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  1. MandalShArK

    Anyone from the Kent area?

    Darkwater is my regular site, cqb mid week, woodland on the weekend and service with a smile.
  2. MandalShArK

    Sci-fi Loadouts, anyone?

    Rebel Fleet Marine Loadout for CQB stuff Kit.. US Navy work shirt Crag hopper cargo trousers Pantac PACA vest, added Velcro backed pistol mag pouch for the DL mags DL-44 holster Smg mag pouch White/black painted skate lid to resemble Fleet Trooper helmet (a replica one wouldn't stand up to BB hits) Black German jackboots. Armour Works Dl-44 (removed the scope as it gets clonked on doors too easily) S&T sterling to be turned into E-11 variant soon. Just waiting on the scope mount.
  3. MandalShArK

    Post-Apocalyptic Loadouts!

    Necro posting but may as well not start a new thread!! My current Post Apocalyptic loadout for the game series at Darkwater This is fast turning into my every day skirmish gear for the winter..
  4. MandalShArK

    Gun picture thread

    My new slinky black number..
  5. MandalShArK

    Gun picture thread

    Looking at the way the bolt slants back its a steyr SSG69 Maruzen replicated these years ago as the APS 2 .
  6. MandalShArK

    Gun picture thread

    My E-11 arrives this week (sterling but E-11 parts are also on their way.)
  7. MandalShArK

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    S&T Sterling inbound
  8. MandalShArK

    Gun picture thread

    My New AW Dl-44. Pricy, but worth every penny.
  9. MandalShArK

    Sci-fi Loadouts, anyone?

    Just picked up my DL-44 today!!
  10. MandalShArK

    Sci-fi Loadouts, anyone?

    Give it a go! Ha ha
  11. MandalShArK

    Sci-fi Loadouts, anyone?

    Wore my Post ROTJ rebel commando kit to airsoft kn may the 4th.. Went for a galactic Devgru look.. Only had my colt with red tracers at the time.
  12. MandalShArK

    Looking for a Fal (Any variant) - Need Help.

    Yeah it's Rhodesian, affectionately known as baby s!&t yellow and blue green..
  13. MandalShArK

    Looking for a Fal (Any variant) - Need Help.

    Took me 6 months to track my fal down, got it from fire support in the end but had to wait a while for one to come in stock, they do still get produced but in limited numbers. If you get stuck can always have a word with FS to get you one in? Here's how mine is now!
  14. MandalShArK

    G&G SG-550, Thoughts / Advice

    Obscure bit of kit in the airsoft world.. Real one is nice to shoot though..
  15. MandalShArK

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    My Rhodesian Light infantry and Navy SEAL stoner gunner loadouts.