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  1. Tomorrow im off to sign my oath and swear allegiance to the queen etc then im off to start my training, ive had to sell all my airsoft gear so just thought i would say goodbye to you all.
  2. PWRR - infantry I was offered the chance to go do PRAC (parachute regiment aptitude course) at the end of selection but i refused as i personally felt my fitness wasn't up to scratch so i went for infantry instead. Hoping to get into 2nd battalion after training.
  3. After a crap day at work nailing landrovers back together im happy because i leave to start my training next month
  4. We need a clue so we can have a guess at its origin
  5. Never really looked into how much they are as they convert the l85 from a thing of beauty to something that looks like it was abused by its father as a child and then grew up hideously deformed.
  6. Mate of mine was on leave for the weekend and returned from barracks with an unissued DD rail to go on my l85 which he just gave to me free of charge Admittidly i think they are ugly as sin and should be killed with fire but it gives me something to attach some pointless accessories to during the weekender night games.
  7. I always buy from firesupport, cant fault them.
  8. One-Handed increased to 65 One-Handed increased to 66 One-Handed increased to 67 LEVEL UP!
  9. You know the rules, piccies or it didn't happen
  10. Must not be a month for rovers. Ever since i could legally drive ive been driving big chunky offroad equipped 4x4's with dirty great big winch bumpers and roll cages etc and have never managed to hit a deer but as the rangie is off the road at the moment ive had to buy a sh*tty old rover. After a week of having it on the road a deer runs out and became one with the front end, destroying the wing, headlight and surrounding metal, luckily i managed to straighen the inner wing and get away with finding an outer wing and headlight at the scrappy. So not only does it have all the lacquer p
  11. Good man, what you going in for?
  12. Just infantry (PWRR) so nothing snazy, will be leaving on the 30th september.
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