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Alright folks, I need to enlist the help of a couple of fans of the TV series; Supernatural.


For my friends' birthday in August, I've decided to put together a chest containing vials/bottles/containers of all the random crap they use to destroy various beasties in the show (stuff like rock salt & holy water), as well as some of the written information (excerpts from the key of solomon - the book they got the devils traps from).


I'm looking for information on WHAT I should include in my vials, where I can get it, or where I can get reasonably priced replicas (I seem to remember something needing teeth, so fake teeth etc). Also stuff like replica tools/weapons (not necessarily pistols and guns, I don't know if you noticed but those are kind of what we do by default). I'm rewatching the whole show atm so will be picking stuff out, but anything people know is good incase I miss stuff, plus general occult-themed suggestions to pad it out (as I'm sure the hunters are prepared for far more things than we've been shown).


Regarding literature, I just need one or two core-books which look beat up, I'll then write out or illustrate parchment myself and bundle it together for everything else.


General ideas etc helpful.


I've posted this in several places, I'll be picking the person who is most enthusiastic/useful/helpful and sending them either a chest of their own if funds allow it, or copies of all illustrations, all spare materials that could be used to make their own and full instructions for completing the set, though this is several months down the line.


Stuff Finius needs:

-Suitcase to chuck it all in

-Colt Replica (any colt would do, she's not gonna be picky when she figures out what it is, she'll probably just make squeaking noises)

-Knife Replica (serrated-backed bowie with inscriptions?)

-Sawnoff Shotgun Replica

-EMF Meter (trip to maplins, wont need to do anything, just look the part)

-Leather journal (can use this to bind together all the illustrations and such)

-Bible & Some Occult Books (I imagine they're always useful)

-Holy Water

-Holy Oil

-Zippo & Lighter Fluid


-Hex bags (been told I want to have a few of these)

-Mojo bags (do I need more than one? Can be bought off eBay for a few quid, apparently each one does something different?)

-Curse Box (might have to be miniature sized, but she won't care)



-Plants (Anjelica Root, Devils Shoestring, various)

-Dead Mans Blood

-Goofer Dust

-Chevy Impala Keyfob with fake keys (because if I have the £17,000 for a vintage chevy, I'd be the one driving it...)

-Pocket Knife

-Silver Bullets

-9mm Replica

-Wooden Stake

-Lock Picking Tools

-Iron Bar

-Abramelin Oil

-Van Van Oil

-Assorted Survival Gear

-Small Hatchet

-Shotgun Shells

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You gotta have the colt patterson as there were so many episodes surrounding it, a sawnoff would also make a nice addition with some old cartridges filled with rock salt.


An EMF meter lookalike (old multimeter or something), old leather bound journal thats been buried in the garden for a few weeks to make it look weathered.

I believe there was the staff of moses used so just an old piece of wood, holy water, holy oil, lighter fluid to burn corpses, borax cleaning agent to destroy leviathans, a mojo bag which contains a mixture of herbs, oils, stones, bones, hair, nails, or other personal items.

Hex bag containing a mixture of bones n things, wooden padlocked box with carvings on (curse box to contain various artifacts in the winchester lockup), Ruby's knife, Rosary (string of beads dipped into water to make holy water).

Various herbs and plants to replicate things like angelica root, dead mans blood, crosses, goofer dust used to keep hellhounds at bay.


And of course depending on your budget a chevy impala :P


edit: forgot rabbits foot

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Editted in your suggestions and a few from other people.


Have left out the staff of moses - I'm trying to keep this "kit" as more of a generic hunters kit, though I think the colt and knife are essentials so they get a mention.


If you want to add any more feel free, or if you have an additional info I've missed (check the annotations).


Cheers though dude, real helpful:D

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Forgot to add iron of some sort such as an iron bar to harm spirits.


A few lockpicks

Wooden stake

Pocketknife (both sam and dean carry one)

Another plant known as Devils Shoestring (Viburnum)

Abramelin and van van Oil


Deans Amulet


Thats all i got for the moment but will keep thinking


Might be of some use to you.


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If my car boot ever breaks, I'm totally using a shotgun to hold it open lol.

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Cheers again Wolf!


Kinda demonstrating here how expensive this is gonna be as a gift, I'd completely forgotten about half this stuff! I might have to make it into a concise kit, but it's a start :D


Keep it coming!

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Bam! Update!


Started this tonight!


Got my suitcase, rosary, holy oil and holy water! Those being the easiest!


Pictures when it all arrives!


Edit: Also my dead-mans blood ;)

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Got myself a nice faux-leather notebook for the journal today :D


About to go rinse out a jam jar and stick some dirt in there for "goofer dust" which, according to hoodoo folklore is graveyard dirt under a different name.

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As for the Chevy keys and fob any idea on the year ? As there are a few compqnys in the states who make blank replacements then go to a local key cutters explain what your doing and ask them to copy your shed key pattern etc due to the blank not having the same profile it won't work in the lock but will look the part.

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