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  2. Wo1f

    Airsoft 2.0

    The last time I saw a sales pitch this good, this happened..
  3. Gkaruk

    New player👋Which gun out of these?

    I was/am in same boat and after 3mths decided on Krytac MK2 CRB. I pick the CRB over the SPR and LVOA as where I play the DMR/Sniper gun are restricted to 10m range. MK2 CRB felt more appropriate for me and Krytac make would stand me in good stead for quality but not highest end/cost with good upgrade/custom path in future. If helps I have also made shopping list of all items need when buy gun, post more research on all items and found all on PatrolBase : Gun KRYTAC Trident CRB MK2 FOLIAGE GREEN 1 £330.00 Magazine Nuprol Airsoft M-Series N-Mag 300 rd Flash Magazine 1 £11.00 BBs 0.25g Ares Amoeba 4000 1kg 1 £8.99 Batteries Nuprol 11.1V 1450mAH 30C Stock Tube LiPO 2 £22.00 Lipo Charger TURNIGY ACCUCEL 6 - NIMH/NICD/LIPO/LIFE/PB 1 £50.00 Lipo Charging Bag GIANT POWER LiPo Safe Charging Bag 1 £4.00 Gun Case 8Fields Tactical Padded Rifle Case-130cm 1 £40.00 Just my choices.
  4. Seth_K

    Airsoft 2.0

    That’s some sound advice, what do you mean? The way I work? I have done it, it’s more of a once over and advice that I need, hopefully with someone that can jump in full time after investment is secured. I have to laugh, very counter intuitive but it does make sense. I’ll be sure to hit the middle ground. Ah, thanks all the same. I’m lucky to have one or two people capable of the role around, but they don’t always quite “get it”.
  5. skintrade

    Airsoft 2.0

    No CFOs in my contacts that aren't under contract, heavily employed, or interested in the pew pew world
  6. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    TM AK-47 Gen 3 Electric Recoil w/ accessories: - X3 magazines -x1 battery -x1 red dot -x1 mock Osprey silencer -x2 rail risers Firing at approx 330fps and comes with railed dust cover for sight installation


  7. Lokai

    Airsoft 2.0

    Not sure id want to work with anyone that refers to themselves as Lord Kumar!!!
  8. Prisce

    Airsoft 2.0

    Your issue here is finding the right person, and I’ll be honest with, even if you find someone with the credentials your after, good chance is they are not a fit for the way you work. Your probably better off either trying to learn to do this yourself, or find someone with similar mindset to learn and do this. As your pretty much a startup investors will realise that you need a little experience before your going to be doing everything right. It’s your passion that needs to shine through. Turning up to an investors meeting with everything immaculate and done to the T, will look very professional but may make investors nervous as you will come across as over confident, being willing to learn and make changes will help you a lot in the long run.
  9. Seth_K

    Airsoft 2.0

    That’s a good shout, I did want catch a bit of attention, find who I needed then disappear. Who would you have approached as I’ll have a lot of other seats to fill? Provided it happens. Do you know some? I'm just being resourceful Can you imagine the cost to bring someone up to speed just for a days worth of work, I’d much rather work with one of you/us.
  10. skintrade

    Airsoft 2.0

    Or "anyone got experience with X?" A good CFO will want good money, and a good contract, just to start working.
  11. NoobyNico

    Rainbow Six Seige

    Siege is the main game I play on PC and I'm up for games. My uPlay is noobynico.
  12. EDcase

    Airsoft 2.0

    Seth, I think you might have done better with a more down to earth request to talk to someone for airsoft advice and then advance to your project privately rather than this hype attempt.
  13. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

    • For sale
    • New

    Brand new with Tags - 8Fields Commando recon chest harness type vest. Open back style crossover straps. Same as this one but it has a larger radio pouch - https://hardcorp-airsoft.co.uk/products/commando-recon-chest-harness-type-vest-multicamo £7 Postage - Or collection.


