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  1. More for the ADF kit collection. 90's to early 2000's Aussie SASR vest, usually go for about £150-£200 paid £30.... Boom!
  2. My latest Aus kit Haul from Straya... AMC top (Aussie version of multicam that was issued in 2014, not to be confused with The new AMCU) Auskit chest rig. Cheaper, more widely used copy of the Platatac Peacekeeper TBAS Radio pouch for PRC152 Platapus velcro pouch panel for the rare platapus SF armour vest I have.
  3. My good lady paid for a minty 2009 dated DPCU softshell for me.
  4. I would snap up an AUG a1 if they made them too!
  5. Genuine Aussie Ghillie, hand made during training by the guy who owned/Used it. I'm yet to use this in anger but it will be used for a CTR/Spotter role.

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    WE XDM competition model with.. 2 spare mags with extra mag bases bought for them, maple leaf hop rubber nuprol hard case. Used 3 times, a great pistol I just hardly use, bought it to turn into the pistol from the Expanse tv series but just haven't gotten round to it. £140 +postage.


    - GB

  7. DPNU is my fav of the bunch, I'm growing a large collection of AUS kit.
  8. Australian Navy Clearance Diver/Boarding party. DPNU combat shirt (custom made 1 of 8 ) DPNU trousers Navy issue boots Warrior DCS (in place of £1000 Aus issue TBAS) SOS marine Holster SOS marine pistol mag pouches Tean Wendy replica Lid with MC cover Ess copy goggles Mechanix Gloves.
  9. Navy SEAL, Juliet Platoon 1970. Used for reenactment and Airsoft. ERDL shirt, Levi 505 jeans Seal life preserver Light belt kit with: 1x canteen, 1x M56 ammo pouch (for mission specific bits), 1x m67 ammo pouch (for grenades), MK2 Ka-bar and hard sheath with mk13 flare, Jungle first aid kit. Paisley bandana Vintage 60's Seiko watch 67 dated jungle boots. 4x belts of 110rds G&P stoner mk23 (63a commando)
  10. Rare Aussie SF body armour cover from the early 2000's and a DPDU (desert) standard armour cover, also rare as fook.
  11. Australian Infantry kit. Around 2004-2008 Platatac giggle hat, DPCU land125 cut uniform, Issue Terra boots, Issue Body Armour, Issue Land125 vest and 40mm dropleg, Rabintex 303 helmet with cover, tag IR and NSeas mount, Ess ice glasses, JG Aug with Elcan, custom made scope rail nurprol 203 and GB Tec 203 mount.
  12. Darkwater is my regular site, cqb mid week, woodland on the weekend and service with a smile.
  13. Rebel Fleet Marine Loadout for CQB stuff Kit.. US Navy work shirt Crag hopper cargo trousers Pantac PACA vest, added Velcro backed pistol mag pouch for the DL mags DL-44 holster Smg mag pouch White/black painted skate lid to resemble Fleet Trooper helmet (a replica one wouldn't stand up to BB hits) Black German jackboots. Armour Works Dl-44 (removed the scope as it gets clonked on doors too easily) S&T sterling to be turned into E-11 variant soon. Just waiting on the scope mount.
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