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SMG/PCCs That Take TM GBB Glock Mags?


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Personally mag cross-compatibility is a big thing, means if I get another RIF I don't have to take up more storage space (which is currently tight) with another 3-6 magazines to be able to actually take the thing out.  I've picked up a few TM/TM compatible Glock mags recently for both actual Glock pistols and my Aegis FMG; hence I've been weighing options on some type of SMG/PCC to use the mags in since there's a few around now that I've noticed.  Aside from the FMG the main one I've seen floating around is this which seems to be VFC in origin?




Then there's a couple of B&T SMGs around that I've not really delved in to, anyone seen any others that are worth looking at per chance?

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1 hour ago, Terrywristt said:

AAP's have quite a few PCC kits that take TM/WE Glock mags OOTB.


I have the Lambda Defense GHM9 and they've taken my WE/Vorsk mags fine, however I've heard reports that it's a very tight fit with TM mags


I have found my TM mag to be very tight, it takes a proper effort to extract it!


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