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It’s time to get the wallet out

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Hey all, me and my son have attended about 4 rental skirmishes at Holmbush dogtag over the last month and a half and as I now have my ukara I’m looking at getting our first pew pews.


im basically after some advise/tips from you knowledgeable people’s.


firstly for myself


i have all the gear now except gun, battery’s etc etc. So what I’ve been looking at is as follows:


1. G&G cm16 srl or predator.


2. Ares Amoeba am09 or similar


my son:

G&G arp9


obviously we would need battery’s and I already have a LiPo smart charger so think I’m good there.


my question is a. Are the guns I have chosen good for me as in they will work out the box with little or no upgrading and are they reliable. (I’m 100% woodland player) 

And the choice for my boy is mainly his preference as apparently it’s a gun he uses similar on rainbow six video game but I’m just wondering whether it will be good enough range wise for woodland games.


any help or advise would be greatly appreciated to you all as this is all a bit of a learning curve for me.


I used to be an avid walk-on paintball player at Holmbush so still have a load of gear from that which some of it has come in handy for airsoft lol, which has lightened the load on the wallet a wee bit ;-)


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Thankyou for your feedback peops, I do like the look of the ares more but hopefully get up to the surplus store on Saturday and give them both a try 

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Can't go far wrong with either of those and if your son is still young, makes sense for him to have a more CQB style RIF as they can get heavy, quickly.

Can't go far wrong with G&G or Ares, so it's really down to personal preference? You'll end up spending more than you thought once you're faced with all those lovely RIFs though - and besides, one is never enough ;)

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