scenario Paintball mostly going back to local fields plus main big games Airsofters have also had greater access to more of the mod venues due to the easier method of cleaning up bbs But, the people who would possibly spend that are the ‘almost average’ bloke with a deep pocket willing to pay for an ‘experience weekend’ I wouldn’t expect big numbers such as 300, but smaller groups of people booking an experience The instructors we have had were already established ‘experience’ companies, so you book your date and pay for the privilege
  18. New and want to get into airsoft/team

    Hi @HyperRain me me and my brother in law are in Haverhill and play over that way often. I’ll give you a shout when and where we are next going could meet up. cheers rich
  19. Goggles!

    Im sorry if you think this is a personal attack but I haven’t insulted or called you personally names , I simply stated from a medical point of view ANYONE not just you who can be so cavalier about there eye site is quite frankly acting like a bit of a dick . You really don’t get the point I’m making , when skin heals it leaves scars you can see (matter of fact I’ve got half a dozen bleeders from yesterday that I know will leave some of those funky little round scars airsofters gather !) but with eye injuries the scars they leave will affect your vision if it’s in the wrong place . The two screen grabs I’ve put up , the one is of a person who is still having vision problems 8yrs after his injury occurred and the other tells of the problems you could well have even from just fragments in the eye let alone penetrating the eye . So as far as I’m concerned this is one ‘what if’ that yes you should take very seriously .
  20. ACM/AY BAR M1918 bundle

    BUMP £320 posted
  21. Buffer Tube connector

    Oh right I see 🤔 because I was doing some research of GG guns and I found this gun it's similar to the body that u bought short and no stock aswell but it's electric G&G TR16 CRW
  22. Buffer Tube connector

    If it looks like the one in the lower pic, then you've bought an upper and lower receiver for a gas rifle, not an AEG. Pics of what you have would help.
  23. Best position for a camera for youtube

    If you're using pistol go chest cam and you'll get away with just that if not do side mounted helmet cam + another.
  24. Best position for a camera for youtube

    Cheers guys forgot to say tho I play at battlestations airsoft and if you don't know what that is that is cqb with containers joined up together so it pretty close but is also got a mid range site next to it so we change inbertween the maps so that's why I was on about scope can as I can get some long shots off.
  25. Best position for a camera for youtube

    Some things to ponder. First, the standard for YouTubers is now a minimum of 3 cameras: head/shoulder + scope-cam + selfie camera pointing back at them. That's not to say that you can't get some interesting footage with a single camera, just that you might struggle to find an audience. Second, YouTube is rabidly anti-gun, and that'll only accelerate after their "GUN FREE ZONE" signs failed to stop them getting shot up (who knew?). You may find that you're getting into this aspect of airsoft just as it's being shut down. So I'd suggest that you make content for your pleasure, not for anyone else's. Put it on your head, put it on your gun, whatever you want.
  26. Goggles!

    Nothing wrong with that I wear an i4 a lot of the time.
  27. P90 charging handles

    Make: TM if poss Item: Desired Condition: any Swaps/Part Exchange: ill buy Budget: any
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