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    G&P stoner / JG Based F88 with various attachments / ASG LMT M4 / WE 1911 / Marui USP FS / AW DL-44
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    Navy Seal Vietnam
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  1. Bought an AUG because I started collecting Aussie kit. Bought my M4 to go with my Aussie navy kit. Bought a Stoner 63a because it's my favourite nam era gun and it's used with my SEAL team 1 kit.
  2. They are worth having, useful as an ambush weapon, a break contact weapon or general "have some of this son" weapon.
  3. Going to add to my what gun do you want in Airsoft answer and say Steyr Scout. With scout scope and Ching sling. Maybe doing DMR FPS, for fun.
  4. He also used one at Operation Grey slate 3 at Darkwater a couple of years back, after the site owner stated they are not to be used. when I heard it they certainly don't sound that scary... like a wet fart. i've Been playing with 203's and m79's for the best part of 13 years. I still enjoy the reaction people have after getting hit by the standard shower grenade.
  5. 1. How did you get into Airsoft? 21 years ago, had my first game but my old man bought guns for my bro, him and I back in 1994 from Battle Orders, Dad used to have real steel firearms but handed them in when new regs came in after Dunblane and Hungerford. 2.what would your callsign be? Never had one in all these years of playing. 3. What would your primary and secondary gun be (optional third)? Primarys depend on the site, AUG for woodland, M4 (proper block 1 M4 not one of these modern everyone calls it an M4 as its AR shaped guns) for CQB SToner 63a for woodland in the summer when i SEAL it up. SIdearm is my TM USP, though don't tend to bother unless its a cqb game 4. What Battle dress Uniform (BDU) and gear would you use? Generally Viper OG kit, as thats the current team look.. I also use Auscam (DPCU for woodland and DPNU for CQB on occasion.) ERDL and Jeans for SEAL kit in the summer. 5. If you could use rubber melee weapons, what would it be? I sometimes carry a cold steel KA-Bar 6. What’s your favorite and least favorite game mode? game mode?. this a video game now?? I always have my own. hunt down the enemy. 7. What’s your best, funniest and worst memory of Airsoft? too many funny moments to mention, Worst: Dislocating my arm 2 hours into a milsim. 8. What is your favorite patches (maximum 4)? Ultra rare Australian Clearance diver patch. 9. If there was a gun you wanted or not yet built, what would it be? Thales EF88 (current issue Australian Rifle) 10. What do you see as a step forward, for the game, in the future? Continuing good humour, less pricks thinking they know it all after 4 years of playing just because they have a YT Chanel... hell I don't know it all and i've been playing over 2 decades. 1. Which YouTube Airsoft player would you like to meet, as well as join for a game? none. 2. Which Airsoft event would you travel to outside the UK? the mil sims in Lithuania seem pretty mental. 3. If you could be sponsored by only one Airsoft company, which one? none. 4. Which site do you enjoy playing at the most? I miss the days at Ambush Wargames Eversley, sinvce then Battle Lakes (mainly as i used to play there before it was a site, my mates dad owns the land) and Imperium Battlegrounds. 5. If you could run an event, what would you base it on? Blackhawk Down.

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    Wanted.. the Gas block and Rod from a CA M6 carbine.


  7. This would be epic. and right down the road from me.
  8. Ordered from Octagon end of 2019, wanted some straight mags for my AUG 9mm adapter, all 3 turned up no problems at all.
  9. Don't you just love it when a brand new mag (just out of the box) blows its base seal.. FFS.

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      Marui USP 9mm mags

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      i've only heard good things about TM mags

    4. MandalShArK


      Same, that's why I bought one. Owned a few in the past, then went to other brands. Now back to marui. 

  10. As a man who stopped collecting Rhodi kit because it became too expensive I can tell you that is not possible, I sold a shirt alone for 150 last year in good size. your best bet is to look for repro kit from sites like: Greenleader https://www.green-leader.net/ or WPG http://onlinemilitaria.net/products/c157-OTHER-COUNTRIES/ Even in South Africa they've cottoned on to how much Rhodi kit is worth nowadays to the collectors market. big big money in Rhodi.
  11. About bloody time we had a Blowback Ruger.
  12. I've been slowly putting together an Airsoft only AUG (I collect Aussie kit and have a few parts for an F88 build for Reenactment) I've finally got it where I want it. (Might add some BUIS for bling)
  13. Just a simple stubby grip from Bullseye country sport. Nothing fancy.
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