  14. Charl

    Airsoft guns and gear

    Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Hi guys iam selling my airsoft gear my wife has just had a baby and with work i just dont have time to play anymore its all basically new and well looked after if you have any questions feel free to ask will do deals reasonable offers please collection only


  15. Today
  16. Gepard


    Alpha 55 and Outpost are my two regulars. Located in Cheshire.
  17. ewanJC

    VFC Saber CQB

    Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Alright, Having to sell my gun as I need the money elsewhere just now. bought it on here used and only used it for 4 game days and it shot brilliantly. its a VFC Saber CQB. I played at Section 8 in Scotland and live in the Glasgow area. I will also throw in what magazines I have (1 High cap and various others), a red dot site, red dot site protector screen and a magazine stand as seen in picture. Last time I tested it was shooting at roughly 240 FPS. Looking for £180-£200 but I am open to offers. Feel free to message any questions. Payment via PayPal. Cheers


  18. ChrisMC

    If you really must have a green gas 1911.....?

    I've got a secutor rudis that comes with interchangeable nozzles so you can use gas or co2. Shoots under 350 on co2 with the small one and get loads of mags out of a bulb. Can't see why anyone would get a green gas one when there are pistols like this on the market. I've used it every game day for 6 months so far with no issues and it's nice and accurate out of the box
  19. Bearings are lubricated with a specialist grease, so being a different colour is normal, it leaking out is normal. The bearing popping is normal, one of the reasons people replace them with bushings. Or you can glue the bearing outercase to the gearbox so they can’t pop. Shimming is purely for the individual gears. Nothing with the bearings, changing bearings/bushings can change the amount of shimming required. The selector plate looks standard and I would probably replace it. If your in the gearbox giving it a service, check all the o rings and your air seal, especially on the Nozzle, also check for wear on the nozzle as this could indicate your feeding issue. Make sure you watch a disassembly guide for the V2 box first, just so you know exactly what to do so you don’t have to play hide and seek for parts!
  20. Tackle

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    thanks, they're not far from me, but now I know to avoid😉
  21. Prisce

    Tracer unit recommendation

    Make one on the hop unit and wire it to the trigger contacts so it only turns on when you fire your gun.. easy!
  22. Seth_K

    Airsoft 2.0

    The right person is either here or they’re not. I know this post is highly irregular anywhere let alone an Airsoft forum. I also knew that the immediate reaction would be healthy skepticism and that, unfortunately, is the reason behind a distinct lack of any real information. Should you you know someone with the passion for Airsoft and the skills to at least grow into the role, please send them my way. Thank you
  23. Lord Elpus

    Gunfire (Poland) / gun-fire.co.uk

    Have used Gunfire a few times, not regular, but have had no problems with them at all. Mostly bought spares......good cheap prices too! Andy
  24. Skara

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Ever thought about mag/spares compatibility? If I want another gun it's probably gonna be another AR since I already have a couple of rails and stocks, 6 midcaps and around 10 high caps for it also vests and pouches mostly come in stanag size (at least here in pizza land)
  25. Lord Elpus

    Buying first battery and charger

    Forgot to say, try the component shop for your battery, you can get deans fitted batt's from there, if your not sure you can do it yourself.
  26. MikeMarden

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    No surprises with any of whats happened here:- Attended an SEO "Milsim" back in April & was hands down by far the worst ever Airsoft event I've ever attended, this was a real shame as well as I bought a friend along who wanted to dip his toe into the Milsim world, so we thought we'd try a lightened version with us attending a Battle-Sim" However the event in April was a poorly planned Skirmish at best & a real case of the guys running the show just wanting an event where the other team are cannon fodder. Briefing was an embarrassment with the owner referring to himself as an operator on more than one occasion! Massively unbalanced sides where owner, friends & YouTube celebrities running riot against an Opfor side who were mostly toe dippers in the Milsim World with no leadership & guidance, as such with no organisation to the event / arguments ensued mid-game with alas, people leaving mid way (including myself). What equally stands out is the owners lack of humility to put his hands up & say he got things wrong, never took this on board what didn't work so well in April & now appears the same again in October. Within the debrief he lay the negative press solely at the feet of the players, which to a degree will accept but when a team is just being pummeled by a well drilled side with high end kit & equally not playing by the rules by the looks of it then what do they expect?! Anyway whilst always disappointing to read so much press about a poor experience for people that's put their hands in their pockets, it does reassure me that there are some very good events which go on out in our Community - Majority are invite only without the need for YouTube endorsements or their endorsees! I think here SEO has stapled itself as definitely one to avoid within the South East of England,
  27. skintrade

    Airsoft 2.0

    You can't afford my day rate...
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