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Double Bell KAC PDW. First Impressions


This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and possibly forgotten) topic.

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So today I became the proud owner of a KAC PDW by Double Bell (like you couldn't guess from the title😁) and after a quick half hour going over it here's my initial thoughts. 


The gun came in a plain cardboard box with just a label showing what model it is and was held securely in place with a couple of cable ties similar to how kids toys are secured in the box. Also included is a high cap mag and dummy PEQ box for the battery but no battery. I guess they've realised nobody uses the cheap crappy ones that come with the guns so they stopped bothering with them.


The first thing that struck me is just how little flex and rattle there is. Seriously, I've seen guns that cost twice as much make more noise. While part if this is probably down to how short it is some of it is down to the polymer used which is definitely of higher quality than the plastic used in many other guns of a similar price range.


The stock folds to the right hand side of the gun and is unfolded by pushing the button on the left hand side by the hinge. It then locks into place on a small nobbly bit on the body of the gun. I was concerned that this could be a potential failure point but only time will tell. 


The only markings on the reciever are the safe, semi and auto around the AR style fire selector. I guess Double Bell either knew people don't want their trademarks or decided it's cheaper and easier not to bother, probably the latter but either way I'm not fussed. Forward of the fire selector is the ambidextrous magazine release where I found another potential problem. The button sticks out further that the shroud around it possibly leading to accidentally dropped mags.20230823_201753.thumb.jpg.b3d192e5e703e65235f1205843110926.jpg


The sights are made of the same polymer as the body of the gun and while the front post appears to be fixed, the rear is adjustable for windage but not elevation.


Moving towards the muzzle there isn't space in the fore grip for a battery so this is where the included PEQ box comes into play, or at least it would if the thing wasn't so small. I don't think I've seen a battery small enough to fit in there.


The PEQ box disassembled with a lighter for scale. I don't think it'll fit anything bigger than a mobile phone battery.


Fortunately I've got a couple of other guns with battery boxes so I borrowed one of those. First I tried an 11.1v lipo and was getting over spin every shot with it firing 2 shots on semi auto so I switched over to a 7.4v lipo. This solved the issue. The trigger felt like any other aeg but definitely felt more responsive and with a shorter pull than my galaxy MP5K using the same battery. Unfortunately I don't have a chrono or enough space to set the hop properly so I'll have to post on the performance at another time.


The included magazine is a 180 round (according to google) high cap copy of the 6x35mm magazine but normal M4 magazines will also fit. One thing I did notice was that Double Bell have moved the winding wheel from the bottom to the rear of the mag20230823_201542.thumb.jpg.2717ae3aea5e6fd0886f40500049e911.jpg





Overall for first impressions I score this gun a solid 7.5 out of ten with points knocked off for the useless PEQ box and the other potential problems mentioned, but if these turn out to be unfounded I'll happily bump that score up.


Now to get that gopping 2 tone paint off before my next game

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These things are seriously light aren't they?  Before I became a jobless hobo I was thinking of getting one for my daughter / as a CQB backup.   

The other 'advantage' is I believe it comes with a medium length motor that I could 'borrow' for my SIG.   (That issue due purely to me not wanting to spend £45 on an ex-boneyard gun.  But I've sourced a cheap one since, so no need now)

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and possibly forgotten) topic.

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