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  1. kungfumonkey

    New Team in Northants

    Hey guys and girl just a quick intro about Scared Hitless Airsoft Team or S.H.A.T as were more commonly known. we started a few months ago as a group of mates who thought being as we all ways play the same site together why not make it official and start a team, currently there's 5 full time members but we are looking for new guys and are by no means a super serious team as at the end of the day airsoft should be fun. are regular site is close action airsoft just outside corby northants where we can be found alomst every gameday and we are looking into booking some game days away up and down the country at various sites. load outs are the basic multicam or british dpm vests weopons etc is left upto the individual player, how ever this is were we do get serious we have a structurd role system where each member has a set role be it medic support player marksmen ect this is based on each members style of game play but if we feel that you dont cut it as a marksmen/sniper then u may be asked to switch roles as theres no point having guys who cant shoot, or are naff and stalking enemy being a sniper the same way there is no point having a guy with a bolt action play a support role. normaly we will have a game with you and go from there. so if your intrested in joining give me a p.m and we can go from there.
  2. kungfumonkey

    underslung pistol?

    Well as the title says i just thought "under slung pistol is it a good/bad idea?" After all we have nade launchers, shotguns and bayonets (kinda the same idea of under mounted weaponry) had a fool about on pimpmygun and going with the idea of using a pistol sight rail and an acog mount or ris2ris connector, (didnt have one so used a s.m 2 simulate) and then fab some sort of rear support/slideguradlike a nadelauncher would have. so whats the thoughts? is it a silly idea or maybe a missed one?
  3. kungfumonkey

    underslung pistol?

    fair point still could look kinda awesome even if it was for a fool around
  4. kungfumonkey

    Airsoft Fantasies (not in any way sexual)

    warmachine from ironman 2 mini gun and all
  5. kungfumonkey

    The 'What have you just got for Christmas' Thread

    only thing i got airsoft related would be my new shiney beard trimmer to help keep the tactibeard semi neat
  6. kungfumonkey

    daytona or hpa?

    no one know of anywhere i could get hold of one then or would my best bet be looking state side for a second hand one even?
  7. kungfumonkey

    daytona or hpa?

    Am sure its been asked before but views on both also where in the u.k builds daytona guns?
  8. kungfumonkey

    What to buy next?

    how many battery's do you have? if its only the one then buy a spare nothing worse than your battery going dead halfway through the day and not having a spare to use, then maybe a few small upgrades like a tight bore barrel or even a decent sling. a defo would be the midcaps unless your more of a spray and pray kinda player in which case stick to the high caps as 3 mags that hold 300 rounds each would serve you better than 3 mags that hold 120rounds each.
  9. kungfumonkey

    Boy killed for brandishing a pistol

    even then whats stopping someone buying a two tone then spraying it black in regards to the thread i thought all airsoft guns had to have a bright orange flash hider in the u.s also why shoot to kill instead of shoot to disable the threat.
  10. kungfumonkey

    Back from the dead :)

    Well guys and girls been a dam long time since i posted here, due to being pushed out of airsoft by my now ex partner but glad to say im back in the game although back as a hire gunner due to the ex having sold all my gear and rif's when we split (including the clasic army m4 i won here through the supporters raffle) and now having to redo my ukara requirements. So hows everyone been anyway?
  11. kungfumonkey

    Back from the dead :)

    Cheers guys and yep allready spending most of my wages on this addiction. Oh and i agree Ian that new honeybadger M4 looks tastey thinking of doing a dmr build with a similar look in the new year once my pay rise hits and my ukaras sorted.
  12. woop woop woop woop woop woop woop woop woop woop woop

  13. kungfumonkey

    Best upgrade for a Tokyo Marui High Cycle?

    get a longer tightbore inner barrel and a suppressor to cover it the longer barrel helps with bigger gains in fps
  14. kungfumonkey

    New Team in Northants

    depends will ur team be at the nae next year ? if so we defo will be lol
  15. 8days till i move into the new house and im gunna have my own gun room/tech room canni wai ideas for decor welcome

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    2. Airsoft-Ed


      You need a badass shelf that sort of folds out of the wall! To hide the guns for when you have visitors who don't like them or something.

      Then when people do like them, you can be all like, "Hey, look at this" press a button *boop* and all the guns just come out of the wall.


      You can thank me later.

    3. kungfumonkey


      that does sound epic ed thankyou


    4. SpecialForce


      black, red and chrome everywhere. montana style!

  16. kungfumonkey

    New Team in Northants

    opps thats awkward how aboot we pop a ! on the end ?
  17. kungfumonkey

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    i think its a classic army sportline g36 but no markings anywhere not even on the v3 gear box not even a made in chine mark which is odd
  18. game tomorrow just hope the rain holds off

  19. kungfumonkey

    Gun picture thread

    nice weapons there nutster as for the gf changing her mind thats just women for yah mate
  20. kungfumonkey

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    there some sick looking loadouts you have the necrotic bet they cost you a pretty penny to source
  21. kungfumonkey

    Gun picture thread

    nice vid adam shame its 2 tone pop a lil lube on the cocking lever/fake bolt shld solve the sticking issue
  22. kungfumonkey

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Madbull blck python ver2 6.03 tbb Madbull accelerator buckking ( comes with one silicone and one rubber bucking and 2 h-nubs) havent tested them on the chrono yet but they have improved my aeg's grouping by about 2-3cm over 30m's
  23. kungfumonkey

    Gun picture thread

    looks good so far mate you gunna be clear coating with a super flat matte yeh?
  24. kungfumonkey

    Gun picture thread

    cheers CK
  25. kungfumonkey

    Gun picture thread

    ust a few pics of my cm16 and mk23 what you all think ?