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HK416a5 VFC GBBR after game review / report

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and possibly forgotten) topic.

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The VFC HK416a5 RAL8000 is a looker. She is a sturdy, beautiful rifle, with a magnificent build quality and an up to date set of controls. Her fit and function impressed me and most people who see her. But let’s be honest. Airsoft rifles are about gaming. About running about on the field and being used. So it was with a little trepidation mixed with excitement that I took the VFC out for its first game on Saturday. And although it was a normal Skirmish, I went full GBBR, and only took that and my GHK M18 with me and leaving the AEGs at home. Brave call?


Well, after chrono I was down to the VFC on its own. As expected the GHK was too hot. 


I ran the VFC with 7 mags, all of which lived on my belt and plate carrier and so were exposed to the elements. This is my normal AEG load out but with mid caps rather than 30 round real caps.


I sorted the hop to lift the .28s a nice reasonable distance and set in for the game, but ended up tinkering with it in game to get the best range. This was really easy to do as the hop adjustment is at the front end by the gas block. No need to strip the gun down and a massive plus. And then it was on to the game.


A wise man once said, gaming with a GBBR is all about game style. Well my game style didn’t differ a great deal to be honest. I enjoy more tactical games. Creeping about, looking for weak spots and generally run my guns on semi auto anyway, so there wasn’t too much difference.


I did spend the first few games expecting the gun to implode, or BBs to dribble out of its barrel, because the inter web is replete with tales of VFCs being un-game-able. Of their internals being weak and useless. But after the first game, and that constant satisfying thud the instant I pulled the trigger, the mechanical clunk as the VFC fired, I realised that I had made the right decision. Ok, if I spammed the trigger and she suddenly went empty, she wouldn’t always lock back. But in general when I fired a normal semi auto rate she locked back. And good god is she fun to shoot. Fun to manipulate. Fun to take down. Fun to clean. Yeah, my Krytac probably has a better range, and is likely more consistently accurate. But I can’t remember when I last enjoyed a game as much as Saturdays. And for me that’s why I decided to get a GBBR.


Holding back floods of players with single shots. Going empty and doing a breach check to see the BCG locked back. Changing mags in a panic and hitting the bolt catch. Feeling the clunk of it all going home and being up and back in the game. This is why I love Airsoft. 


So, is the VFC useable in the winter. Yes, but with some caveats. Don’t expect to go full auto much, if at all. It works for a bit but isn’t consistent and sounds on the cusp of dying. The mags get cold, quick and I doubt you’d get more than one mag out of a gas fill, so I topped my mags up with gas every time I reloaded BBS. I was using Abbey Brut Sniper gas. Seemed to work ok. 


So all in I’m happy with the VFC. She did me proud.







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Did you do anything to the rail to be able to mount a peq that far forward? 


As I see the A5 comes with a folding sight and no rail slots as standard 

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and possibly forgotten) topic.

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