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Galaxy MP5K


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I bought this Galaxy MP5K new quite a few years ago with the intention of building it into a little lightweight, loaner gun but never got around to it and now it's surplus to requirements.


Good points

- Sat in it's box.  Never shot.

- Boxed with hi cap mag, manual, shitty charger and battery (I can dispose of if not wanted.  Can I even send the battery in the post?).  Will include the cleaning rod if I can find it.

- Can include a folding stock but not compatible with the current end plate.  Could be modified I think or just the right plate fitted on.


Bad points

- Time has taken it's toll on the pot metal.  Heavy tarnishing to the front sight block.  Mag catch paddle weakened so that really needs replacing but the push button mag release works fine. The head of one of the body pins sheared off today when I pushed it in.  Not going to go anywhere but still. 

- The receiver end plate is split in two.  Partially caused by over time it slightly warping and also from me trying to screw it onto the folding stock.  When I tightened it down, it became apparent it was warped and the stock face was flat.  If you're wondering why I was trying to attach it to the stock, the moron shop I bought the stock from had the wrong photos of it in the listing so I thought it would be compatible.  It turned out it was a different spec.  I thought I would be smart and just swap the plates.  No such luck.  It can be used with half the end plate on.  It is secure with one pin.

- There is a small crack to the back of the plastic of the receiver near the lower receiver pin hole but not actually compromising the hole.


So yeah, it really needs a new mag release paddle and receiver end plate.  Which can be bought for £20 + postage.


What should I be looking at for a price?  £60 posted with the stock?  @RogerborgI know you're a fan of these.









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Even with no issues these usually go for around £70, factor in the parts needed & if your pricing on those is correct, then £50 all in seems more realistic, as technically it's a boneyard on more than one issue. 

Alternatively, replace the parts yourself & push for £80 ? 

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That's a tricky one. Hard to find now, and prices have gone up on everything. But it's in a bit of a sad state.  I'd be looking at buying that for parts so I wouldn't offer £60 for it (if I thought it was worth that, you'd already have a PM. ;) ).

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