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  2. That's... actually pretty bad. Can you please fix your title: he was prosecuted and put on trial, at a time when the Fiscal is bawwing about having no resources for prosecuting real crimes. We're not talking about some wee ned either, the chap is 45. The really concerning part is that the Sheriff apparently was going to convict based on the bare images that ScotPlod had scraped from Facebook, until it came out that they'd fumbled the evidence. That's disturbing - most of the Gun Picture Thread would seem to be fair game. I'm seeing if I can track their victim down on Facebook to see if there's more to the story, although I imagine he's going to be quite shy of the platform now.
  3. dont have sound on my pc atm - does it make a lot of noise? I couldnt care less about the smoke but i REALLY wanted a b.o.s.s unit and was gutted when they abandoned the idea for airsoft. IS the sound anything like the boss?
  4. i can see it now....HPA goggles....
  5. Cheers, chaps, ordered up. I've also gone for a pair of 50mmx50mmx15mm nautilus style fans which I reckon might suit my tubing plot. Should be fun finding out.
  6. when i first started playing i used a mask that would fit over my glasses but they looked ugly and i had a lot of fog issues - i quickly moved to contact lenses. I didnt like the idea of touching ym eye etc but quickly got used to it. Now i can wear whatever eye protection i like!
  7. Thx edcase mych apreciated. Ill give ebay a ganders Thx Pegasus
  8. im surprised its still running! i was living in scarb when it opened and it was only going to be open a year before redevelopment....i guess the development plan got **** canned
  9. UF PRO Striker XT Gen 2 Grey Brown
  10. I have 100 pounds and can collect im in cambs area. I understand this is below your price bracket and i dont mean to offend by it If i had more i would offer more but the offers there Thx Pegasus
  11. Not sure if this has already been posted.... Case in scotland Youd think the case wouldn't have gone very far but apparently they were going to convict if it wasn't for the fact the police screwed up how the handled the photos!
  12. Yeah, any should be fine. (Looks French / Spanish) Ah, missed that about torch attachment. Check ebay
  13. Read two posts above yours. Most of us noticed though.
  14. Cheers m8 so any eu to uk charger adapter will do? The 10 pound is my budget for a torch attachemnt for the pistol was looking for a reccomendation for one around that price. Thx Pegasus
  15. anyone else notice the OP's name? think this may just be a troll
  16. That's pretty much them. Then some wire to a battery box with a switch on does the job. Admittedly I didn't make them. I bought the goggs from @mintsauce5 all ready put together, so he might be able to lend his advice.
  17. Just get a European to UK adaptor. Much cheaper than £10 If you can leave it in the socket then just push in the safety catch in the middle hole and push in the charger. The middle hole is ground so no electric shocks (If wired correctly )
  18. Guess im getting an mb03 then lol. Any other regulations i should be aware of at theyre site? Cheers for the help it is apreciated as it gives me a better idea of what to take and what not to take. Heres a few things im ooming and arring about... .Face and ear protection .The general gameplay and skirmishes done there Any other limits (aep gas guns bb weights rubber knives) Any help is apreciated thx Pegasus
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  20. Yeah, safety with these concerns me. These might work... Best to mount venting out.
  21. i just had a look on google and could not find any decent images of desk fans on goggles i wanted to post up!!!! lol fogging isnt my issue really its just the droplet obscuring vision problem i have, but as ive been told by a few, in AS you dont need the foam as dont need to stop dust and you have to keep moving to allow airflow through the top will be removed ive had very little problems with my bulletants and ESSv12s....maybe you should have a look at them ....they have been wiped with fogtech
  22. You can see everything in the video.. I'm new to this sport and this is my first gun and I would like to know is this how it is supposed to be or is it something wrong
  23. To prevent the paint spalling? Neat idea. Oh, I might very well, just for a giggle if nothing else. Got a source for appropriately small fans? The other thing I was considering was rather than mounting fans directly on the goggles, have a remote fan and use tubing to carry air into the goggles. That should allow for using a larger fan with more airflow.
  24. Make: Mayflower Item: APC Condition: Light used on rs shooting abroad Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/n Price/Payment: £190 posted
  25. nope, there AEGs limit is 345 and DMR/Sniper 400 my brother gets annoyed as the G33 he has is 348 / 352 on their Chrono but lower on others and firesupport shop!....its whats used on the day by the site that counts
  26. Though I know this is tough but still curious to know.
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