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  2. still with the barrel? what's the price now?
  3. I can see them, however there are no photos and the Olive Drab one is described as Oliver Darb! Are they trustworthy?
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  5. You could also pop to a local game and try and sell them there. Maybe message the organisers before hand to let them know your intentions etc
  6. God, that was awful. But it did have Emily Booth and her amazing performing cleavage! We turned it into a drinking game - take a drink every time you spot a player looking down her top, chug like your life depends on it when she catches them doing it!
  7. But not on an SL8 surely?
  8. What they said ^^^
  9. Still available?
  10. At first I thought you hijacked my thread and I was about to insult you, then I realized it was an advice While I like the realism of the tippman, I can't get one here in Italy at a decent price, I have to import it and things often go wrong here when importing airsoft guns (they get "lost" at customs).. Yes, it's basically a third world country... I'd like to stick with something my local techs have worked with in case there's an issue I can't solve, that means I have to stick with drop in kits..
  11. The DBOYs VN midcap magazines are great. They hold almost the same as the VN high caps minus the annoying rattle & wind.
  12. That's it.... I've gotta sell everything my wife owns and get me a GBBR... ... the kick, oh the kick... it.... look's.... brilliant.
  13. My AM 013 accepts various high caps, Classic army Valken DBoys We All of which work fine with no feed issues at all for me. A friend uses the nuprol mid caps in his , dunno about the high caps though.
  14. Length of barrel doesn't affect accuracy in airsoft, just in case you were heading towards the old 'longer gun, better accuracy' misconception. I wouldn't buy a gun based purely on that. But if you were just going for aesthetics, I'd agree with Ethon and say Cyma M14. I also had a JG G3 which was long and reliable. Failing that, you could have a look at Specna for some M16s or longer barrelled M4s in your price range ( has them at a good price).
  15. Thank you for sending me a few photos. Nice work, I really like the Katana (much more my kinda thing)
  16. Make: KWA Gun/Model: Kriss Vector GBB or HPA Desired Condition: Good Desired FPS: 340 or higher Swaps/Part Exchange: I have a mint G&G Ebr M14 Long with gun case, scope and tripod for swap/part ex TRY ME Budget: £300 ish This is my mint Ebr m14 i willing to swap or part ex
  17. I'll take a look at the AEG conversion, but I really enjoy my guns as a blowback type, gives it more realism. check this out how awesome is that? You are right, GBB version is more expensive. 1K+ single round drum HPA mags are mostly handmade I believe, and that's why expensive too. I guess you'll find a good deal if you keep looking, people will always selling due to change of circumstances.
  18. Is it Flickr or Tumbler that’s still a free photo hosting website? Upload to one of these and then just post the link and everyone can see them!
  19. i would say look at the vector AEG as there are already people working on dropping a HPA setup into it. the Vector GBB will be expensive to purchase as well you would either have to tap all the gas mags to build a high cap mag for it
  20. Hey guys, I’ve recently bought an HPA Tippmann m4 carbine package including a 48/3000psi tank and line, red dot and 2 extra mags from a fella (YELLOWMASK) here and I must say I have made the best decision regarding buying Airsoft guns so far. I must say I had an amazing deal for the package and it also came the next day!!! I instantly fell in love with it from the moment I shot several rounds in the night using my tracers! the recoil is amazing on the stock bolt, and even better on the RED (recoil enhancement device), basically a heavy bolt for a harder kick! Accuracy?? = incredible !! Realism in recoil?? = awesome !! I'm using a 48/3000 psi Pronto tank with a standard tank regulator Straight into my M4. I have never exceeded 3000bbs in an event (The mall, reading) so I'm not sure but I’ve heard it can last 2 event days so... Also, I have a 15L cylinder at home (which costs me £5 to fill) to refill my pronto tank. The 15L cylinder should refill my 48/3000 5-7 times apparently. Can somebody confirm? I don’t need any other regulators to attach to my tank regulator because I can adjust the velocity which increase/decrease FPS of my M4 from the M4 itself. Then at the right FPS (which is chronoed and approved by an event staff) I use a Tippmann velocity pin to close my M4 and it will be zip tied by a staff member to indicate that the M4 is approved and locked and asked not to be broken until the end of the event just so it’s not adjusted again. Maintenance? = very low on the M4, but tank every 3-4 months maybe?? Maybe someone can kindly confirm Basically, it’s the least headache M4 regarding problems (maybe someone else has a different experience/opinion) In my opinion, I recommend this to a first time HPA player like yourself. How much did it all cost me? less than £350 inc next day delivery! would I buy another HPA ?? Hell yeah!! I’ve been really considering KWA KRISS VECTOR HPA. Looks and sounds awesome being a GBB. What do you guys think?
  21. Birmingham/ Coventry
  22. Ok, it's gone 1am and I'm shattered. I've put together some photos and videos of my projects and looked at the new file size . . . I can email 20mbs at a time . . . My file size is 1.48GBs. I need sleep but have sent a few pics to you Immortal. Will have to think how to get it all uploaded for you all, that even wish to, see what I've put together. Maybe a new FB account with the items uploaded for you to see? Hurting now. Will sleep and worry about things Tomorrow. Tom and Mia
  23. Make: Valken Tactical Item: 5 x DE Mid Cap Mags 140 rds Condition: Never Skirmished, Used a couple times. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £40 ONO + paypal fees and/or postage costs Pictures: 07740974983 - Text me if need be Collection From Bury St Edmunds or will post.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Make: Well Warrior Gun/Model: L96 Accessories: Scope,Bipod, magazines x3 Condition: very good. Hardly used FPS: approx 400fps using 0.20g bbs Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: swap for mp7 aeg or beginner m4 Price/Payment: £120 Pictures:
  26. Make: tm Gun/Model: p90 rd Accessories: silencer m4 mag adapter Condition: good used slight issue FPS: not chronod would say within site limits though Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: y/y/y Price/Payment: 120 Pictures: below tm p90 rd working red dot in the carry handle , box mag adapter and silencer (silencer fits a bit wierd isn't the gun it's self it's the silencer) gun is wired to deans has a good grouping and rof slight issue with this p90 which is reflected in the price is that sometimes in semi it will fire full auto , might be a selector issue as you can see by the other rifs I've listed I've not got time to fix very nice bit of kit for the money £120 collected from Mablethorpe Lincolnshire inbox for any other info / pics
  27. Bump still here
  28. £25
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