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witch aeg?

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hi i just wanted to ask for a bit of advise...i'v been looking on a varity of differnt website but can-not decide on a gun i do have a cheap P90 with about 10m range :-/ ... on my last game i was useing my friends mp5 tokyo marui (witch i broke) :-( ... i loved the feel of it and everything the only problem i had with it was the range witch was about 20/25m am looking for something with more range without buyin a sniper rifel ... the site i will be playing on has a rule that aeg's are not allowed to be over 320/330 fps and i have a £250 to £300 price range ... can anyone help me out???

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G&p m4..... or aybe kwa although I prefer g&p.

If yyou can though try a matui m14- might be too expensive though.

Or a kwa g36.

Basically look at the above guns, especially the g&p, one of the most solid guns you'll see.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.