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  1. Not bought but Traded with a fellow Aussie collector.. my desert auscam armour cover for this pack in my very favourite camo pattern. Pack itself is made by ADA Australia and extremely rare in DPNU. Very happy chap.
  2. MandalShArK

    WE 1911r

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    This is a temperamental sod. selling for parts or repair. The issue.. Sometimes the slide doesn't go properly into battery. I cannot be arsed to play about with it. Overall the gun has had less than 200rds through it. A project for someone with more want or time than I. £40+ postage.


  3. Marui USP.. courtesy of TS Airsoft. Gods damn it's nice.
  4. MandalShArK

    M81 pullover smock

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    Only ever worn in the house, M81 smock with chest pocket, Medium regular size. £40 including UK mainland postage


  5. Some more pics of the adaptor itself, in gun and with mag in.
  6. This is just a copy of the one Steyr arms makes one for their A3... I guess pose the question to them? To Aug fans, (I run the AUG owners club on FB) its had a great reception.
  7. Field tested a 9mm mag converter in my AUG yesterday I've been working with the guy who's making these for the past 3 or so weeks getting the designed nailed down and working well. Hopefully these will be on sale soon.
  8. Not bought, I was sent this to test. AUG 9mm Mag adaptor. so far running well with a couple of little issues to be ironed out.
  9. MandalShArK

    Maruzen PPK

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    Classic pistol with spare mag, only used for Reenactment pocket filler and a couple of shots in the garden. Selling as I've no need for it. With a spare mag these are quite hard to find. £80 + postage Used 134a/nuprol 1 gas ONLY Mags I believe are leak free, I've got no nuprol 1 gas left to test but I've kept the seals lubed.


  10. I'm a massive AUG fan, i'd have one to go with the AUG AEG's I have already if I could afford one.

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    Looking for a quadrant sight for my M203. Not brand specific, any by KA, GB-Tech, G&P considered. Thanks.


  12. Well.my rig for Reenactment is weighted up with full mags of inert 5.56, excess weight isn't an issue 😆
  13. Completely agree, I recently borrowed some Sapi plates from a mate for a reenactment event and the DCS I have just sat perfectly and it all balanced out properly. Ill look into getting some soon methinks.
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