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SE Tour Review: Ultimate Wargames Fawkham (Kent)

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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Site Name: Ultimate Wargames Fawkham

Contact details: 07467 945320

Website Address: https://www.ultimatewargames.net/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/UWGfawkham

Site Address: 1 School lane, Fawkham, Kent DA3 8NY


On a whim I decided to go to Ultimate Wargames Fawkham (02/02/2020), this is one of the most difficult sites to get to for me on public transport and walking. Taking 3 underground trains, National Rail and a 60 minute walk to get there (Luckily a regular and his mum saw me at the side of the road and picked me up to take me there the last mile. They also gave me a lift to the station after)


The site has been established for some time, but is not massively well advertised or talked about. Reviews have been somewhat negative, citing lack of chrono, small site and favouritism to towards the home team. 


This is a small sized woodland site, with a large field in the middle with an attached CQB section. There is a gentle slope but no real deviations in height. There is only 2 or 3 purpose built buildings, including a twin tower section which was used predominantly throughout the day, another small rectangular building and a small bunker.  No water features. Short and medium engagement distances were in use throughout the day. The site seems more a club then anything because of the ratio of regulars to occasional players. There was only about 17 players on the day. 60 players are considered a huge turnout, so if you like small numbers this site might be one to consider. 


The Vegetation was mostly high trees with high branches and areas of nettles at a low level. So cover was at a bit of a premium when standing up. Though if you don't mind lying down with pointy nettles, you can easily hide well enough to get the drop on people. 




Fun Moments: I had a fantastic time at this site. Morning was a bit slow, but the Afternoon was just fun game after fun game. I had a great personal performance kicking ass with my FAMAS and pistol. The low numbers really helped (I hate too many players!)


Saturdays and regular game days: Unlike most sites, this one opens almost every week. Half of the time on Sundays and the other half on Saturdays, So if you are looking for a game, chances are there is one here most weekends. 


Clientele: The vast majority of the clientele were made up of under 18's. But every single one of them were respectful, excitable, tactically minded and a credit to the future of the sport. They had modest equipment, but knew how to use it on the field. Were very polite in asking questions and were happy to listen to advice. They put many adults I have played with on other sites to shame. The adults were fine as well! 


Marshalling: A great thumbs up here. 2 player marshals all day and they really added to the day, I had concerns about hit taking from a certain player and they asked me who it was and that they would follow them. Very proactive, very friendly and they had a quick game turnaround. 


Safety Brief: Was fairly standard, covered all the salient points. No complaints. 


Game modes: We mostly played fallback games and team annihilation. If the weather didn't make the CQB section bogged down then we would have used that during the day, apparently they run an Airsoft TT game mode (Ala house Gamers Airsoft) on occasion. The games were clearly well planned and tested, which means there is little to go wrong. Every game felt competitive. 




Chrono: A mandatory chrono was in affect though no guns were marked.  AEG FPS limits are a 350FPS. DMR is 420 and Bolt actions are 500. Chronoing on .2's is preferred rather then joule rate, Green Gas blowback pistols are not chronoed in the Winter. 


Food: Food orders are made when you sign up in the morning. Lunch is a burger, chips and a drink for £5. Though I didn't enquire about other food options, it wasn't offered or advertised either. The burger and fries were cooked fresh and NOT reheated. They also had burger relish which I personally love which you don't see at most burger serving sites! 


Parking: There was quite a bit of parking available especially considering the low turnouts. Its not far from the safe zone, however it was pretty muddy, so make sure you have tyres with a bit of grip. 


Safe Zone: Is pretty small. Picnic tables available to everyone who turned up, around 70% of them are under cover, the shop and kitchen are in portacabins. The safe zone does get pretty muddy though so watch your step. Looks a bit tired. 


Shop: I didn't see much of it, though i did see a few pistol boxes, mostly WE stuff. Random gas and bb's. It wasn't the best. 




Playing area: Not fantastic.  There wasn't much in the way of man made structures, there was no unique selling point. The CQB section was too boggy to use due to the poor weather and is a typical American killhouse style which I am not a fan of. The vegetation was varied for the size of the site and the field area was nice but not in use for a whole lot. I think more structures, maybe a trench system would be ideal to help change the site up. 




This was an odd one, The most important thing for me in a site would be the playing area. If its poor then I don't often want to go back. But many of the non tangibles really hit the mark. Clientele, Staff, Game modes, things that are not physical but as an overall experience it was a great day and would love to play more. However from the physical features I would say much like AWA Herts, its a local site for local people. It's too far for me to go to considering how many other sites I have to pass to get to it. It also wouldn't hold my interest in its current state for long. 


I really enjoyed my day, if it was closer to me I would go again. But I am not sure I can recommend it either due to lack of unique selling points. If you are local and you haven't been, give it a go.


I definitely recommend this for young players. 


Bullpup Watch: My L85 and FAMAS, one SRS 


Note: Cant comment on the toilets, as I didn't need to go!


The below photo is best guess. Seems like Google haven't updated the map on the area for sometime. 




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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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