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    G&P stoner / JG Based F88 with various attachments / ASG LMT M4 / WE 1911 / Marui USP FS / AW DL-44
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    Navy Seal Vietnam
    Australian Infantry (2006)
    Australian Navy Boarding team (2014)
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    Battle Lakes
    Triple A Dover
    Imperium Battlegrounds
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    South east U.K.

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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 11 hours

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    34 waist, 30 leg "size 2" Beautiful condition. Price includes PayPal and Packaging.


    - GB

  2. As it says on the tin, Has anyone popped an AB++ into an ICS L85, Recently put one in my AUG but I've got one one to do for a mate's L85. Obviously the gearbox is different. Just wondering if there's anyone out there that has a wiring diagram for this as I've had a search and come up with bugger all on the Googletron. Ta muchly
  3. Time Left: 5 days and 9 hours

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    Never used, bought for a project but I went in a different direction. 2 x AR mag tacos, 1 x 9mm taco, All in tan. £45 the lot (price includes postage)


  4. Finally got my mitts on a MK3, I've been looking for Months, found this one at Military Odyssey.
  5. At Military Odyssey Last Weekend in my 2006 era Timor patrol kit DPCU Land125 cut uniform, DPCU Land125 Assault vest and various pouches, DPCU armour vest, Early Camelback (owned since 2004), Land125 drop leg panel with 40mm pouches, Redback Terra Boots. Rabintex 303 helmet with: DPCU cover, NSEAS type 12 Mount, TAGir strobe, ESS goggles, Rifle is a JG based AUG with various mods. Very rare GB-Tech 203 mount kit.
  6. 23rd year of playing this year and I too hit my peak. rifles are down to 3, pistols 2, one LMG and an MP5. I've just made sure they fit in with with my Vietnam or Australian Kit fetish's, so I now spend money on that with one generic airsofter loadout.

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    Size small/medium. I would say max of about 40 inch chest. I'm a large and it's toight on me Great rare item of some old gen DPDU camo. Price includes postage.


  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Size medium. Worn once. A must for any Marui MP7 owner 👌 Price includes postage.


    - GB

  9. Rocking the combat Jellybeans this past Sunday..
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    Brand spanking new, But it's too small for me. Inner belt is a Helikon cobra belt (PU buckle) Outer is a clone of the T Rex arms Orion belt, by Bigfoot. Ideal size 30 up to a 34 waist. Cost me £80+ postage so I'm asking £55 posted


    - GB

  11. Holy Hell the write up as got me creasing up!! "its put my hits up by a lot" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    100% cotton ripstop uniform set, great for summer as it's Aussie made kit. UBAC shirt has a merino wool under armour section with a small hole. I've never worn it, it's just sat in storage for years and is too big for me. XL shirt 38R trousers XL smock Price includes PayPal and postage. Any questions just PM me.


    - GB

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    Looking for a spectre sight red dot mount base.


  14. Think I'm just lost here. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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